Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Contract with Agency Expires, in Talks to Join Boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol’s Agency C-Jes

Winter is done and with the arrival of spring there seems to be some spring cleaning in K-ent. Last week it was Suzy leaving longtime agency JYP after 9 years, and this week Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is coming to the end of her contract with agency Dream T and is confirmed not to re-sign. She is reportedly looking to join acting powerhouse agency C-Jes which also reps her boyfriend actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Leaving Dream T likely means Girl’s Day is disbanding and also that Hyeri is focusing her career on the acting side if she joins C-Jes. She’s in talks for her next drama role a tvN series called Miss Lee about a supervisor and subordinate breaking the hierarchy and creating a new positive culture for the company.


Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Contract with Agency Expires, in Talks to Join Boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol’s Agency C-Jes — 16 Comments

  1. I read in Soompi that C-Jes denies signing with Hyeri. I’ve only watched her in Reply 1988 and that’s it. I’m over office based K dramas for now too so yep on the lookout for any up n coming dramas that have an original concept and setting.

      • Ouch if they said never but I guess they gotta look after their golden goose RJY first and foremost. My reason is maybe they were in talks but the ramifications and hassle around dating couples in the same agency what happens if they split? It will be really awkward if not damaging to the agency’s reputation so best leave matters as is and not sign her. Example is Lee Jun Ki and his gf Jeon Hye Bin at the time when the news broke it caused havoc because he was in My Ear candy with Park Min Young and viewers were up in arms blah blah blah So JHB most likely got the boot from Namoo Actors because LJK is their golden goose. Oh and what a coincidence PMY joined NA just as JHB was leaving the door. All above IMO only please don’t get too hung up on it. Thank you.

  2. I wish the rumor would be true even though the agency denied it. They are the best most adorable real life celeb couple to happen. It was so obvious since the first episode of 1988 that they were smitten with each other. I want them to date for a long long time and get married when they are both happily settled into their careers.

  3. C-jes rejected her.
    she’s the worst actor I ever know (maybe worst than Cha eunwoo) so I hope hyeri will stick more into reality show, but if she want to do a drama, hope ryujunyeol give her acting’s lesson. I still love her, honestly, because reply 1988 is my fav drama ever.

    • Hahaha…. why do you need to mention CEW here? But yes, I do agree with you that Hyeri is the worst. Even Suzy is a little better than Hyeri ? LOL.

      • I cant help it he’s the worst. Except he’s improve his acting like NJH, then I wont mention his name anymore ? he is like ‘acting standar for bad actor”

      • Give him time… NJH took a few years to get to his level now. At least CEW is a very pretty face to look at ?

    • She’s good at variety and apparently in demand there, I’m sure some agency will be more than happy to take her and the endorsement/CF ₩₩₩ she can bring in. Even shitty no-talent ‘actors’ get signed to big agencies this way.

  4. She is such a cutie..Minah seems to be doing very well these days any news on her…She has such a vibrant personalty Minah.

    • Minah was cast alongside Yeo Jin Goo and Hong Jong Hyuk in Absolute Boyfriend but unsure when it will be screened (maybe first half of this year) and it was touted for OCN but got cancelled. So it’s looking for a home. Source: Wikipedia.

      • If it actually release this year then Yeo Jin Goo will have 3 full length dramas this year!

      • Did Absolute Boyfriend start filming ir was it just shelved? Yeo Jin Gu has really broken out as a leading man this year, I’m happy for him.

        Minah is actually a decent enough actress, she would have done that Reply 1988 role much better than Hyeri (Hyeri was decent there but it becomes apparent it was only because the role was specially written for her)

      • @Royal We -AB Filming has been completed but alas it has no home. I don’t know why OCN dropped it.

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