jTBC to Adapt Hit J-dorama Legal High for Early 2019 Airing

This seems like a J-dorama that would work in a K-drama adaptation, but of course casting and execution will be key to capture the quirky vibe of the original. Cable network jTBC will adapt hit J-dorama Legal High into a K-drama scheduled for early 2019 airing after Sky Castle. The original starred Sakai Masato and Aragaki Yui as lawyers with different approaches and ethos partnering to win court cases for their clients. It spawned a season 2 adding Okada Masaki to the mix and overall was a success in both runs with good ratings and even better audience feedback. jTBC has done well with its legal themed dramas such as Miss Hammurabi this year so adapting Legal High makes a lot of sense. It will be directed by the PD of Mrs. Cop and the screenwriter of Detectives in Trouble (Crime Squad).


jTBC to Adapt Hit J-dorama Legal High for Early 2019 Airing — 7 Comments

  1. Remake of Legal High? I haven’t watched the original one yet :p Hm. With the stream of Jdrama remakes I wouldn’t be surprised if they one day decides to remake Code Blue.

  2. I just hope they choose actors and actresses who are on the same level as the original and please don’t change that version become romantic drama.

  3. I loved Legal High and I doubt that they can capture the quirky characters and the comedy of the original…but maybe they can take a different approach. I’m curious to see which actors they will pick.
    Awww, now I’m missing Aragaki and Sakai, I think I need to rewatch it 🙂

  4. Korean drama producers must be having a hard time finding new scripts. They have so many remakes lately – that usually aren’t as good as the originals. I wish Kdramas would go back to make more original shows like before. Or rather than making remakes, why don’t they do season 2 of successful shows? I’d rather tune in to watch that.

    Anyways, curious to see who will play the lead role. This is Sakai’s signature role and wondering who can fill those shoes.

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