Song Seung Heon Remains Top Notch Eye Candy in New Arena Korean Pictorial

The lamentation of Dramafever’s demise has brought about memories of falling down the K-drama rabbit hole and mine was Song Seung Heon. Back when I didn’t realize he was such a limited actor I was inexplicably hooked by him in Autumn in My Heart, still my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. I mean, they weren’t actually brother and sister, so it’s all kosher right? Lol, of course that drama was a pile of makjang mess but it was entertaining in that early Hallyu vibe and through it I’ve ridden the wave for over a decade and counting and still loving on Song Seung Heon. He’s gotten better as an actor, no doubt, but still not quite a thespian. What’s just as remarkable is how handsome he still looks, one of the best male racks for a perfectly tailored suit.


Song Seung Heon Remains Top Notch Eye Candy in New Arena Korean Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. Been watching him since Autumn in My Heart too n follow him ever since. He’s been quiet for a while n his resurgence is both a surprise n a pleasure. His acting is getting better n better. I’m accommodating! Am enjoying Player enormously.

  2. I forget the first drama of his I watched but, it was on DramaFever. That Song Seung Heon rabbit hole is very deep. He is still drop dead gorgeous. I love having him my screen and am loving him in these OCN dramas

  3. As Long he doesn’t go into melo his acting can still hold up. His past few works has been enjoyable. He looks like he didn’t age a day. He’s defying age really.

  4. We consider this man (SSH) as one of the best dressed and sexiest man in KOREAN entertainment industry. Not only he is a good actor in profession, he is best in any of his role as an actor. Keep it up & good luck!

    • Since watching obsessed I don’t like him anymore same with Jo in sung and song ji hyo. I hate them after watch frozen flower. I think if they cast in kim eun look drama they can clean image like Lee santa.

  5. the trio in Autumn In My Heart are really gorgeous respectively…Song Seung Hun, Won Bin and Song Hye Kyo…I like all of them..although Won Bin is too quiet without any drama/film now..

  6. I love him, no doubt the hottest, he has that easy charm and soo sexy, don’t agree with those easily labeling him a bad actor, he did have some poor performances especially at the beginning of his career but has grown into a really good actor

  7. I’m enjoying his latest drama ‘player’. Its fun and also complex with all the revenge, corruption, political stuff.

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