Demo Day in Episode 11 Brings Success and Pitfalls as the Leads Get Back to the Business of the Start-Up

It’s back to business in episode 11 of Start-Up, like the last two emo-laden episodes were the brief respite the leads needed before rolling up their sleeves and focusing in the task at hand. I enjoy seeing both sides but it could have been better incorporated. Samsan Tech and In Jae Company continue to be pitted against each other, solely on the CEOs being estranged sisters and topically on both company has AI has the underlying tech. Demo Day was short and sweet, not get dragged out and using every moment to full measure – Do San and his dad able to hold different positions and him learning honesty is the best way, and Dal Mi going from nervous in the last episode to confident and capable. I’m not buying Ji Pyeong’s near emotional pause after finding out that his tough grilling may be the cause (proximate or direct) of Yong San’s brother’s suicide after his Demo Day, because there is way more information needed to make that giant leap. I did buy Ji Pyeong questioning his way and approach to business and feeling comforted when Dal Mi reached out to care about him. I’m glad the romance and love triangle was dialed down, not that I don’t enjoy it, but this drama is so much more than that. Now the Samsan Tech team will learn they have MUCH more to learn in the start-up world after biting too fast on the first apple offered.


Demo Day in Episode 11 Brings Success and Pitfalls as the Leads Get Back to the Business of the Start-Up — 48 Comments

  1. ouch at the last line. They sure gonna pay a huge price for that. But that’s what most startups experienced right? Not everything gonna be smooth from the beginning. That’s how they will grow. Also i noticed the parallel between Dream High’s Hyemi letting go Samdong for his sake and Dalmi’s here. I’m so excited to see how the story unfold after this and what will happen to their friendship and to Samsan Tech.

  2. I like that Jipyeong reflect ed with a balance healthy emotion and director yoon support him cos she would said the say the same thing. Yeap, to start a business, it must not get investment with fraud. If it is, it’s con company not start up. Nevertheless, i do empathise yong san’s brother. Think there is more to it as director yoon says yong san’s family has mistaken.

    Tonight will see what alex deal is about – who and how to remedy the situations.

  3. the domestic viewership rating cant get past 6%. what a shame considering that suzy is “big” celebrity in korea and the writer and directors are popular as well. This drama is a F…L…O…..P…..

    • I never considered suzy a big celeb in korea considering her dramas didnt even reach 20% ratings and now she’s starting to flop maybe her fans need to reflect for being so arrogant all the time lol there are other younger actresses who’s more popular than her and has the star power to bring eatings up to the sky i dont need to mention who lol

      • Exactly. If her stans weren’t as arrogant and overbearing as they are (and if koala didn’t show bias now after leading the bashing train against other dramas), I doubt people would mock SU’s ratings now. Well, some would. This is KP after all.

    • Felt sorry for you being delusional.. This is good for a cable channel, even main channels with popular leads can’t even reach 5% nowadays. Just look at it.

  4. lol TVN is a cable network and for a cable network, average rating is 2 – 4%. Therefore, Start-up is above average, NOT FLOP as what you are claiming.

  5. Suzy is the biggest actress in her 20s. She’s hard-carrying a drama with no big names other than herself, hence 4-5% ratings is good. Netflix rankings worldwide are good as well as Suzy in Good Data. Fans of the Kim sisters and idol actresses are always so insecure because they wish they had Suzy’s popularity lmao.

      • If their idol is popular than Suzy…why hate and envy Suzy and just focus on supporting your idol LMAO.

        I can smell jealous hater tho.

      • What about most dramas getting 1-2% nowadays LMAO… Even Start Up got higher ratings even as cable channel even when SU got Netflix saving them

        They getting $$$ while haters like you popping their veins bc of envy hahaha

      • @Bam

        3-4-5% is high ratings? Look who’s being delusional now.

        Boring af RoY with 6-7-8% ratings is high.
        SF 2 (which preceded Start-Up in the same timeslot) with 6-7-8-9% ratings is “goddamn!” high.
        HDL, HP, IC, etc. with double digits are “holy biscuits, that’s a UFO!“ high.
        CLOY, WOTM, SC are “f*** me sideways on a scooter, that’s f***ing impossible!” high.

        3-4-5%? At best, that’s average. You can still love the drama or your bias (if you have one) without stretching the truth.

      • At least they got $$$ with so many ads even splitting the episodes to 2…even Netflix and tvying LMAO

        Plus getting good ratings than main channel dramas

      • Oh right. TVing too.
        When the ratings are sh*t, then they desperately cling to Netflix rankings, GoodData and TVing to save face. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • So explain why most main channels nowadays got 1-3%… Only Penthouse and Delayed Justice from main channels got more than 6% for night dramas. Before you hate of SU,make sure you research more LMAO.

