Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo Still as Adorable Reuniting in Variety Show 11 Years After Hit Drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance

Oh gosh, so many feels! I can’t believe that it’s been as long as 11 years now since one of the crackiest K-dramas to ever grace the small screen aired. I’m talking about Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance which forever gets to use both titles whenever it’s being discussed because it was just that entertaining a watch. Starring uber young Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo, it was a K-drama assembled with all the usual tropes but came out with sparkling freshness. It also had Bae Soo Bin perfecting the perfect some male lead role and Moon Chae Won doing her best sabotaging second female lead stereotype. Gosh if I had a rainy weekend this would be the perfect K-drama to rewatch, though part of me thinks it won’t hold us as well as it does in my memory. Better to just watch the upcoming variety show Hometown Flex where Han Hyo Joo guests on the episode exploring her hometown of Chungju and spends time with host Lee Seung Gi, and they also discuss memories of working together on the drama.


Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo Still as Adorable Reuniting in Variety Show 11 Years After Hit Drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance — 22 Comments

  1. They look much older now, and more mature too. I made the mistake of watching Jerry Yan’s Chinese version years ago and thought it was the most boring drama I’ve ever seen. Then when I had a LSG phase, I decided to see the original. And well, thank god because that one was definitely worth the watch. That bridge scene is one of the best confession scene of that decade lol.

    Really looking forward to seeing them together again.

      • Well to each their own but LSG most definitely looks his age. He’s not baby faced and that’s not a bad thing exactly. If he looks same to you, then that means 11 years ago he looks 34, which I can’t agree with.

      • Not a fan. Only basing on the skin condition and face shapes from the photos. HHJ’s skin change is more obvious. I still agree with you 50%.

      • I don’t think Lee Seunggi looks the same. They both aged, and they aged well nothing’s wrong with that.

  2. This was the first every KDrama I use to wait to watch every week on old websites such as mysoju, I had just gotten into Kdrama but only binged completed ones, SIGH has it really been 11 years.

  3. Just finished the epi last night. Didn’t know they are such close friends despite many years has passed. Till date I still find them as one of the most matching couple (visually) I have seen.

  4. Oh! I love both of them!! I watched Shining Inheritance for more than 10 times already. I just can’t get over with it! It was the most wonderful drama I’ve ever watched.
    It was nice to watch them together in Hometown Flex. Looking forward for the next episode.
    Lee Seung Gi is my ultimate favorite actor!!! You are the best!!

  5. I really love these two.. Even after watching so many dramas ,Shining Inheritance is still one of my all time favourite..This drama may be makjang having many episodes but I never felt bored.The character development was soo good to witness.I have rewatched this many times.Even with minimum skinship, the chemistry between the leads was awesome..Infact the other characters also did a fantastic job.
    I really agree with @Minikfan that they are one of the most visually matching onscreen couple.I guess their chemistry also comes into play due to them being similar in age. They have been friends for so long .LSG once said that he wants to work with her again..awwww..
    Drama gods plzz make this happen and finally let HHJ enter dramaland again.
    I mean LSG worked twice with Suzy so he can do this with HHJ as well.
    For the time being I will just watch Hometown Flex.

    • I agree. They should have another drama again. So good together. The drama was so heartfelt and so heartwarming. I love Lee Seung Gi. It has been a long time I haven’t seen HJH. It will be a good comeback for her with LSG.

  6. Omg, how can I forget that these two were in a drama together? Brilliant Legacy was the first drama that actually got me hooked on kdramaland. I had watched oldies such as Full House, BOF, and My Sassy Girl before, but they never got me interested to explore kdramaland further. Brilliant Legacy led me to the world of kdrama recaps… And landed me on sites such as Thundie’s and Dramabeans. From there, my curiosity toward kdrama grew. Oh my, such a good time back then… Now thank you Koala for writing this post, it awakens my nostalgic feeling…

  7. not a rabid fan of both actors but I love W to death, on the other hand, have been trying to unsee that horrible vagabond ending wtf was that?. LSG please pick a good drama next!

    • Wow Lee Sueng Ji…im a fan of him since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Korean Odyssey especially when I watched him in Noonas over Flower with Kim Hee Ae.

  8. They look so good together and it’s nice to know that they are friends in real life. I think LSG remains close with most of her leading ladies.

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