Dispatch Snaps K-couple Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung’s Drama Worthy Farewell Cuteness

It’s total relationship goals when it comes to real life Korean star couple actor Jung Kyung Ho and actress-idol Sooyoung of SNSD. They’ve been together for two years since confirming but likely much longer if you count the rumors about them starting around four years ago. It’s all fine and good as they’ve outlasted many of the couples that went public around their time, including Sooyoung’s other SNSD members such as YoonaLee Seung Gi, TiffanyNichkhun, and TaeyeonBaekhyun. Looks like one of the keys to longevity is to keep the romance alive and what better way to evidence the affection than with a lingering parting that is straight out of a K-drama playbook. For Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung, first there is the conversation in the twilight, then a fly kiss followed by hand hearts over the head, all capped off from a running return for a final hug that seals the deal. Well done, lovebirds!


Dispatch Snaps K-couple Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung’s Drama Worthy Farewell Cuteness — 10 Comments

  1. *starts chant* get married..get married…GET MARRIED! He’s head over heels in love with his lady, I love it.

    Also Dispatch must have so much tea on celebs but they seem to be more thoughtful and careful about what they release since it seems any little thing can be damaging to korean celeb’s reputations but I could be wrong of course. K-celebs are lucky Dispatch is not like TMZ here in the US though.

    • I read one of JKH’s interview some time ago about marriage plan. He said he doesn’t have plans just yet because he’s respecting SY’s career. Swoon!

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