        I’ll say more current dramas with ratings lower than SU nowadays but I don’t want to bring hate to them unlike you.

  6. is Start up the 2nd lowest rated TVN Friday and sat drama? I pity the writer though, she had to adjust her writing zzzzzzzuzzzys zzzzzz lack of acting skills. rating would have been higher if zzzzzzzzuzzzzzy zzzz was not the lead.

    • I can’t help burst laughing at your hate LMAO and misinformation. Your oppa will never like you even you hate Suzy.

      Why do most dramas got 1-2% nowadays when they got “good actors”??? even Start Up got higher ratings than them LMAO

      • @Hahahaha

        So explain why most main channels nowadays got 1-3%… Only Penthouse and Delayed Justice from main channels got more than 6% for night dramas. Before you hate of SU,make sure you research more LMAO.

        I’ll say more current dramas with ratings lower than SU nowadays but I don’t want to bring hate to them unlike you.

  7. The depiction of the business was not smoothly executed. The contract was acquisition of the business not employment contract. They can always resign if they don’t want to continue working with SamSan Tech.

    They would be walking away with $3m with them and establish a new business. I think the conflict in this episode is unnecessary.

    • Its partially explained that the contract had “use of funds” where the “money” would pay for their own salaries of 3 years. There is probably a stipulation about it. Curious though is what happens to terminated employees, probably just a small amount (depending if there is fire at will)

      • Which part was it mentioned that the $3m would be used as working capital? I don’t think its like that though considering the acquirer gained full control of the business, unless, they sold the business at 0 equity or value which is weird considering there is a lawyer in the team.

      • Yes, Alex specifically mentioned in this episode (when he sat opposite the 5 of them) that the acquisition contract includes the clause that the Samsan Tech employees are required to work for 2STO’s head office for three years. In episode 12, Chul San told the cousin that the $3m offered is the buy-out money for the shareholders (i.e. the 5 employees, Do San’s Dad, cousin, etc) PLUS their salaries for the 3 years in Silicon Valley, hence the windfall for the shareholders (after taxes) is not so much after all. There’s probably the usual redundancy clause that says that 2STO can terminate the employment of any employee with full salary compensation, which they promptly do to Dal Mi and Sa Ha.

    • If the 3m is used as working capital, why 1% shareholder that cousin is so happy he made money when he wouldn’t have seen cash? No, the moneys were paid to them. I think the acquisition of Samsan is on the condition of 3 developers.

      • Exactly.

        Re, the 3 developers as part of the deal; that’s not possible. The company don’t have absolute ownership of the them. They are employees so they can resign whenever they wish to.

        What I don’t understand is the Nam Do San crying. I don’t get as to what’s he’s trying to project.

  8. Just finished ep 12. I beginning to think this is Park Hye Rans worst story to date. Unbelievable that the whole story is descending into a stupid love triangle with no end in sight. HJP and NDS keeps fighting and in the most childish of ways too. I prevent you from seeing her.No. i prevent you from seeing her. The revenge Samsantech guy is so off in his head that HJP became his No.1 public enemy. The other characters are hugely wasted with their arc being buried and now simply providing scenes to house the leads while they are apart. So tiring…

  9. Romance dialed down? With that wandering alone in the rain, crying like everyone died moment in the end? Or most of the series about feelings and emotions and romance that never was instead of actual start up? Or in modern times, when ending should be…

    Dal Mi, will you wait for me?
    Yes Do San, I will wait for you. It’s only a few years. Let’s cyber date in the mean time.
    OK Dal Mi!

    In Jae hopefully gets some character development and Jipyeong not kept being pushed to the corner when drama is happening. With the time jump, I doubt it. Does going to silicon valley for 3 years really mean you can get an expensive yacht? or Do San, did you rent it?

    • With Jipyeong and Injae, they can’t be considered as novice anymore in business industry even when Injae also starting uo again. I can only see them as having character developments to the upcoming episodes…but I want to see the trials and growth of young startups more without the support of Jipyeong or other mentors.

