Park Seo Joon and IU Cast as Leads in Extreme Jobs Director’s Next Film Dream

This is a really big casting win for young actor Park Seo Joon and IU. He was cast earlier and now she’s also confirmed for the upcoming movie Dream by the hit making director of 2019’s highest grossing South Korean film Extreme Jobs which is also the second highest grossing Korean movie of all time. I watched that movie on the plane and it was so entertaining and well crafted all around. Both Park Seo Joon and IU are riding acting career highs with smart picks in dramas and movies the last few years so hopefully this will turn into another successful project.


Park Seo Joon and IU Cast as Leads in Extreme Jobs Director’s Next Film Dream — 87 Comments

      • Yeah this pairing looks like something that can actually work really well. Also Extreme Job was a smash hit but I liked the director’s previous film, Twenty too.

    • Korean movies are not hallyu thing. They dont get big response outside korea. Expect parasite or my sassy girl 20 years back
      Decline in hallyu has made sure that new gen celebs dont get that much popularity overseas compared to their 80s counterparts who peaked at right time during hallyus peak. But yes she is queen of her gen with hit dramas music top endorsements. But hallyu queen is very much debateable

      • Suzy is the queen of her gen. I know you don’t like her, but this is a FACT. Ashfall is already of 7.4 million admissions.

      • What you’re saying isn’t exactly true. In general non pure actors are more popular for example Gong Hyo Jin, Zo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin and many others were originally models before they became actors and are more popular than actual actors. Similarly Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee were cf models before they became actors and are again more popular than pure actors. In fact they outshone their peers who were pure actors and more popular that them at that time and have become the highest paid and most respected stars. In general non pure actors are more popular than pure actors and that has always been the case. The 30s and 40s of today didn’t have many idol actors in their time when they were in their 20s but today all the popular actors in the 20s are all idol actors. They are more in demand by all sectors of the industry be it writers, directors, producers and even agencies would rather hire some idol turned actor rather than an actual actor. These idol turned actors will have more longevity in their career because they have more than one career available to them and their increasing popularity and doubly large fandom allows them to be paid more both as actors and cf models. I think at the end once the current 30s – 50s generation of actors pass on the idol actors and model actors will be the only kind of actors who dominate the korean entertainment world. In fact idols who became actors like Seo Hyun Jin, Jung Ryo Won and Eugene are very popular and highly respected actors even today. Even Jang Nara was originally a singer much like IU and look at her now she is more popular than any pure actor her age. IU and Suzy are very realistically the future of not just Hallyu but dramas and movies in general along with Yoona and new rising idols like Naeun from April.

      • Even for actors I see the future of Hallyu can only belong to either model turned actors like Nam Joo Hyuk and Jang Ki Young or idol actors like Seo Kang Joon, Park Jin Young and Do Kyung Soo. Especially model turned actors have a long standing history of being extremely successful actors who receive a lot of appreciation from critics. Tall and good looking always guarantees a successful career. Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Young Kwang are the currently in their 30s and 2 out of 3 can clearly be called Hallyu Kings whose careers will never see a close and who will always be showered with endorsement deals. Pure actors especially currently in their 20s can never compete with these model turned actors in terms of looks which automatically transforms into large number of fans and they can never garner fandom love like idol actors can. There are some very small exceptions like Park Bo Gum but he is not the rule he is the exception to the rule and there will highly likely never be another Hallyu Star in the 20s from a pure actor background.

      • @Marie – stay delusional.

        @Jane – ‘model actors’ are effectively ‘pure actors’ since product modelling/endorsing is a thing actors from all backgrounds do. so your distinction is meaningless, since none of the model-actors ever move back full-time to runway or print modelling (which is actually a very poorly paid type of job for most models, and the poor pay is why so many prefer to go into acting).

      • @jane like royal we said there is no distinction between model actors. They r same as pure actors. You just wanna defend bad idols simple. Jjh is considered as pure actress so r those male actors. There is no distinction

      • Almost all actors have started somewhere mostly as commercial model because it is not easy to get part if someone is new. However, it does not mean they were a model because they only did modeling in order to get by.

        Example, Lee Joon-gi. He actually debut in 2001 as a model but he only got his first acting part only in 2003.

    • @jane what was ur point of essay? All i said i dont think 90s gen can match i0s gen oan asia appeak. Suzy was never bug iutside korea anyways. We have ti agree to disagree. For me hallyu is thing of past and has passed the peak

      • I agree the current gen can’t match the previous gen ever again but what I meant is that if at all there is still a Hallyu and if at all there must be a Hallyu Queen or King it won’t be a pure actor it’ll be someone with a more diverse background like idol actor or model actor.

