Zhao Li Ying Exudes Effortless Feminine Charm at Longines Event in Shanghai

This year I haven’t found a C-drama to get me hooked yet so I haven’t been following the industry as closely, not to mention there are SO MANY new faces and names it’s near impossible to keep track. Can I have my early 2010-2015 babies back! I know then all lol. C-actress Zhao Li Ying came in at the later end of her near age actresses but she arrived at A-list drama land with a bang thanks to the Journey of Flower. She’s still churning out dramas after taking year off in 2019 having a baby with husband Feng Shao Feng. I recently came across coverage of her at the Longines event in Shanghai where she’s the face of the brand in China. I love the blue color on her and the wonderfully messy and effortless look with the hair and the simple earrings paired with clean makeup. She looks flawless, go queen!


Zhao Li Ying Exudes Effortless Feminine Charm at Longines Event in Shanghai — 12 Comments

  1. Gorgeous! Have been following Zhao Li Ying for a while and I feel that she has grown and matured well. But this dress looks a bit cheap though.

  2. @ockoala

    I would recommend The Romance of Tiger and Rose. Pretty entertaining drama if you ignore some of the bugs in the show. 7.5 rating on Douban. I could even see a Korean version of the show happening in the future. The male lead Ding Yu Xi has been crowned “May Boyfriend”.

  3. I just finish watching Story of Ming lan, I love it soo much. I am intended to watch journey of flower but maybe a little later

  4. Her acting is flawless. I am watching story of Ming Lan now and boy do I love it. I loved princess agent. I want to recommended the romance of tiger and rose, a fun hilarious drama, but I don’t know if koala would like it. the drama is not a big production. Zhao Lusi is an upcoming star. I would like to see a drama with Zhao li ying and Zhao lu si.

  5. Same, I haven’t found any C-dramas this year to get me hooked. They have been long and boring. What’s the point of having so many episodes if it’s pure rubbish. I’m not complaining about the gazillions of new faces appearing though, since we need to give newbies chances but it’s the script and end production that needs work.

  6. I love Zhao Liying, she looked nice in her outfit, simple yet elegant. Less make up suits her well. Looking forward to Princess Agents 2 with the same cast.

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