Judge v. Judge Retains Slight Lead Against New Premieres Black Knight and I am Not a Robot

The showdown between robot, knight and judge has a victor by a small margin in the first joust. Wednesday’s K-dramas found SBS legal drama Judge v. Judge (Nothing to Lose) taking advantage of it’s one week head start as it took in 6.6% and 7.3% AGN nationwide ratings. Coming in second was 6.9% for KBS fantasy melo Black Knight with Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye, while the popularity of young actor Yoo Seung Ho wasn’t enough the overcome the general low ratings of rom-coms with his MBC drama I am Not a Robot taking in 3.6% and 4.1% ratings. I don’t have a dog in the race with ratings and only want entertaining K-dramas tee’d up for the holidays as my OCN thriller Black is ending this weekend, if Black Knight is good as a rich Cabernet then Robot can be my pre-dinner sparkling Rosé. What’s the first impression from y’all?


Judge v. Judge Retains Slight Lead Against New Premieres Black Knight and I am Not a Robot — 22 Comments

  1. Just watched ‘I am Not a Robot’ and despite its low rating, its surprisngly quite good.

    I think young actress Chae Soo Bin, to my surprise, is not bad.

    Let’s see how next week episodes go…

  2. I am looking forward with expectation as well as apprehension to this weekend as Black is coming to an end and no other show is filling the vacuum. But Black Knight, at lease the first episode, is entertaining and intriguing especially in the fantasy part. The music is the best, with all the elements of first-wave Hallyu sentimentality. With this writer, the plot could be everywhere, but the show is at least delivering in the fantasy part which has been regrettably under-represented in Black.

  3. Surprised at I’m not a robot ratings because it’s YSH. Even for a premiere episode it’s very low. Hospital ship, despite the fact that it started administ the strike had a good start. Even Ruler, with that terrible script pulled in great numbers.

    • Might have something to do with the time slot being empty for 4 weeks after Hospital Ship, at least the actual broadcast of HS was never postponed/interrupted.

      It went empty so long, it’s quite possible very few people realised there was a new drama at all. That’s the danger of such a long postponement.

  4. It’s hard to judge with only one episode. But at least, the 3 dramas are very different and people can choose which style they want.

    • I have to agree – it seems like major networks are moving more toward career-focused dramas like medical, legal, political, etc. with romance being more of a side story. They are moving toward the trend that Japanese dramas have embraced were there are only a few romances and more career type of dramas. This is a shame because the whole reason I transitioned from Jdramas to Kdramas is because of the heavy romance in the story lines. But now I find myself moving to more Cdramas for romance dramas.

  5. I really enjoyed I am not a Robot. It’s gonna be light and fun, I think! Skimmed through Black Knight…but it was enough to make me want to go back and watch the entire episode. Lots of details.

    • remember somebody did say that both drama leads dont have low rating drama, and that they are the best in sk.,i guess its not true anymore in terms of rating. even if it will go up the 1st epi rating will not change.

  6. Wow now this is interesting. Never looked forward to ratings in my life, only because of the disrespect Yeon Woon Jin got from some few fans. I wonder what their excuse would be now? Somebody even called him a nobody like seriouslly! I get he doesn’t have the star power like our other oppas but he is a fine actor and I find him actractive. I didn’t watch any of these yet so can’t really comment on acting and script, I was just surprised by the ratings

  7. It is a little early to tell if they are good. But I will watch on to find out.

    Robot: Fun and I had a couple of good laughs. The leads are likeable and the premise straightforward. The female lead isn’t as bad as the online comments.

    Black Knight: I watched mostly in confusion- I have so many questions. I knew going in that this had a supernatural theme. Other than the tailor who was very obviously something, the other lady pining by the moonlight and Sun Ho just seemed to be standing around looking good. Most of the first ep was about the female lead good at flinging her nice hair about. Maybe a few more eps would explain the succession of scenes I found a trifle odd.

  8. I so loved I’m Not a Robot 1st episode!! Yoo Seung Ho was great keeping an adorable smile pretending to be totally fine while allowing us to see the sadness he’s hiding behind it!! and I was surprised with Choi Soo Bin doing a great job as a convincing robot as Aji 3 then we see her being the complete oposite as Jo Ji Ah and I’m loving her chemistery with Yoo Seung Hoo! ^__^ can’t wait to see what’s coming for us!! Fighting!! ^__^

  9. Black Knight was intriguing and very interesting, I’m definitely on board with this drama. I won’t be surprised if the ratings go higher, it comes across as a high quality drama in the mystery, fantasy romcom genre. Judge vs. Judge is getting more interesting and settling into its plot. Ep. 1 was a disservice to the drama which is becoming increasingly better. I have a Chae Soo Bin and Yoo Seung Ho fatigue from seeing them in quite a few dramas this year. I’m trying to overcome it and give I’m Not a Robot a fair shot.

    • KRW’s Slovene was cringe, just like his English in LSIH. His acting is kinda.. idk how to put this, maybe a continuation to his HongHongHong character? Not necessarily bad but there’s no distinction. Hong with leather jacket and reincarnated lol. Which is odd because the only works his acting is truly great is when he plays morally ambiguous character instead of ’eternal love’ male leads which imo he doesn’t do equally well in, especially if we compare to Goblin and Kim Shin

  10. I’m Not A Robot had a cute beginning…….but I don’t think it’ll do that well it’s theme doesn’t seem like a popular one with middle-aged viewers.

    I sense Black knight’s ratings will rise. It’s a good melo a bit confusing but really intense.

  11. I have watched the first two episodes for black knight, i am not a robot. Both of them are good and i was suprised that I already hooked with both of the drama! I thought I will pass the black knight because of ssk, but somehow i gave it a try bcoz of krw. so far black knight is good and i will totally continue to watch it!
    Meanwhile, i am a robot has a cute vibe and i watch it first bcoz of ysh. But csb is good potraying as the character! So i will continue to tune in the drama as well!

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