SBS Drama Dear Judge Leads the Prime Time Wed-Thurs Timeslot Over Time and Your House Helper

With the conclusion of ratings lead Wed-Thurs drama Why Secretary Kim, the time slot is open now for the prime time dramas to regain the usual ratings supremacy. This week’s airing saw the arrival of two new players – SBS legal drama Your Honor (Dear Judge) with Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Yoo Young and MBC melodrama Time with Seohyun and Kim Jung Hyun. Why Secretary Kim finished the final two episodes in 8% ratings AGB nationwide but broke 10% in Seoul for the final episode as a nice send off. Your Honor looks to be the front runner next week bringing in around 7% ratings with its premiere episodes, with Time and KBS drama Your House Helper vying for second place with the same between 3-4% ratings. Time totally doesn’t interest me from the title to the lead cast of an idol-actress who still can’t act very well and a male lead who’s a total rando to me. Your Honor may luck out due to weak competition but there’s also another tvN potential hit coming next week with Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife).


SBS Drama Dear Judge Leads the Prime Time Wed-Thurs Timeslot Over Time and Your House Helper — 19 Comments

    • Both dramas I loved so I’m inclined to check it out. A little makjang can be good sometimes. All round dramas are of such poor quality these days its sad. The ratings are reflecting this trend.

  1. I’ll be honest I’m watching ‘Time’ for KJH really but I know it’s going to be a hard watch just going in. This will be the first time I’ll see Seohyun in a drama so I’ll keep an open mind about her acting. Hopefully he’s apologised and done double back flips for his misconduct at the press con that was quite rude and uncalled for. Smack smack with the naughty stick KJH please behave. I dunno why he was like that when his Memories with First love press con was full of fun and smiles and the Waikiki one too.

  2. Time is good so far and Seohyun has done a great job with the emotionally intense scenes. It looks like netizens that watched were praising their actign too. I was totally drawn into the story and I’m looking forward to watching the rest especially knowing it’s the same writer as Secret. I’m a sucker for her dramas.

    Your Honor on the other hand…I was so turned off by YSY’s acting and the creepy prosecutor that I couldn’t even finish the first episode. I’m still not sure if it was on purpose or what, his acting was just so over the top and odd in quite alot of scenes. Maybe it’ll get better though.

    I’m excited about watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty but I haven’t heard much talk about it leading to the premiere today. Anyway, hope it’s good too.

    • I thought I was the only one who cringed at YSY’s acting. I like him and he was the main reason I wanted to watch but yes, I had the same comment…over the top acting.

      I just watched Miss Hammurabi so I have to say that the plot of Your Honor is makjang.

  3. Just watched Dear Judge/ Your Honor, still adjusting myself to YSY acting, I like PBE so maybe will just watch it for him.

  4. I checked out both of them and didn’t like it. Your honor is not very good, given that I’m a fan of Yoon Shi Yoon and I couldn’t make myself to like this. The story lacks interest and Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting is a bit forced (and I’m sure it’s not his fault but a bad directing). Also, these days I’m watching Are you human too?, and after witnessing the perfection that is Seo Kang Joon giving life to two different characters (you can tell who he is just looking at his face), the twins of Yoon Shi Yoon pale in comparison. And again, I feel that the script and directing must not be too good, because YSY is a great performer.
    As for time, I didn’t expect much. The story has some bits which are too unbelievable if you ask me. But the main problem is that I can’t feel the acting of the female lead, she cries and I’m left cold. Also, it is all very tragic and I’m not in the mood for such sad stories.
    So I’m passing on these and waiting for the new drama of Ji Sung, this one I look forward to see it 🙂

    • Agree with you re these two dramas. Dear Judge started off as rather serious then came that slap stick beginning of the 2nd ep. Was wondering if they changed directors because it was just too stupid for me. Only saving grace was the strong female lead character.

      Watched “Time” without knowing anything and hated EVERY character. The Kdrama tropes are in full display: the asshole, rich male lead; the put upon doormat female lead; the self-centered parent who’s always in debt; and the stupid sibling who wants to give said parent ANOTHER chance while expecting her sister to finance their living. It just enrages me when I see a boss ordering someone to kneel, like, seriously, does it REALLY still happen in this day and age?

      I want to be entertained while watching dramas, not get so mad that I want to slap some sense into the characters. Dropped.

  5. I didn’t plan to watch Time, but I love Secret and like was aching, suffering and painful but it was also a beautiful romance.

  6. I’m not interested by Your Honor (the twins and the law were already used in Switch…) and by Time (I don’t like the actors). Your House Helper is pretty fun. Three girls living together with their own issues. Bora is not bad, she was good in Girl Generation 1979 but for this drama she looks too young.

    • 1) I must be one of the few where the effect of Secretary Kim starting waning. Ep 16 was draggy for me too.

      2) Yes Your House Helper is one of my current faves too – we will see how far the interest goes. 😉 (it also gives me the feel of Age of Youth, and I have always enjoyed this actor).

      • 1) I am also one of the few, I find ep 15 very boring and I haven’t bothered to watch ep 16 because everyone knows the ending from the start. WSK would be better as a 12-14 episodes drama imo. It terribly drags towards the end 🙁

    • Happy to see that someone is watching and enjoying Your house helper too. @Sayaris i agree with you about Bona. But sorry Ha Suk Jin but my sister is better than you with ! You wouldn’t believe how her shelves and dressing are organized She’s a psycho. I like Leee ji hoon /Go Won Hee couple too .

  7. So far, the reactions that I’ve read (from international viewer) to Dear Judge have been overwhelmingly negative. I was disappointed to read all the criticsm because I really like Yoon Shi-yoon, but also because I want this drama to be a positive experience for Lee Yoo-young. So I’m surprised but also kinda relieved that it’s doing alright in Korea.

    I’m looking forward to Knowing Wife. So far I’ve loved, or at least liked, all of the dramas tvN has aired in that time slot this year (My Ajusshi and Mother being the standouts).

    • Not only you, I’m also enjoying it, Yoon Shi Yoon is doing well, he’s totally two different people! Kang Ho is a little over the top, but it’s part of his personality, he’s pretty much a kid wanting attention since his mom always neglected him. Probably director should try to make look less hyper but he adds the light element to the drama.

  8. Some people watch dramas with restricted mindset. FYI human beings have different types of personalities & those that gets into dramas or movies are usually piculiar ones & boring characters usually have no place. So understand the character first before giving bias criticism. One-dimentional is not good acting ok.

    • are you talking about people’s criticism to YSY’s acting? He’s really bad I don’t remember he ever being impressive in any drama before this. He’s mediocre before and now has worsen.

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