Yoon Kyun Sang and Jung Hye Sung Offered Lead Roles in SBS Mon-Tues Cop Drama Doubtful Victory

Yoon Kyun Sang‘s hot streak shows no sign of abating and good for him to keep up the consistent work offers. This year he’s done sageuk Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People and is currently doing another season of variety show Three Meals a Day with his veteran hyungs Eric and Lee Seo Jin. He was reportedly mulling over an offer to do KBS Mon-Tues office drama Jugglers and now has a second competing drama offer to sweeten his choices. He’s been offered the upcoming SBS Mon-Tues cop drama Doubtful Victory, taking over the time slot after Temperature of Love. An offer is also out to actress Jung Hye Sung as his female lead, making this her first leading lady role and a huge upgrade from her last drama Manhole. Doubtful victory is about a man masquerading as a cop who battles monsters (figurative) and conquers his own demons.

Doubtful Victory is helmed by the PD of Six Flying Dragons (hence the Yoon Kyun Sang prior connection) and Tree With Deep Roots, with the screenwriter of Pride and Prejudice and School 2013.


Yoon Kyun Sang and Jung Hye Sung Offered Lead Roles in SBS Mon-Tues Cop Drama Doubtful Victory — 9 Comments

  1. The PD and writer are good. Yoon Kyun Sang is good too, not that impressive, but he did great in Rebel. Idk I dropped Manhole quite early on so I can’t say much about Jung Hye Sung

  2. Hmm not too excited about the female lead.

    Wish his leading lady is a more experienced actress in her 20s like Park Shin Hye, Go Ah Sung, Kim Ji Won…

  3. I’m actually super excited about his leading lady. It’s time she got a leading role. She’s done great in her other roles so I’m super excited for her! Yay!

    • Oops, I hope I don’t sound harsh to the supposed leading lady. I should have thought better before posting. I just thought about them before I read this post.

  4. Yoon Kyun Sang can be great in the right role. Loved him in Pinocchio, liked him in SFD, enjoyed him in Doctors so yea… no problems with YKS getting the lead….. but Jung Hye Sung…. I like her but I like her as second leads…. I personally do not think she’ll every be lead actress material. That’s not to say she isn’t a good actress as she is but there are just some actresses that just are not cut out for prime time leads. She could lead in a weekend drama (as we all know weekend dramas there isn’t really a lead).

    • I agree, she’s lacking in that charisma/X factor for a drama lead but then I have seen people with even less X factor than her in drama lead roles so maybe she will do ok.

      She is a good actress too, I found her better than Uee in Manhole, I guess we should try to give new actresses a chance too and not write them off like some do.

  5. I like Yoon Kyun Sang more in Three Meals A Day. He’s such an obedient dongsaeng and sweet guy. I hope there’s chance of him and Eric together in drama since the two seems closer now.

  6. i just recently finished watching rebel and didn’t really like the storyline here and there but overall loved the chemistry between the two main characters. i also enjoyed his acting here and there, can’t wait to see him in another sageuk drama soon? 🙂

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