Jo Hyun Jae Releases Engagement Pictures and Announces March 2018 Wedding Date

This is news out of left field in many ways but ultimately happy tidings to share. K-actor Jo Hyun Jae has announced an impending wedding with his non-celebrity fiancee. The ceremony will take place later this month and the couple has been dating for five years. Truth be told Jo Hyun Jae was my first experience with K-dramas watching him in sageuk Seodonyeo which was never the ratings hit it was expected though to a newbie like me it had all the elements of an addicting watch. His career these past few years has been less than leading man roles but I do think he has the looks and acting charisma to have a long lasting career in K-ent. Congrats to Jo Hyun Jae and his bride on their wedding!


Jo Hyun Jae Releases Engagement Pictures and Announces March 2018 Wedding Date — 15 Comments

  1. My very first kdrama was 49 Days with Jo Hyun Jae, My favorite daily drama is The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang also with Jo Hyun Jae. I’m so happy for him and wish him lots of happiness.

  2. I am happy to hear this and have been waiting for it. His agency had said he was planning to get married in 2017, but we all know how wedding plans go (part of me hopes neither of my daughters get married just so I don’t have to deal with it). Very excited for him and his bride.

  3. I really loved the drama 49 Days except the end >_< But he was really good. He's a charismatic actor ! I wish him happiness 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing! He looks very different here! I think it’s his eyes, lips and jawline…I remember him having such full lips, here they seem thinner. And he used to have a much squarish jaw….and his eyes look more droopy than they used to be…or is it just aging?! I had to think, he was in 49 days?! I don’t remember him there but then realized “oh, it’s him!” I also watched him in Only You, Nine Tailed Fox, The Letter…so long ago! He is a classic! Congratulations to him and his beautiful bride! I love the last photo! So pretty!

  4. From his ajumma swooning days of Love Letter, Sunlight Pours Down (where folks watched for him, not Song Hae Kyo) … Only You etc, this dude just surprisingly faded out compared to his peers. (Ji Jin-hee was in Love Letter, along with Su-ae)

    Yup, so looooong ago – he used to send some in the drama crowd swooning back then.

    Congratus to the happy couple. THe last picture is gorgeous.

  5. @jusash. I agree that before sunlight pours down era he was popular but to say folks didn’t watched it also for song hye kyo is a lie,you are talking as if shk was not in a hit drama before it.

    the truth is she had 3 blockbuster dramas before sunlight pours down.spd success should therefore be attributed to both of them.

    anyway congrats to him for his marraige

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