Producers Admit Rigging One Member of Wanna One and All Members of IZ*ONE and X1

Man, I feel like the last shoe hasn’t dropped yet but now there’s too much dirt to feel like digging any deeper benefits anyone. The arrested producers of hit music selection show Produce 101 which has now aired 4 seasons have admitted a much broader vote rigging than initially revealed. Turns out 1 member of season 2 which created Wanna One won enough votes to be in but was swapped out for another who didn’t get the votes. The rigging was complete and total for season 3 of girl group IZ*ONE and season 4 boy group X1 – the producers picked every member even before the show aired. It was the ridiculous voting results on season 3 and 4 that caused enough viewer outcry to prompt this investigation in the first place, and yeah hosting a so-called fan voting show when every winner was selected in advance and making money off such fraud is definitely a crime. I feel bad for the trainees who made and didn’t make it. Those who made it will now be affiliated with a tainted show especially seasons 3 and 4 because some could have made it based on fan voting. Not to mention the speculation over who was left off Wanna One and who in the group was the vote rigged member.


Producers Admit Rigging One Member of Wanna One and All Members of IZ*ONE and X1 — 3 Comments

  1. is his words even believable? going from 1 member to the total team x2? i only like season 1, after that the show quality has gone downhill and now i know why.

  2. Actually for season 3 the rigging was done during the week leading up to the final episode live vote because they didn’t like the online pre voting. For season for they sat down and planned it out three days prior to the final episode apparently. There was some people switched out during the cut off eliminations in all seasons too.

  3. I feel bad for the contestants. They work grueling schedules,don’t eat enough to keep a fly alive, and now they find out it was all crooked? And even worse is the one who was replaced-talk about having a full blown-and completely understandable- rage time!

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