Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign Confirms April 2020 Premiere on SBS

The drop of the first stylish teaser for upcoming SBS mega drama The King: Eternal Sovereign (Eternal Monarch) was swiftly followed by the news that the drama has confirmed its premiere date. It’s next month in April 2020 and will be airing on SBS, so let’s see if the combination of leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun along with the famed screenwriter Kim Eun Sook brings back the heyday of the 30%-40% drama to prime time. I thought the drama would air in early summer and April is right around the corner so imma adjust my schedule and expectations for this cool sounding story to jazz up my Spring viewing.


Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s Drama The King: Eternal Sovereign Confirms April 2020 Premiere on SBS — 10 Comments

  1. Teaser has received a lot of praise for lmh as well as drama. The killer look he gave in end… And drama has buzz as biggest prduction of the year.. i guess it will replace hyena finishes its airing? 2020 looks like all top drama stars are coming back so does the ratings as well. Not some media play stars wbo make big productions flop. Thanks no clash between lmh, hb psj, ksh etc.. so all can have their runs.
    I personally cant wait since its been nearly 4 years i watched him on screen and i know kes gets hate all the time but her dramas are very enjoyable to watch and she knows how to hook viewers. I hope they develop female lead character better this time bcoz goblin character was horribly written
    And i dont think lmh will be very active in future bcoz in a interview few mnths back he said his accident in his teens and constant work in 20s has taken a toll on his health. And it is getting tough for him physically. Maybe he is not planning to work forever as he has made enough money and health is more important. With this dramas success, he might do just cf dor next few years. So i will enjoy and cherish it. I hope he does whatever that suits his body.

  2. The teaser as well as lmh ia receiving good feedback and hype is there. But i hope female lead is written well this time unlike goblin. And i hope it becomes great success. Best thing no clash between lmh ,hb , psj, ksh etc.. so all cant cancel each other out. Kes gets hate but she makes very addictive dramas and great director for this drama. Simply the best comeback someone can land after army service lol
    Lmh few months back in magazine said his health has taken toll physically ( he was in accident in his teens which nearly killed him and he got bed ridden for nearly a year ) and his constant work im 20s. I feel this drama will be his work for next few years and he will focus on cfs as filming takes a toll and kdramas are hectic. Health matters m9re. So i hope it becomes success, so he can relax. He has enough money to never work again but i hope he doesnt retires. Just reduce workload. And take care of health.
    I hope it becomes massive success for everyone involved
    2020 is impressive so far bcoz all top stars are coming not the mediaplay stars.
    And no clash

    • Agreed on the media play stars that bring down big production to flop. Especially those idols getting cast as main actors. The funny thing is if the rating is not doing good they start to justify that people not watching tv anymore. Everyone is streaming.

      • Lol cable dramas on paid channels tvn and dramas like cloy IC proved people will watch if u have star power as well as content. If people are not willing to watvh ur flop drama on free channel like sbs kbs mbc, shows u have no star quality !!!

    • 16 episodes and yes they are saying it is right after hyena and its 4 episodes has been aired. So 7 weeks to go if they dont have some special breaks in between.
      24th april most probably

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