Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki Hang Out With Fellow Namoo Actors at 15th Annual Family Day

I still remember the whiplash that was Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young working together on variety show My Ear’s Candy from two years ago. From the fans excited with their wonderful voice chemistry from the show to the anger when it was revealed that Lee Jun Ki was dating fellow Namoo Actors colleague Jeon Hye Bin in real life, it was like the show shippers collectively lost their minds faster than I’ve ever seen and took it out on adults dating in their personal lives with no impact on their professional works. Thank god that’s all in the past because Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki are same agency colleagues and friends in real life, as seen in their most recent hanging out shots (along with Do Ji Won) from Namoo Actor’s 15th Annual Family day gathering. Wishing the best for both in picking projects for 2019!


Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki Hang Out With Fellow Namoo Actors at 15th Annual Family Day — 24 Comments

  1. I enjoyed their episodes in MEC. It was fun and they had chemistry. Too bad the special ep weren’t shown as I felt the show was too short. It would be great if they can work together again.

    Are Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won still part of Namoo? I like these 3 actresses as they’re all very talented.

  2. Wow Do Ji Won! I remember her from the movie Flying Boys with Lee Joon Gi, Yoon Kye Sang and Ohn Joo Wan who played high school students in the movie. I thought that movie was from aaages ago. Then I saw her on Golden Rainbow playing mother to Uee but look at her on those photos. She Park Min Young mother in the Healer too. And dang! She looks faaabulous. For woman, to even look like that at past 45 is a milestone goal.

    Lee Joon Gi and Park Min Young looks gorgeous too. LJG is, as usual, consistent with his hair style choices. I’ve never seen him in the same hairstyle. And usual, he looks different everytime and looks different from the last photo I’ve seen of him. I wonder when is his next drama.

    The second photo does not look like from the Namoo’s gathering though. The man opposite LJG is actor Yu Oh Seong, the lead antagonist in Gunman in Joseon. He was also the main antagonist in Are Human Too?

    • Sorry when I say that LJG looks different I see, I didn’t mean anything malicious or say anything bad to damage his image.

      I just mean that he looks different as himself comparing to his characters in the drama or movie. I saw him last time in his drama Lawless Lawyer. His character in that drama looks a little different, in fact more manly and gorgeous.

  3. Since Moon Lovers, I don’t find Lee Jun Ki attractive anymore. His chin is too peaked. And his haircut doesn’t help neither. I miss his looks in Arang and the Magistrate, he was very handsome.

    • Actually it’s a good trait for an actor be looking different each time and very experimental with his appearance. He doesn’t need to be looking great all the time. Besides, each individual has their own definition of handsome. He looks mighty fine. Besides in my background, non of the Korean actors (male or female) are handsome/beautiful anyway but I am sure Koreans and anyone of oriental background would think otherwise.

      • But he looks the same in his last dramas since Moon Lovers, he looks very thin. Like I said “I don’t find…” I never said it was a general opinion. Personaly, I found some Korean actors/actresses very handsome/beautiful like I like European, American, African, etc., it’s not about race.

    • This I can’t help but agree.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love Lee Jun Ki. He is still one of my faves Korean actors but I don’t like his look that much anymore. Again, I find him too skinny which I know nothing to do with health problem or whatsover and it’s his rights to decide on maintaining his current weight. It’s just that his current look is not to my preference.

      Having said that, I still like him a lot as an actor.

  4. LJG can be more handsome than this but nowadays, he insists on looking young and fresh that does not look good on him in my opinion. I hope he will change this look when he comeback on screen again.

    • I think you don’t need to worry about that. He looks different everytime anyway. I remember just few months ago when people were debating how thin he was. Other than the hair, I guess he gained a little weight that’s why he look a little different. At the rate on how fuller his face look now than last time, sounds like in a few months people here maybe debating how fat he becomes.

      I don’t think he looks young because his face looks young but that photo filter is just overdone. Do Ji Won looks young than her age because she looks like just around the age of LJG in the photo. In fact, there’s 15 year age difference between the two.

      • Yes, I also think the overdone makeup and filters are doing wrong to his naturally beautiful face. And that hair style and color must go as soon as possible!!however, this is LJG, he will do whatever he wants no matter what people say?‍♀️

      • I don’t there’s overdone make up. Those were just photo app filtered photos particularly with LJG, PMY and DJW in it. The second photo was during the practice, I don’t think Lee Joon gi was wearing make up on in that. One thing for sure, these guys have really good skin.

        Namoo has released better quality photo. If you guys wantnto check it out.

  5. I think there are better news about Lee Joon Gi than this one like him winning the Best Asian Artist award in Singapore and collaborating with the American charity clothing brand ‘Represent’ for Merchandise that he designed himself and all proceeds go to charity. Then there’s his Asian Tour.

  6. I’m looking at the pictures everyone looks gorgeous so first glance didn’t notice anything untoward then I read the comments and went back to look a 2nd time and it was PMY chin the side of it looked chiseled and that was odd looking so yeah someone did something to the picture or is the chin like that in real life?

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