New Stills of L and Kwon Nara in Sageuk Drama Secret Royal Inspector

The Secret Royal Inspector will start his secret inspecting this December 2020 on KBS Mon-Tues taking over from Zombie Detective. It’s one of the last premieres of this wild and discombobulating 2020 though K-dramas have provided more solace and entertainment for me than normal years due to the consistency and routine in my life. Watch and blog, then blog and watch, rinse and repeat. It’s actually not boring because every drama yields a unique reaction. I’m sorta excited about Royal Inspector because I’m in a sageuk drought and because L (Kim Myung Soo) isn’t just super duper handsome in costume but seems to be dropping a lot of energy into this role. Kwon Nara is coming off a career making turn in Itaewon Class and here will play the damo investigating crimes and in her first stills she’s undercover dressed like a gisaeng.

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