Infectious Disease Movies Contagion and The Flu Top Streaming During Worldwide Worry Over COVID-19

K-dramas have been experiencing solid ratings this year maybe due to more people staying indoors whether mandatory or voluntary. Streaming networks are having a field day and reportedly interest has spiked in two hit movies from years ago that deals with infectious disease outbreak. Hollywood thriller Contagion has been discussed ad nauseam but I was surprised at the surged interest in 2013 K-movie The Flu. Of course both movies show a fast moving disease with a much higher mortality rate and lots of wild action sequences but in this current situation I can see some folks eager to watch these types of movies. I for I aim for the escapist entertainment and not the alarmist view of the worst case scenario.


Infectious Disease Movies Contagion and The Flu Top Streaming During Worldwide Worry Over COVID-19 — 11 Comments

  1. We are hearing that best case scenario for US at this point is supposed to be 200,000 deaths so these are the last movies I’d want to watch right now. I feel like I’m stuck in a nightmare right now.

    • Wow thats terrible. My country has lockdown but still cases are increasing as people dont follow. America should completely lockdown everything. That is only way to go

  2. It is depressing just to read the Covid news let alone watching a movie about the flu. People really like horror movies. LOL. Healing dramas on the other hand get low ratings. SMH.

  3. Now is the time to re-watch all my personal feel good K-dramas. Top of my list is Successful Story of Bright Girl starring Jang Nara and a baby-faced Jang Hyuk (oldie but goodie), Goong (Princess Hours), Shopping King Louis, Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo, Oh My Venus, Oh My Ghost, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Let’s Eat 1 and 2. I was seriously getting depressed with the daily death cases reported and enforced lockdown. Since I started re-watching my fave rom-coms that cheer me up, I feel much better. So Contagion and Flu not my cup of tea. I want escapism not reality.

  4. 20 million deaths worldwide this year some experts saying even with distancing and throw in a world depression as millions of people around the world are now loosing their jobs.Its hitting the entertainment industry without exception with a lot of actors and musicians now finding they have no work. We are all in this together and need to stay strong and be nice to each other in the days ahead.

    • celebs can live with millions anyways. It is actually off comera team as well as millions of daily wage people who r going to suffer. Just try to helpe people in your capacity. I am feeding stray animals because they have really hit the hardest

      • Some celebrities may but lots dont. The reality a lot of actors and musicians in South Korea dont make a great living out of what they do despite the illusion.Agents can take nearly 50% after a heavy tax cut from what I know only 5% of the industry of performers are in a top income bracket.The rest work quite infrequently. A lot of K Celebs also have been known to have part time jobs. The business is undoubtably the most insecure of all regardless of what job you work in the business.With the exception of a few gauranteed lifetime income or millions of dollars in not a luxury of the celebrity business believe me.

  5. The pandemic has brought the best and worst out of us. It has surely been an eye opening experience to see the initial blame, resentment and anger directed at China but, now that more countries are going through the outbreak the overwhelming of their healthcare teams and sadness with sudden loses which, were never meant to be is also very prominent. There are many, many selfless people giving back to the community but there are also some that are just plain greedy and selfish. It feels like we are in the pandemic film ourselves so, nope I don’t want to watch any films to do with it at the moment. In the meantime, stay home and keep safe everyone!!!

  6. All animals coming out. I saw sone birds for first time in years. Some wild cat rare species cane out in roads. Realised how selfish we have become to detroy their habitat

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