Immature Shin Hye Sun Contrasts with Prickly Oddball Yang Se Jong in Thirty But Seventeen Drama Stills

My memory of Shin Hye Sun has been stuck in those many years she played the annoying second female lead that I’m looking forward to her upcoming Thirty But Seventeen when she gets a chance to play the gamut of a leading lady who is 30 years old but has the spirit and memories of only being 17 years old. It’s also cool that Yang Se Jong‘s character in the drama is such a visual 180 from his clean cut chef boy next door turn in Temperature of Love, here he’s scraggly and unshaven, and hates being around people so much he’ll even wear a weird face cover on the plane to avoid social interactions. This drama sounds cute enough in concept, that she has to reboot her life after a 13 year hiatus on a coma and along the way reboot his after he took a spiral thinking he caused her death. These two have nowhere to go but up together.


Immature Shin Hye Sun Contrasts with Prickly Oddball Yang Se Jong in Thirty But Seventeen Drama Stills — 18 Comments

  1. I sure hope the female lead won’t go overboard with the teenage antics. It’s a bit risky because 17 years old is pretty much the starting point to transit to adulthood where girls start to be a little more mature, a bit more image conscious etc. The plot sounds cute and with the less hype the drama is receiving, I really hope this will be something I can enjoy.

    • I’ve seen the trailer, but honestly i cringe a bit at Shin Hye Sun’s portrayal of a 17 years old, a bit over the top and childish, but i do hope the trailer doesnt portray the story as a whole, because 17 years old is quite old enough to think maturely for one self. But i’m excited for this, i need a new drama already now that Miss Hammurabi is going towards their final arc. And i dont watch Secretary Kim, might watch it later, but now i dont have the interest to watch it yet

      • That’s my exact concern. And I hope not too much aegyo either like what Ha Ji Won did in “The Time We Were Not In Love”. This role is very tricky. Even when I did not like Jennifer Garner’s acting in “13 Going on 30”, at least she was 13 but even then, I thought she went overboard with the childishness. I am actually looking for something lighter. No current drama actually sustain my interest. I dropped Secretary Kim by the second week because it feels so cliche, so I hope this one can bring back my interest. Plus, it’s always turns out the drama that I least anticipated is the one giving me the most joy.

  2. I’m concerned about the relevance of the nominal second female lead. Wang Ji Won is working very hard at violin lessons for her role, but despite being listed as second female lead, she is apparently not going to show up at all until the Drama is well along. This reminds me of Hospital Ship, in which her role could easily have been cut without harming the story at all. If the second lead is a peripheral, what’s the point, for both the story and the actor?

    • Why are you asking this here? That should be better directed to the actor herself.
      I am sure she knows why she picked the role

      • The question is rhetorical, as I’m sure was quite obvious. I am fairly sure you are not the arbiter of comments here, and in any case, mine is directly on topic in reply to a post about the Drama. In addition, the question was not “why did the actor take the role?”, but “What’s the point, for both the story and the actor?” The question would be valid regardless of who played the role.

      • LMAO, chill mate. Why are u bitter? Stuart didn’t say and ask any hateful thing.

  3. Shin Hyesun has this likeable aura about her but I’ve only seen her in Oh My Ghostess so im not sure about this new project of hers since im not a fan of the premise.

    Anyway, a random thought, Koala. Can u cover the recent scandal that Hu Yi Tian (A Love so Beautiful) is in? I only see snippets of it and it’s mainly in Chinese articles that I don’t understand.

      • Now that you mentioned… I find it funny because it’s another Park Hae Jin’s drama (who could ever forget the CITT fiasco).

    • I did a simple google and read a whole article about the whole audio content. Plus read the comments.

      Nothing interesting to read. Don’t know who the actor or actress is but it seems it’s like another actor whose public image doesn’t match his real personality.


      • Ck1Oz
        Like you, I found details quickly, but I really wish I hadn’t. I enjoyed A Love So beautiful So Much, now my memories of it are a bit tainted. A lesson to me not to shatter the iullusion 🙂

  4. The draw card for me is Yang Se Jong looking like a hobo and the story of him and Shin Hye Sun finding love. I haven’t seen either of them in anything before so I have no hang ups about them as actors. Going in blind and hope to fully sighted and love with them at the end of the drama. Reads cute though.

    • Ann, if you haven’t seen Shin Hye Sun in anything, do check out Secret Forest. A VERY different role from the upcoming one, but she did very well.

      • @Stuart- Thank you for the heads up -I’ll go have a hunt around for SF to have a looksie. And what’s up with Park Hae Jin’s drama is that 4 men? Oh please do share anyone?

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