      • I’ve checked the background of both IU and Suzy and you’re right for the majority of their career they have not been very popular outside of Korea but recently they’ve gained a reasonable fandom outside their home country and it’ll impact their future in the next 10 years.

      • Jane noone mnows the future. You cant make big claims that they will top. At one point yun eun hye was top star everywhere. But what happened. Suzy lost cf queen title and marie claiming fact is fake. Ash fall role is useless n no top actress wign such role. Next drama with c list actor and she didnt make cf list. How she is at top? Iu is huge in korea but iverseas she isnt that big. N there is no sure thing jn future
        At their ages jjh shk were huge outside korea

      • Sorry jane i have to disagree thay no pure actor can rop the list. Park bo gum is biggest of 90s gen n now idol actor is bug from 90s gen nor actress. And actress like kim so hyun from late 90s is ahead of anyone from her gen in overseas populsrity. So yes pure actors can top again. We have agree to disagree.

      • I’ll agree to disagree and I’m not predicting the future I’m making a derivation of the future based on the current conditions. It’s normal to do that and most experts make judgement calls based on the same process. I also did mention Park Bo Gum was an exception to the rule and I’m sure that will continue to be proven as a fact. With regards to Kim So Hyun I’ll once again agree her success is exceptional and I see it more of a consequence of consistent persistence much like IU to be honest. However it could be due to a lack of media play but I’ve noticed idols like Joy or Jennie who is around the same age having more visibility and others like Hyeri and Seolhyun having more opportunity and choices in projects. Again I’m not arguing with you I’m just making an observation based purely on what I’ve seen as a trend.

      • @une first for me model actors are as pure actors. So there we have to disgree again and i m loving this debate as u r respectful. we can have different opinions. For eg 80s have already idol actors but lee min ho kim soo hyun song oong ki were too strong to be replaced. Reagrding 90s expect park bo gu, there is lack of both top actors and ido actros. But with tale of nokdu male lead, has made an mark and he had serve army. I see him going place. Kim soo hyun right now endorse more brands than hyeri n seol hyun both past their peak. Suzy also lost cf queen title this year with iu endorsing more brands. Mr sunshine was bigger hit than any suzy drama and kim taeri is top most movie actress of her gen. Kim go eun has hit proejects both dramas n movies. Her next drama is with lmh and th king which is bigger than any suzy drama or iu drama. so pure actresses are doing fine. Reagrding jjh kth even lee young ae were models first but they are still counted as pure actress. But idols are not condisered the same, I respect iu for slowly building an acting career unlike suzy who got right projects, @marie suzy drma fllopped with sequel canc elled, her next drama is with b list actor. Ash fall wouldve grossed same without her where she has useless role and she lostcfs this year with iu, yoona having more so how she is at top? so nope ur opinions are not facts

      • Personally I don’t think it would be fair to say model actors and pure actors are the same because to me the former has more than one career. Such as Cha Seung Won, Lee Sung Kyu and Nam Joo Hyuk still walk the ramp for high end brands and at international fashion weeks and receive not just salaries but also greater visibility while pure actors can’t do that. With regards to the other point assuming you’re talking about the actress Kim So Hyun and not the actor Kim Soo Hyun I am not a 100% sure but I don’t think she endorses more brands than Hyeri and Seolhyun which is a bit of a shocker because like you said she has a very big fan base and her recent dramas have been popular which brings me back to the point that idol actors have more visibility and better choices. Regarding Suzy and her CF queen title I’m not sure if losing a few endorsements hurts her popularity because I’m noticing she is still a first pick for many writers, directors and producers and in the long run that will be more beneficial to her career. It is also the reason I see her and IU as the most likely ‘leaders’ of the 20s actors because so many people want to cast them and again I come back to the point of them having much more visibility and choice than others. Kim Tae Ri is without a doubt good but her ‘hit’ drama was a Kim Eun Sook drama with a star cast and frankly the drama would have been a hit even without her. For Kim Go Eun again her hit drama was a Kim Eun Sook project and her next possibly hit drama is also a project with the same writer who has only delivered hit projects irrespective of the actors. In fact her movie career has been on a recent downward spiral and if I’m not wrong Tune in for Love was called one of the worst films of 2019. A lot of film actors don’t fare well on tv unless they have dramas with hit maker writers. I don’t want to say pure actors can’t but if I go by the current trends to me personally I see idol actor and model actors as the next top stars but having said that even at their peak I don’t see them ever displacing the 80s and 70s actors who were truly in their own league and always will be.

      • @Jane – Kim Tae Ri went into Mr Sunshine as a successful and acclaimed young MOVIE actress with two hits (The Handmaiden and Little Forest) already under her belt. Likewise for Kim Go Eun, she was an acclaimed young movie actress and had a successful drama before KES even offered her Goblin.

