Next Gen C-actor Wu Lei From Nirvana in Fire Turns 20 Years Old

Man, was Nirvana in Fire really that long ago? It’s one of the best dramas from any country I’ve ever watched and remains vivid in my mind and heart of what epic storytelling paired with excellent acting and directing can produce. Then teen actor Wu Lei was just a kid, squarely a gawky teen playing a gawky teen role that was supporting but integral to the story. It vaulted him to stardom and he’s been working nonstop the last few years though I haven’t found a drama yet of his that interests me to watch all the way through. But this December 26th was his birthday and he’s officially 20 years old, which means he can more believably play male lead roles in the 20s and that’s going to be a whole lot more fun to see him expand his opportunities. Publicity wise he had a great year in 2019, landing the Emporio Armani watch spokesman role in China.


Next Gen C-actor Wu Lei From Nirvana in Fire Turns 20 Years Old — 5 Comments

  1. Time really flies! I remembered him as the cute kid from Hu Ge’s General Yang drama around 2006. He played the younger version of Hu Ge as the 6th Yang family son and I even tried to go back to find his scenes (but failed). Later I saw him again as Fei Liu in “Nirvana in Fire” and it made me feel old. Now he’s officially in his 20s, I even feel even older, but can’t wait to see more good works from him!

  2. I’ve been following his career closely since I saw him in NIF. He’s gots loads of talent. I loved him in Fights Breaks Sphere. Looking forward to his future acting choices.

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