tvN Rom-com Her Private Life Rounds Out Main Cast with Lee Kyu Hyung, Kim Bora, and One

I just want to pinch myself with this casting for upcoming spring tvN rom-com Her Private Life, it just keeps getting better and better. With confirmed leads Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young, the usual love triangle will be filled out by charismatic actor Lee Kyu Hyung most recently making waves in Life and Prison Playbook. Joining the main three in supporting roles is rising young actor Kim Bora who just wrapped Sky Castle so is striking while the iron is hot, as well as eye catching rapper-actor One (Jung Je Won) who totally caught my eye in Hwayugi. Park Min Young is the art museum manager, Kim Jae Wook her newly arrived director boss at the museum who catches wind that his capable subordinate is in her down time the intense fangirl of an idol group and runs the fan club. One plays the idol in question and Kim Bo Ra is a fellow idol fangirl and the daughter of the museum president and has a rivalry with the female lead. Her Private Life takes over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Touch Your Heart starting the first week of April.


tvN Rom-com Her Private Life Rounds Out Main Cast with Lee Kyu Hyung, Kim Bora, and One — 10 Comments

  1. Pass and as much as I adore n love you Kim Jae Wook I can’t stand PMY acting period so see you in your next drama/film. I’m willing to wait until then.

    • Waited so long for KJW to be lead in a drama and finally gets the girl!
      But yeah wishing its another female lead not PMY. Will have to pass this one.

  2. Lee Kyu Hyung was great in Secret of Forest too. But he was so funny in Prison Playbook when he fought with Park Ho San and Jung Hae In. I really love this actor 🙂

    • trust me there’s a lot of noona fangirls. I’ve been to a few idol concerts and there are lots of noona fans and most are filthy rich too! I met this Thai doctor/dentist here in Canada a couple of years ago and she follows her idols around the world to their concerts! I’m probably considered noona fan now too if i follow the current trend but I’m on the bigbang generation and don’t hold much interest in current idols these days.

  3. Highly anticipated drama.If your internet is slow like mine,youcan download or watch in small mb at

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