        It’s a bit wrong to characterise them as some untested ingenue who only hit big because of KES when it’s actually well known that KES is particular about casting leads with at least a baseline level of acting ability that they’ve shown in their other work.

  1. Great director and two household names. Movie looks like a great win. So happy for park seo joon who started his career as side role and made his way to the top. Best thing he did army service early so his career peak didnt crossed paths with it. He is top endorsement king too
    Has a hit movie beforr as well. now Iu has proved she can carry dramas but movies r different challenge altogther. She started with dream hight got severe criticism for scarlett moon but last 2 years she has changed my perception. Though i wont say she is best actress but she has definitely improved compared to someone. But great overall cast and hit director almost makes it sure it becomes hit. Great win for both park seo joon and iu. Iu is smart in this repsect that most singers career start doing badly in 30s but an acting career ensures longevity and she build it slowly brick by brick compared to other big company idols. I respect her for that

    • @ady – yeah IU has really put in the work to improve, I think she did well in her dramas and even her Netflix anthology was really well acted. Not “improved”, not “good, for an idol” but actually good.

      Park Seo Joon is always fun to watch – I think he and IU will match well onscreen, they both generally have good chemistry with costars.

      • @royal right. But iu stong point is her cold women roles. I wonder how she will fare if it is comedy movie because in scarlett moon she was very bad. I hope she improved her comedy skills if this is fun movie

      • That’s my main gripe about IU. She plays bitchy cold depressed roles well – I always felt she gave off that vibe anyway in real life (I know diehard fans will disagree) but to me that’s how she comes across. So when people say she killed her roles in Hotel Del Luna and My Ahjussi, I just felt like she played herself? She didn’t need to extend herself or get outside of her skin. I can’t quite believe her when her character is other than that. So I can’t buy her saccharine sweet or light hearted. Her range isn’t extensive. Which is why I hesitate to say that she’s a “great” actress.

      • @ady – I think IU’s good in comedy too, check out the ‘Kiss Burn’ segment of Persona lol.

        Scarlet Heart had terrible comic writing and worse directing but I actually thought IU was really good in the more emotional scenes and especially the iconic rain scene in episode 11. Her forte so far is those cold characters but I think she does well at emotional acting too, and can be quite funny if she’s given something to work with.

      • @Bogart – IU shows a different vibe in Dream High (her debut role) & Bel Ami (with JGS). Watch more IU and you can see her range maybe in the future. Her acting is not great yet but is quite good.

  2. Park Seo Joon can’t carry a movie to success (look at Divine Fury) and IU only rides off the popularity of her male co-stars. Box office success will depend on director. However, his follow-up project to Extreme Job, Be Melo, flopped in ratings, so who knows how this will do…

    • IU does not ride off anyone in HDL, she holds up very well on her own there. Suzy is the one always riding off the popularity of her male co-stars. Name one Suzy piece of work that can be called her own.

      • @candycane – Exactly. IU wasn’t ‘riding off’ anyone in HDL or My Ajusshi (Lee Sun Kyun is acclaimed but not some Hallyu flower boy), even the peak ratings for the last several episodes of Producer came during her scenes and not Kim Soo Hyun’s. That speaks volumes.

        Suzy fans feeling threatened and claiming IU is the one “riding off” male costar popularity or PSJ ‘can’t carry a movie’ is hilarious ???? like, what were the attendance figures for the last movie Suzy led, or did it flop so hard they developed amnesia about it? ?

      • If she accepts Sandbox and it gets ratings it’ll possibly be her first successful drama off her own accord. To be honest I don’t blame actress’ any actress actually for having the image of riding off the popularity of male stars because until very recently almost all dramas have been written around the male leads but thankfully we’ve gotten several female lead dramas in 2019 so maybe the new decade will bring about a strong and positive change.

      • @Jane – My Ajusshi exists. That drama is as far as it gets from the kind of drama or casting where a female lead can ride off a male lead’s popularity.

        (For starters, there’s no love line. Secondly, Lee Sun Kyun is a well-regarded actor but not a Hallyu star type).

        I’m very tired of Suzy fans trying to deny and discredit IU’s acting ability/success when they don’t have a leg to stand on. They literally debuted in the same drama but look at the difference between them as actresses now…

      • @Jane – i agree with you. @Marie is clearly bashing IU here with no strong work of Suzy to prove her point. Personally I prefer her not to accept Sandbox because I want to enjoy NJH’s next drama without needing to FF her poor performance.

