Radio Romance with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun Finishes Casting and Scheduled for Jan 2018 Mon-Tues on KBS

Currently airing KBS drama Jugglers has deftly maneuvered it’s way to the ratings lead, by a small margin, but the Mon-Tues time slot is still mostly the doldrums in generating any buzz over the three airing prime time dramas. I’m looking forward to January 2018 when KBS ushers Jugglers off stage and brings on Radio Romance with leads Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon. Love them both so much and the premise sounds all sorts of cute – he’s a top actor who can only follow a script and ends up a radio DJ needing to improvise while she writes for the show but sucks at writing and is really skilled at planning programs. Joining the two leads are the supporting cast of Yoon Park, Girl’s Day‘s Yura, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Ha Joon, with the story revolving around how the leads fall in love and bond through the healing words of the unique situations around the radio listeners life stories. It’s described as a healing romance and I’m all for that to start off the new year in 2018!


Radio Romance with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun Finishes Casting and Scheduled for Jan 2018 Mon-Tues on KBS — 11 Comments

  1. I would wish a older actress. I love KSH, she’s a good actress but I don’t want to see the story to have to adapt to her young age. The both actors are very shy in the real life so I hope it will not be a issue for their chemistry.

  2. It will be nice to watch her evolve and see how she handles the challenge of her character..Thats the exciting aspect of watching young talented actors they grow as you watch them perform.

  3. Me too I’m interested in seeing how she handles the character and age gap. She has grown up so well and is beautiful and extremely talented. Of all the young talents I’m most excited to see Kim Sohyun’s evolution as an actress so I’m glad she’s already picked her next drama.

  4. They are both very talented so I’ll be looking out for this drama. The cast has shaped up nicely but I don’t usually like rookie writers so I’m sceptical about how the story line will be shaping up.

  5. All I want for this drama to do is heal Kim So Hyun’s heart after the pain she had to endure in her last drama. Just be happy my girl.

  6. I’m just happy that KDY finally gets to work with his ideal type KSH.. always love a good healing romance so as long as this drama is done well ‘m all in.

  7. I love love kim so hyun and will always go down any rabbit hole for her. She’s easily the most talented young actress and despite her extensive filmography I don’t think she’s even scratched the surface of her abilities. I’ll be looking forward to this drama and hope the best for her.

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