First Stills and Preview for jTBC Youth Romance Live On with Jung Da Bin and Minhyun

Ooooohhhhh, I totally lost track of this drama so it’s such a treat to see promos for this randomly this week. The upcoming November jTBC drama Live On has released first stills, script reading, and a teaser preview already and I’m totally vibing with it. The cast is young and a visual treat with leads teen actress Jung Da Bin and Minhyun of the boy group NU-EST. It’s a straight up high school drama about a bunch of kids in the school broadcast club, with a mystery to solve as well. High school K-dramas tend to do low ratings but become cult faves online so I’m expecting the same. It’s also a good sign that the drama teaser stole a page from Playful Kiss, never a bad classic high school romance story to crib from.

Preview for Live On:


First Stills and Preview for jTBC Youth Romance Live On with Jung Da Bin and Minhyun — 4 Comments

  1. I really like Jung DA Bin, she was great in Extracurricular. Her character’s relationship with Choi Min Soo’s character was the best.

    • She was fantastic as Min-hee but it’s so different from anything she’s ever done before, that I didn’t even recognise her at first, didn’t realise it was her until I looked at wiki ?.

      Looks like this is a more conventional role but it’ll be nice to see her as a lead in a more classic high school story. Though I don’t like Playful Kiss, it feels a bit cringe now but Jung So Min was really charming in the lead role.

  2. Me and my cousins are still watching Playful Kiss – thats how much we love it and so I can’t wait to see Minhyunnie act here. Hope he really deliver *cross finger*

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