      • @candycane – Nam Joo Hyuk is, I find, only as good an actor as his costar/his material. Which = good with Lee Sung Kyung, Han Ji Min and even IU, but in this case, I just wish Park Hye Ryun found another young actress to offer the role to. (seriously, now Kim So Hyun is old enough+worked with PHR several times before).

      • My words are being slightly misconstrued because at no point did I say anything about IU. All I said that in general I don’t blame any actress at all for coming across as riding off the success or popularity of their male leads because writers don’t write female lead as proper characters but rather as love interests or as a support to the male lead. However this awful writing glitch has started to change in 2019 and now in this decade more if not all female leads will hopefully be independent characters of their own and have dramas focused on them.

      • @Royal We – Agree. I could not watch VB even though I like LSG a lot. NJH has improved a lot in Dazzling (he was horrible in the Bride of the Water God), so I hope he can continue the momentum with at least a more decent actress who can act.

      • I really don’t understand the dislike on Scarlet Heart. To me, that’s the best Korean drama by far. Melo and Saguek is not my kind of drama but I became obsessed with the drama. I don’t hold on to Lee Joon-gi drama before because of the genre that he chose, saguek, action, fantasy which none of my interest. But in Moon Lovers, I was mesmerised by Lee Joon-gi character Wang-So. There’s is no character in kdrama well acted than Wang-so of Moon Lovers that in my opinion. If it’s not for the writing and directing, then what is? I don’t think any actor can deliver any character if the drama was badly written. Up now, Moon Lovers still holds the best drama for me, Best character and well-played Wang So. The cinematography was amazing, musical score was so as the OST. And the sad ending, to me was just fitting.

        I wish I can find any drama more memorable than Moon Lovers. Well for now, I am obsessed with Crash Landing. The direction was crazy and the editing not so great but writing is good so far, it’s entertaining and compelling nonetheless. OSTs for the drama are great. Hope it can be another memorable drama in the end.

  3. Its funny how people think Hallyu still a thing. Looks Song kang ho is not Hallyu star but he is the most expensive actor in Korea, even Brad Pitt is a big fan of him.
    Movies actor stay longer than drama actor. KHS, LBH, GY, HJW, WB already hit their fourty but still remain as a big name.
    PSJ’s shine the most between all actors in his age. Tho how he always using his friend popularity for media play is a turn off for me. But he absolutely always get a good offers in movie land.
    Not sure with IU, I like her, but her acting is very limit.

    • what i like about korean industry is that movie and drama actors can do both and there is no class difference compared to other countries. In my country drama actors r looked upon but in korea lee byung hun can do drama when he wishes. Drama actors need cfs to make big money whereas likes of song kang ho earn so much from movie. I bet they get 10 to 20 % of gross deal for less upfront. Means 10 million usd per movie. Thats why they dont do cfs. whereas actresses n drama actors dont get money from drama but they get hit drama which provides them cfs. JJh can endorse 20 brands n earn same like song kang ho. Though i think drMama actors can last long. song kang ho also become A list actors in 30s with joint security area. so he started late. Buts its being 2 decades at top!

      • Just my opinion whenever LBH taking a drama Its always a high class drama. He’s still picked a drama in his level. Drama actors can last long but it will be hard for them to stay on top.

      • @ady – there is definitely a difference in status between actors known from Chungmuro and actors best known from kdramas, but it’s not a huge gap like in certain countries. The prestige of Korean movies is higher, but dramas are more popular/ have a wider audience so some actors prefer that.

      • @ROYALWE you might be right but kdramas make more impact interntaionally and i see so many actors working in both dramas and movies, the gap looks less if we compare to hollywood , bollwyood etc where there is class difference between movie stars and drama stars . I mean shk movie career is bad but if we have to name iconic actress from 80s, her name comes to mind. Fore g. Only jun ji hyun n son ye jin are true movie stars from their gen but shk kth ghj hjm all can be put in big six actresses from their gen and are on same playing field. Krama budgets sometimes exceed movies budget too. Like mr sunshine or the king which will be another massive budget drama. So yes gap is very less indeed. Jang dong gun coming to drama with massive budget show.

    • Agree about Park Seo Joon except that I think Kim Soo Hyun is unrivaled for actors of his age. As for IU, they should have just casted Suzy if they were looking for an idol. She’s a better actress and brings more hype.

