K-star Lee Seung Gi Finally Discharged From Military Service in the Army

October 2017 is really ending on a downer with the car accident loss of a top movie and drama leading man, but life goes on and it’s with a optimistic heart to welcome back a top star who has been diligently serving his mandatory military service for the past 22 months. Actor-singer-variety star Lee Seung Gi was discharged on the morning of October 31st, bright and early and also sooooooo long in coming I feel like I aged five years from when he enlisted to when he was released. By all accounts he’ll be doing tvN drama Hwayugi by the Hong Sisters and also lining up variety gigs, and knowing his hard working ethos will also start planning a music comeback. During military service he remained the boy-next-door every Korean ahjumma’s ideal of a son-in-law, serving with a smile and surfeit of positivity. Welcome back my beloved boy, I hope your smile can blow some of the dark clouds away.


K-star Lee Seung Gi Finally Discharged From Military Service in the Army — 9 Comments

  1. yes!!!! he’s back after what felt like forever . we need you more now seungiya cos all other faves are leaving . hope to see smile boy often on tv

  2. I was expecting him to cry but just the way he entered camp he left, with a bright smile. He’s really a ray of sunshine and I hope everything turns out well for him.
    As a fan I missed him terribly. ♥

  3. We see many as Heroes on screen. But 2 yrs Military service is about them in real life. Those that fulfils active service in honour and courage will be rewarded with nation’s appreciation. Those that chose Public service will be viewed as weak, those that are exempted, regardless how strong/genuine the reasons , they will be condemned. It is not easy being a male in Korea. I am glad Lee Seung Gi has return to us in glory. Looking forward to see how military has mature him.

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