    • Yep. Frustrating to the max. And I just can’t with NJH going down the Yoo Seung Ho crying route in Remember. Gosh – stop the tears already. There’s bigger problems in the world than losing your sometimes is sometimes is not girlfriend. Why are the characters written so childish in this drama. Even Pageturner leads had more maturity than this group. So I get geeks are socially awkward, but this is a stretch. Even Ji Pyeong, yes I understand he is indebted to Halmoni but in his over 30 years of life, she was in it for a year. What happened to his growing years, the people in his life then and the route he went through in uni, and then becoming the man he is now. Sure he must have also gotten help somewhere in there too. The guilt part is written a bit off also and his obsession with Dalmi – also off. Anyways, four more eps. Hope the story picks up. But from the trailers its still the darn love triangle and childish entics to win her heart. This show should not be named Start Up. It should be named Start Over – The Triangle Chronicles.

      • I completely agree with you. The eomance/love triangle part could have been used merely to spice up the drama. At this rate, it has become suffocating with all those crying in the rain scenes you would think this was a melodrama. It coukd have been a bit acceptable if not for the fact that the characters are way over their teen years. It appears more like they lost their favorite toys and deprived of their favorite candy.oh Do San, please grow up.

  10. It’s weird to me that grown ass women will take the time in their life to post about a drama failing. Not that StartUp is, they are actually doing better than I thought lol. It’s ok to not like a drama/actor but to wish that the drama would fail is just sad. There’s a lot that goes into production of a drama. From the people at the bottom of the totem pole like the guys holding the mic/lighting to the casts and crew. They did not work this hard just so that insecure fan girls can discredit their work. If you don’t like a drama or actor/actress don’t watch. There’s tons of content out there

    • It’s weirder (or sexist?) that you assume everyone commenting negatively is a woman.

      Also, if you can’t ignore other people’s negative opinions, then I suggest you get off this hateful site for your own peace of mind. Might I suggest Soompi or better yet, Dramabeans? They’re more civil there and actually discuss the story, not ratings.

  11. Probably sexist but my bad didn’t mean to offend you sir/mam/whatever you wanna be labeled. I am an old hag I can handle nasty and negative opinions just like I am handling yours right now ;). Everyone can post whatever floats their boat. Obviously your remark about not being able to ignore negative remarks can also be said about your feelings toward my post touché LOL

    • Hahahaha…you must be new here if you think my comment is nasty. If you could truly handle it, you would have ignored those comments (like the wise ones above who skipped them because they know this toxic site well and went on to share their insights on the drama) instead of labelling others as “insecure fangirls” and telling them not to watch. But my bad, if I’d known you were just an old hag I wouldn’t have bothered to reply to your comment. All the best.

      • Lmao what does being new on a site have to do with being able to decipher nasty? Something triggered you to reply to me in the first place. My post wasn’t even directed at you unless …..
        anyways all the best, from one old hag to whatever you call yourself hahahahaha

      • Disgusting… Thinking that hate and toxic comments are good even in this site. Bullying is never good.

      • @Joanne, @Zen and this @Hahahaha are obviously only one person who kept commenting hates in the same tune and same comments & mentality. I like how haters obviously made effort on hating than supporting their own faves.

  12. I was just lurking here to see whether I’ve made the right decision about dropping the drama. it seems I did… ? hehe. I also agree with @Bam about multiple aliases of certain user name…some people get pure pleasure or probably orgasms from spreading hate. not much I can do other than stop reading those hate comments.

  13. Aigoooooo, hateful comments on KP. Also known as Tuesday.

    My take? Well, I don’t know where this Haha person stands or if they condone the toxicity but they make some points. I’ve been on this site for a long time now (usually read, not comment) and these types of comments are nothing new. In fact, compared to some of the vitriol I’ve seen spewed by both fanboys and fangirls alike, these are quite tame.

    People predicting a drama’s failure even before it airs, mocking a drama’s posters (even Koala did this to Start-Up) and writing it off as a soon-to-be flop, talks of star power or lack thereof, cackling at low ratings, undermining the actors’ achievements, ridiculing their looks, straight-up cursing and so on.

    And it’s not going to change. Know why? Because sometimes the site owner herself is the one leading the bashing charge. See TKEM posts for a small idea. Sure, other sites also gave negative reviews but here? Man, there was a certain unabashed glee at the drama’s failings. Those who called them out like you are calling out these negative commenters were ganged upon and mocked brutally.

    They also defended Koala saying this is her blog so she can write whatever she wants. Right now, you’re lucky she also likes the drama you happen to like and so she doesn’t post its low ratings or write snark posts about it like she’s done for other dramas.

    Some have suggested tightening the reins but others have vehemently opposed that idea. They say this place runs on fan-wars, bashing and hate. Like a sort of 4chan (?) for international drama fans.

    For my mental health, I don’t come here as often. Once in a while to read news and Koala’s sometimes insightful posts.

    Bottom line? Anyone who sets out to fight every troll, hater or anti on this site has got their work cut out for them.

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