      • what hype? Vagabond flopped hard! sequel got cancelled. whereas iu made a cable drama blockbuster on her own. Iuu brings more hype and park seo joon is bigger star than suzy with more endorsements salary etc. Iu has more cfs n now top movie. Whereas suzy is doing useless roles in ash fall movie which no top actress will sign. Her next drama is with b list actor. so nope IU is much bigger star now. suzy forte was cfs n she didnt make top list this year by korean advertising body whereas iu made it. Suzy cant sell tickets as her movie flopped where she was the one to carry n her drama flopped. she brings nothing. Iu is much bigger now

      • Tsk tsk. Jealous Suzy’s fan running rampage. Say whatever you want, the director offered the role to IU and not Suzy. And as bonus information, the director has declared that his lifetime drama is “My Mister”. Is that a Suzy’s drama? No, it is IU’s.

        So now just go back and cry in your pitiful corner!

      • @Marie – go get a checkup or a drug test, you must be hallucinating or high as a kite to think Suzy is a “better actress” or has “more range” than IU ?

        Either that or you don’t know what those words mean in the English language.

    • If you talking about V, then PSJ is not using him “for mediaplay” lol V just happens to be part of group that includes Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy (as well as Park Hyung Sik) and if you go to his IG he actually spends most of his time with all(!) of them, Choi Woo Shik or promoting his friend Peakboy (who debuted as a singer). It’s just media and V fans blow out of proportion everything related to him, while PSJ himself just having fun with his close group of guys. They all equally mention each other in interviewees, go to movie premiers, support music releases, send food trucks and etc. They all support each other because they’re close. You can see that they genuinely care. It’s been more than 4 years since he friends with V and PHS, since his rookie days with CWS and since college days with Peakboy. Don’t stain his name like that if you don’t know much about his friendship with V and that most so-called “mediaplay” comes from V himself showing genuine care about his close friend or media asking all guys about each other.

      • I’m talking about V, duh. I know much about their friendship. My friend is army btw. I know they worked together since hwarang (2016) and become close after that. PSJ is more active promoting his friendship with V in 2018. And the last news I read about him its the rumour about BTS V sing an ost for his drama. Its absolutely a media play.

      • @Tiani do you seriously think Park Seo Joon, an actor with multiple hit dramas and a hit movie under his belt, needs to use a BTS member to stay relevant in his field?

        This is not some kpop dreamworld where idols matter that much. The Hwarang boys appear to be genuinely close, even Park Hyung Shik who’s currently in the army is friends with V. A few instagram posts of your friends is not “promoting his friendship” ffs.

      • Tiani psj dont need v to promote. He is one of highest actors and appeared over 20cfs. That is nearly anywhere from 15 to 20 million dollars money . He n v r close. So psj is doing very well for himself

      • lmfao, seriously, your friend is army and you don’t even have right information? Fan wrote to V, that he/she is excited to watch Itaewon Class, that V himself recommended as an answer question. Then V again said himself “I want to sing OST to his drama”. It could be hint, it could be wishful thinking or even teasing, but it was 100% done by V himself. Why it’s suddenly PSJ fault? When V want to show his support? Just like him sending foodtrucks or asking PSJ to visit his concert. Taehyung showed a lot of time, even during his Hwarang days, when he wasn’t yet as big, that he is very found of Park Seo Joon, just like Park Seo Joon himself said “I know Taehyung is a worldstar, but I really like him” aware that people like you would create that “mediaplay” type of narrative around their friendship. V around same age as PSJ’s youngest brother. We have literally Choi Woo Shik who is also keeps bothering PSJ about his new drama, but you don’t see news about it. Why? Because he don’t have rabbit fans that create news from every said word. PSJ close with all four friends from his Wooga squard. And he actively posts stuff with all four of them. I’m sorry, you can’t see their support as genuinely wanting each other to do well. That why V himself ask foodtruck from them or come to his concert or even post promotional post on their IGs, when he don’t even need it and they obey him and call each other “soulmates” and “escape”. V was like the one, who included their trip into his own vlog. But, by your logic let’s say, that it’s PSJ, CWS and Peakboy using poor him lol
        Park Seo Joon don’t need V to promote him. He is big star on his own in Korea and armies is not the ones, that create ratings or buy tickets for his movies. It’s general audience. And Itaewon Class famous and acclaimed webtoon. PSJ worked long enough in industry and smart guy. He knows, that audience turn on TV for script, direction, quality in acting, rather than “friendship”. But if all four of them having great time together, care about each other and support it’s not something that they should be ashamed of or hide, just because people like you trend to twist every little action, word and intension lol

      • @Dosta – just to be clear, I bear no ill will towards V, BTS or their fans, I actually think the friendship is genuine but like you said, PSJ does not need any outside support from his friend’s fans for his dramas.

