Japanese Netizens Vote for Most Beautiful J-actress of All Time with Kitagawa Keiko Topping the List

The votes are in and this is a huge polling size and spans decades to get a good sense of what Japanese find most beautiful among their actresses. With over 50,000 votes, J-actress Kitagawa Keiko tops the list of most beautiful face actresses in Japan, followed by 1960’s top actress Yoshinaga Sayuri, with one of the youngest stars on this list Sasaki Nozomi coming in third. Fourth spot goes to Ishihara Satomi with 70’s actress Natsume Masako taking up the fifth position. The rest of the top ten are the stalwarts of J-ent for the last decade in Aragaki Yui, Kiritani Mirei, Sawajiri Erika, Fukada Kyoko, and Ayase Haruka. I find J-netizens much more accepting of different looks and types of beauties from the healthy sun dappled busty types to the sweet innocent cute visuals, whereas K-ent has been homogenizing one set of attributes for what it considers top beauty.

Kitagawa Keiko

Yoshinaga Sayuri

Sasaki Nozomi

Ishihara Satomi

Natsume Masako

Aragaki Yui

Kiritani Mirei

Swajiri Erika

Fukada Kyoko

Ayase Haruka


Japanese Netizens Vote for Most Beautiful J-actress of All Time with Kitagawa Keiko Topping the List — 15 Comments

  1. My two faves on the list are Ishihara Satomi and Aragaki Yui.
    Am surprised that Matsushima Nanako not making it on the list. She is so beautiful.

    • Yes, I was looking for Matsushima Nanako when scrolling down.
      There are so many beautiful J-actreeses. And in term of beauty, my favs are Nanako, Keiko, and Gakky.

  2. I really like Keiko Kitagawa, but to me, she’s more of the chic cool type rather than beautiful.
    Other gorgeous actresses missing in the list are Matsushima Nanako and Masami Nagasawa. I think they both have the classic beauty looks.
    My favorite in the list is Yui Aragaki. She looks down to earth, unpretentious and endearing.

  3. This posting reminds me of my favs J-actresses of the old days, such as Matsushima Nanako, Nakayama Miho, Suzuki Honami, Takako Matsu, Tokiwa Takako, Iijima Naoko, Hirosue Ryoko, Kuninaka Ryoko, Takeuchi Yuko, Fujiwara Norika, Hasegawa Kyoko, Yada Akiko, Kuroki Hitomi, etc.

    • I was wondering the same, I think she’s one of the most beautiful actresses in Japan. It’s maybe because she retired as an actress already??

    • I’m guessing because she retired. I’m still hoping that once the baby gets a bit bigger (now he/she is about 1) she’ll do a comeback. Of course it can’t be under the same agency as she quit.

  4. Where are Nakama Yukie and Miyazawa Rie?

    I can never understand why Ayase Haruka is always considered one of Japan’s top beauties. She looks painfully average or just straight-up weird looking depending on the pictures.

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