Dylan Wang and Shen Yue Shine in First Scene Stills From Meteor Garden 2018

I have a soft spot for Meteor Garden not because I love the Hana Yori Dango story all that much, it’s entertaining enough but the original Taiwan adaptation spawned the idol drama craze that gave us a decade of great TW-dramas. It’s also been the source material for many dramas to launch new faces thanks to the story line being set in high school and ripe for young up-and-comers to be cast, much the same way as Itazura na Kiss and Hana Kimi though the other two tend to only feature the leads. HanaDan has the chance to launch the careers of 5 stars with one leading lady and four leading men. The first set of scene stills are out showing female lead Shen Yue with male lead Dylan Wang, she’s playing Makino Tsukushi (Dong Shan Cai) and he’s Domyouji Tsukasa (Dao Ming Shi), of course. I can see the camera just loves them, there’s a liveliness to their expressions in even the stills of this scene that give me hope, please be good MG2018!


Dylan Wang and Shen Yue Shine in First Scene Stills From Meteor Garden 2018 — 15 Comments

  1. I’m sooooo excited! Meteor Garden has always been my favorite version because I felt that they captured the heart of the story the best. This looks like it’s going to be fantastic.

  2. Well visually they are both so young and fresh. And his hair isn’t atrocious.

    BoF was the first version I watched and I still can’t unsee GHS in the first dance dress and stupid heels. Or the stupid tacky dress in the makeover where she was brought to the house.

    At least this version looks as if it has better dress sense.

    Have watched both the TW and Japanese version. I think my fan heart can take another version. Getting excited. Please let it be good.

    • GHS has the worst facial expressions and acting of all adaptations. This TW female lead is a lot more pleasant than GHS for sure 🙂

      • Shen Yue’s not Taiwanese, she’s Mainland Chinese.

        It’s mainly a C-drama with Angie Chai’s name attached to the original MG and the remake. The majority of the cast are Mainland actors with the exception of Darren Chen (Hua Ze Lei) and Dee Hsu.

  3. Wow, this peaked my interest!! The female lead looks mesmerizing and endearing at the same time and the male lead looks good. I’m really hoping all their acting skills are good or at least charming. I really want this to succeed!

  4. She is one of the cutest to play Makino. She’s got that perfect girl-next-door face so you can believe that people can pass her on the street, but also believe that she could catch someone’s eye (and heart) as well. If that makes sense, lol.

    • Totally agree with you and they got rid of the perm for Dao Ming Shi thank god (the only one that rocked the curls was Jun Matsumoto).

      • I beg to differ, Jun isn’t the only one who can rock the Domyouji curls. Lee Min Ho also looked good in the style.

    • Nice word to Shen Yue.. I’ve never been a fan of C-actress just when I watched ALSB I started liking this cutie and charming girl… Her personality really attracts me authentic and organic..

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