      • @Royal We Park Seo Joon has long history of supporting projects made by his friends, be it Wooga Squad or others with him he is also close. And most his dongsaengs the ones, who is always very found of him and constantly praise him for emotionally being here, when they need someone to talk too. PSJ was also very cautious about appearing in Song Heung Min’s variety show because he was afraid people would misunderstand, but did so, because SHM himself asked to visit him. It’s natural if others want also show their support to him. Like in Taehyung’s case he said and replayed to things on his own vlog and fanchart and PSJ has no control over it, so it’s in minimum wrong to say that he is the one mediaplaying lol

      • @royal we lmao did you really think PSJ drama didnt need promotion? Even HB and SYJ promoted their drama with their “dating scandal”. Did you check all PSJ drama article in Naver? Its looks like the drama need ALOT of promotion. Become friend with big idol wont get any upgrade to PSJ career, but its absolutely will help him to create buzz.

      • @dostal so V just said he want to sing the ost for his drama, and suddenly there’s news about V will sing the soundtrack. Yes thats what I called media play. Im sorry I didnt read all your comment, its too long.

  4. I’m laughing at the comment section becoming another “hallyu” discussion haha who cares. Anyways, I like both Park Seo Joon and IU. Fight for my Way and My Ahjussi are two of my favorite dramas of all time. Looking forward to this.

    • Why would a discussion about Hallyu be wrong? Korea itself is trying to revive the Hallyu industry and they should since now is a good time because of Kpop and bands like BTS , EXO and Black Pink having a lot of impact in the music industry. Ofcourse actors would like the same visibility for their sector. Even the director of Parasite acknowledged the impact of Kpop in creating visibility and more exposure for Koreans in general. I agree Hallyu as what we knew doesn’t exist anymore but who knows someone out of the current crop might be able to revive it.

  5. @jane sorry i have to disagree here. i see lya jjh shk n those male actors as pure actress n most people. n btw lee byng hun song kang ho r bigger than them. Idpls case is different altogether
    suzy vagabond flopped sequel got cancelled. she always needed top men to carry her n one time she carried a movie it flopped. No self respecting top movie actress will do ash fall role. her next drama is with B list actor. her fote was cfs n she lost them too. she was never a overseas draw. She is known as lee minho;s ex overseas lol. If u r talking about kim tae ri needing bug writer, she has many hit movies n her roles r not flowerpots. shr has big movies lined up. she is like jjh when it comes to movie stardom. Kim go eun keeps getting movies n big drama. goblin n king r bigger than any suzy drama. Iu has overtaken suzy in cfs n dramas n now biug movie. yoona has proven herself top movie star. I forgot about shinse kyun who is no acclaimed n keep getting dramas n is now going to start her next decade on high note. and park bo young has hit dramas too. Their companies dont have mdeia play like suzy.
    How suzy is ahead of kim tae ri in movies? or with flop dramas how she is ahead? her game was cfs n she is not top anymore. so i diagree i dont see her defining star next decade, i can name 5 or 6 women celebs ahead of her

    • Didnt suzy take wonderland? Did PBG confirmed as her leading man? If all actors confirmed, there’s high possibility it will become the next architectur 101.

      • They both need to prove if they can carry movie. This movie will be make or break movie for her movie career. As ashfall has nthng to do with her being in it lol. Her drama career is already going down and she lost cf queen title too

      • Not sure Suzy can improve or not. But sadly its not about acting. She hit her popularity from architecture even with her average acting. Actually She hit big because of movie not drama.

      • Btw Suzy already prove She cant carry a movie. ? Not sure about PBG, we will see his power with seobok. But still Suzy have JYM and TW to back her in this movie.

  6. Personaly, I’m a fan of the drama Be Melodramatic that Lee Byuny Hun wrote,the ratings were not good but the story and the characters were really great. I’m curious if th Director will write the movie too.

  7. Market for Korean drama is larger than Korean Movie. The gap is huge. The reason some Korean movie actors stayed for a long time because they produce their own movie. It’s a huge risk to take but the return is immense that includes longevity in the business.

    This is not limited to Korean movie industry but in Hollywood as well and other countries. Example in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston or Nicole Kidman or Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and many other, why do you think they has stayed in the business for so long? That is because she has her own production company.

    • I mean these actors along with the others have their own production company, reason why they have stayed in the business for so long.

    • Yes thats why top korean movie stars dont do cfs much because they get big percentage of gross deals. I mean if i earn 10 million usd from movie gross after 3.mnths of shooting why will i shoot cfa whole years
      2 movies a year n u r set.
      But actresses dont have such luxury in korea n thats why they do cfs to get cash plus drama actors too

      • For established and well-off actors, temporary monetary return is the least of the factors that they will consider. Movies and dramas will provides long term return thru royalties that CF cannot provide. For actors, CF can be hindrance or can be a disadvantage maybe now or later esp for someone who has a established strong and long term career.

