Of Course Fated OTP in Crash Landing on You Had Previous Dreamy Encounter in Switzerland Involving Paragliding to Boot

In screenwriter Park Ji Eun‘s last two hit dramas You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea, she threw in reincarnation and past lives connection for the OTP so I should be relieved she’s just going for meeting in another place earlier with Crash Landing on You. I figure she threw in North Korean military officer to underscore how hard it will be for the two leads to be together in the future, as if to compete with alien-actress and con artist/mermaid. But then I wonder how he’s able to travel freely like the newly released stills and teaser scene at the end of episode 2 showing the leads watching the same paraglider at a Swiss countryside town. I’m surprised NK let him out of the country and even more surprised he went back willingly, lol. On top of that, she doesn’t recognize him later when she meets him in NK again? I would never be able to forget meeting someone who looks like Hyun Bin in real life heh.


Of Course Fated OTP in Crash Landing on You Had Previous Dreamy Encounter in Switzerland Involving Paragliding to Boot — 26 Comments

  1. He’s a son of a high ranking officials. North korean kids of rich people are often sent to study abroad in a neutral country like Switzerland, especially music study. He’s probably sent to study piano there from what we had seen in his house last episode. Kim Jung Eun and his brothers also grad from Switzerland.

    The reason he went back willingly is totally understandable, his father’s a high ranking, there’s a stake there. He might just want to come back to investigate his brother’s death (linked to ChoShulgang guy).

    • Finally caught up and that’s what I assumed also, it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Now about her not remembering him, that’s more of a stretch especially when she said he’s exactly her type but we’ll see how much they actually interacted.

      • I don’t think SYJ’s character had set out for hiking. She might be wondering around the village and got distracted by the para-gliders so she followed their trail and walked off the village path a bit. It’s a very normal scene in New Zealand where some big city Asian female and male tourists wore ridiculous footwear and clothes to visit e.g botanic gardens, wild beaches, hills, mountains or national parks. My hubby never fails to be amused by some women tottering in their high heels in the most unexpected places.

    • she is depressed, she goes to switzerland and ask them to kill her right? so who gives an f on your outfit when you are a suicidal already?

      • I guess a full makeup with bright red lipstick on is also very matching to her f look, right? LOL ??

    • To be honest, this premise has less chances of happy ending for the OTP compared to the one with Alien and Mermaid. Hyun Bin’s character loves his country, is faithful and dedicated soldier with loyality in a country like North Korea…how do you take that out of him…the girl won’t settle in NK, the guy won’t abandon NK and defect to SK, that would involve throwing his entire family away and letting them die…I can’t wrap my head around it.

  2. I am loving the show. Some shows sjouldnt be watched with critical analysis and should be watched for pure fun. Hyun bin is such a delicious rough tough guy in era of flower boys love him. Son ye jin is good too but i feel she does better at serious roles and movies r her thing . Ott roles isnt her forte ( jjh is made for them lol ) but i m sure she will improve over the show. 6% ratings on cable channel is good for first 2 episodes. I feel it will be very successful

  3. Can we talk about how she was so ready to end her life at one point?? I was completely taken aback by that and it’s interesting that she went to an euthanasia clinic to do so. She most likely was going to end her life on her own during or after that trip to Switzerland.

  4. Sorry, but I wasn’t following the drama so I didn’t know about her character being suicidal in this particular scene or moment. There’s no need to use the f word. Just stating an opinion since she’s supposed to be very rich and her outfit doesn’t fit the image.

  5. At some point ( 1 or 2 ep, don’t remember) she said to him: you look familiar or something like that, so in that moment I tougth something similar like the ep 2 final ?

    • I believe, when she came across his picture in the concert ad, she felt that he looked familiar.
      Seeing her general state of mind around that time in her life, it’s really not THAT much of a stretch that she can’t quite recall.

      I think, the director did a fantastic job with tying both off their memories of meeting before into their current life, among other great scenes.

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