      • True everything you’ve said makes sense but endorsements are visibility. I know some actors don’t like doing too many fan signs because they want to keep their image exclusive so they keep their endorsements to a minimum or put in a clause about the maximum number of CF related events they’ll participate in. Nonetheless I’d assume everyone would want a certain degree of visibility and movies no matter how successful don’t guarantee long term visibility or so I think anyway. In such a situation wouldn’t dramas guarantee more endorsements hence more visibility hence more offers? I see it as a win win situation for both the actor and the endorsers.

      • Misty u might be right but likes of jjh lmh shk sjk ksh etc earns over million dollars per cf and it goes nearly 2 million usd if it is asian cf. Fir eg in 2014 lmh shot 61 cfs for 30 brands. Even if he got paid per brand u can just imagine the nunber. So its not like doing cfs will hurt lol. Earn money n invsat like jjh who owns nearly 70 million dollars real ESTATE and millions of dollars in rent. So cfs is very good source of income for actresses n drama stars

      • @ady @MistyEyes you both have a point. Some A-listers might prefer not to do too many CFs for the sake of their image or other priorities (I’ve heard Lee Hyori refuses to do ads now and BTS turns down endorsements/has very few because they concentrate on touring revenue), for others it’s useful because it gives visibility+it’s easy money.

        CFs are particularly suspeptible to ‘scandal’ too so I can see anyone who wants to live slightly more freely, turning them down.

    • yeah Son Ye Jin invested 1 billion won of her own money in The Last Princess. This isn’t new, top tier actors have that kind of investment in their movies.

      • @royal we yes and forbes inconsistency to even look for actual numbers for k celebs beyond pop stars is just hilarious. For eg jjh shot for 35 brands in 2014, lmh shot for 30 brands. N these guys buys so much real estate. So yes every actor has their source of income n very smart moves

      • Bts more influential than president of america? U r truely a blind delusionam fan n nope idols r not more powerful than actors. Idols come n go but actors remains there.imaging saying red velvet more powerful than song kang ho? Imagine saying bp mpre powerful than top actor like lee byung hun . U r really a delusional. Forbes numbers have been called out several times. Funny how gisele bundchen called them out. They make their power list on basis of whom they know. Like BTS who deseeve ofcourse but they have no idea about domestic stars like aftors n how many cfs n endorsements do. So u gey ofd your high horse n stop ising forbes as bible bcoz it fits your narrative. Your idols will be reolaced agsin. Like older idols. N same actors will stay. So keep crying!
        My faves does 100 of cfs to outearn your idols lol! They were doing when your idols were kids n will do when your idols get replaced. A has been actor bought a 30 million building in kprea.these aftors r more pwoerful than your idols n have longevity and will stay
        Deal with it. Forbes is not bible which is based on western propaganda ignoring domestic stars

    • I’m liking this discussion so I’ll pitch in. Talking about cf money I’m on the side who sees idols as the bigger earners. Like take BTS as example excluding all their earnings from concerts, tours, fan meetings and merch sales if you look at their cf salaries alone they earn 1 Billion KRW per cf and they endorse major brands and they endorse sectors like automobile, smartphones, sportswear and two different cosmetic brands. I’m only naming a few they have more actually. They if I add to this list real estate which ady said top actors own all the boys own large amounts of real estate as well and they’ve invested in buying and selling real estate in addition some of them even have their own businesses. Now add to that the members who compose songs for other singers or feature in their songs the earn loyalties from those as well. This is just what they’re earning on an off day without even recording a single song of their or releasing an album or going on tour or holding a fan meeting. If you look at the numbers from that perspective would you still say actors earn more than idols? If you compare BTS to any of their peers they clearly earn a lot more. If you compare them to actors like PSH, KTR, PSJ, LMH and SJK they still earn more and they’re all still in their twenties. Another thing after the initial debt has been paid back and a certain amount of seniority attained idols don’t have to pay a cut to their agencies so basically idols like BTS, SU, SHINEE, SNSD etc don’t owe anything to their companies anymore. They pocket almost their entire earnings from team activities.

      • Bts earned around 57 million usd but have to divide betwern 7 members. And idols agencies take more cut than actor! U think after paying debt they promote them for free ? Lol. They have to share touring revnue cfs everything with label. Actors agencies cut is just around 10% to idols who pay around 30 to 40%. For eg sm take 50% of cf income from their idols. So no u r mistaken there. Yg takes 50% of touring gross. Even if bp tour grossed 40 million, actual profit will be around 20 million after production cut. Then yg gets 10 million and bp members divide the remaining 10 million .
        For eg lmh shot 61 cfs throughout asia for 30 brands in 2014. His salary exceeds one billion won per cf. Same with likes of jjh shk sjk ksh pbg etx. Do the number. He is doing better than idols because he doesnt have to divide money. And his agency is owned by him. So tecgnically it is going to hos company. And actors have longevityOfcourse bts r super rich. But they get around 30% of touring profit. Tours management, tour production takes lot of money . They do less endorsements bcoz they do touring more. Even after than bts earned around 60 million last year which is around 8 million per member. Even if they do 100 killion this years after all cf earning, touring earning sales etc. That will be like 15 million per members. Top actors j actresses who endorse double digit brands can earn more. And yes actors agencies take less cit comoare to idols. Idols agencies take a big cut from them. U r mistaken there
        Actors own more real estate than idols. For eg stairway ti heaven hero kwang havent hit in years but he owns 70 billion won real estate. So yes actors pay less to agencies and have longevity. Thats why kost idols move to acting

      • @mad u r one delusional fans. Forbes has been always based on what artist do in west and has always ignored asian celebs earnings. They hive idols priorties bcoz they dont know how actors earn in asian markets. They have no idea how many brand domestic stars endorse. Imagine thinking bp is more influentian than song kang ho lee byung hun? Bts are influential but u r a blind stan if u think they are more imp than trump.lmao!
        Your idols come n go but these actor stay. When your idols were kids these actor were earninf millions and when your idols get replaced by mew plastic faces they will still earn millions
        My fave does cf for 20 brands pee year. She and he earns more than your idols without touring whole year. So deal with it. Forbes isnt binle. Even madonna called them for fae numbers
        @royalwe sorey for above reply. It was by mistake
        My fave actress owns 100 million real estate. More than any of your idol. So burnnn

  8. Interesting read and commentary and I’ve enjoyed LBH previous works plus Congratulations to IU and PSJ. Looks like 2020 is gearing up to be a productive year ?

  9. I am sick of idol fans delusionals withour actual numbers and using forbes when they wor on westrn model. With all hype bp members earned 1.7 million usd per member acc to yg annual report. That is not much compare to many aftors and they were ranked number one on forbes. They are not more powerful n gallup rankes so low. Idols fans r annoying and They need some lessons..there is reason iu suzy yoona all moved to acting bevause it brings lonegvityasnd more money in long run simple. Same way DO from exo, taceyeon from 2pm, choi siwon, has become an actor n future maybe BTS members then they will be past their prime like once backstreet boys, one direction were.

  10. @Tiani ugh, this place as usual full of a lot of people, who talk bs about “mediaplay” without even knowing how it works and how it’s done. Acting “knowledgeable” don’t make you really knowledgeable. And there was no news about V singing OST xD There was reports about his comment. Made him and blown up by his own fandom. The type of fandom that blow up even him moving from the camera to hide his mustache xD And neither drama or PSJ needs empty comments on Naver. Seriously, Naver comments before of after premiere have 0% influence on actual ratings. That’s it now. Goodbye.

  11. @Tiani befriending some idol for your benefits would’ve make a sense, if only it wasn’t V himself (and by his own words) that kept Hwarang hyungs Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik close to himself. He was the one, who always asked them to met him. Park Seo Joon first spent time with those two after Hwarang, but then introduced them to his long time friends and they formed squad. Btw, he had even dating rumors with Choi Woo Shik, because they were that close and always together. You can call it “mediaplay” for their drama, but guys still just as close as they were before and they still always together. For someone who was Music Bank MC for 1,5 year and had free way to interact with a lot of popular idols and “befriend them” he in fact has only two idol friends (V and Hyorin from Sistar) and he worked with both of them in the drama and still friends with them years later. So, nah, your logic just as flawed as “V comments, but somehow it’s PSJ who is mediaplaying”lol As other commentator said, V actually mostly the one who makes their friendship super visible compared to others. He even the one who shares videos from their vacation and photoshops Park Hyung Sik into their photos.

  12. I am not really a fan of Korean cinema but I’d say good wishes to IU and PSJ upcoming new movie. I noticed IU has been working non stop. Good on her!

  13. Park seojon fans is the worst, yet they admit that its mediaplay, but still believe my oppa is innocent. I dont care with park seojon friendship. He can be friend with everyone. The mediaplay is a problem here because thats the only thing that created buzz for him. He is not interested to promote his own projects and get easy ride from the buzz media made about his world star friend. He is like this since DF. Even senior actor like JJS working hard to promote his movie. No wonder exit beating DF so easily.

  14. Dumbass we both good buddies with seo joon. Call him media play or whatever. I will not let you disrespect my friend even you are my or a bts fan. Full of nonesense

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