Kim Yoo Jung Spirited and Radiant in New Fila 2021 Spring Pictorial

What a fitting first post on the first day of June, this year in 2021 is certainly a better spot than last year but even during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns there at least was the great outdoors to venture out to. K-actress Kim Yoo Jung has been the face of Fila sportwear in South Korea for many years and recently the brand released new pictures from her latest CF pictorial. I love the bright and dark green foliage blanketing the backdrop, some with the splash of color with pink flowers. She’s been busy filming upcoming SBS sageuk Hong Chun Gi (Red Sky) which is currently slated for an August premiere so let’s hope the date doesn’t slip because after Bossom: Stealing Fate I’ll probably still be in sageuk bliss and primed to transition into another hopefully good sageuk.


Kim Yoo Jung Spirited and Radiant in New Fila 2021 Spring Pictorial — 51 Comments

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  2. She always has that very fresh and bright beauty. Her photos also from her Laneige endorsement is so freaking beautiful as well which shows her elegant side on every shot.
    Thanks for this post Koala.

  3. Kim Yoo Jung perfectly exudes a duality: bright/fresh/fruit-like energy especially when she’s smiling, really highlighted by these Fila stills and also sad/haunted vibe as shown by her The 8th night film stills. Also check out the Fila video with Son Sang Yeon of Racket Boys, with a very good ost to boot,

    • @j

      I have guessed it right. You are actually a Kim Yoo Jung fan. I mean it amazes me that you talk so much shit about Suzy on that post about casting news also you have dropped mean comments on RWTMR posts downgrading the lead actress and such. Can Kim Yoo Jung fans get anymore toxic than this? Hating on other actresses and then showering praises to their “fairy”. Lol. Not to mention the other toxic fan @janice. Kim Yoo Jung toxic fans come at me in 3.. 2.. 1..

      • imagine being so toxic that you’re famous for pretending to be a KYJ fan and going into other actor’s threads singing outlandish praises for KYJ, while bashing every other actors just so sis gets the hate, then going on your alt account claiming KYJ fans are crazy… couldn’t be me lol

      • @oahuuu

        Imagine confusing me to that other toxic @joane lol. Do your assignment and check our handle if it’s the same so you will stop embarrassing yourself.

      • But why have the nerve to mention something unrelated to the article? Pressed about her glow up? Bring out your frustration somewhere else.

      • That’s the clown bringing other actress on an unrelated article telling others they have the nerve to mention something unrelated. Right? Couldn’t be me.

  4. Fila has been with KYJ since 2017 and as her legit fan, I’m thankful that she’s still one of their models even though they also has a very popular Kpop group BTS as their models in 2019 up to present. Long live Fila brand. Hehe

    • @Erica – why would Fila not keep her, she’s gorgeous, popular and a good fit for the brand image.

      Also don’t they make women’s clothes? BTS, popular as they are, are all male and maybe not the best choice to model sportswear for women….

      • @Royal We You’re right. What Am I thinking? Hehehe… It’s just I got scared when I din’t see any update of Fila with KYJ from the past months. Hahaha

    • Her surgery is beyong her nose…Still a beautiful girl but she clearly did some nip and tuck. Nothing wrong with that as most Korean stars does abit.. But to deny it is just silly.

      • I understand, this is what jealous people do when their bias can never have the glow up like yoojung did LOL Stay pressed

      • @HL I agree. I’m neither a KYJ fan nor a hater, but she definitely had something done. Her nose used to be so flat and her face used to be really square, and those features are now nowhere to be found. Nothing wrong with getting cosmetic surgery, K-entertainment is a really visual-centric industry after all, so it’s understandable that k-celebs would want to look as perfect as possible. I just find the “glow up” and the childish “You’re just jealous!” comments funny lol. Maybe it’s just me, but I just never liked the idea of “glow up” culture overall, it’s just celebrity stans insisting that their faves are 100% natural, and then young girls would wonder why didn’t they “glow up” like their favorite celebs, and wonder if there is something wrong with them, when in reality, these celebs have a lot of help be it cosmetic surgery or some non-invasive procedures. It’s just kind of toxic to me. Just my two cents.

        KYJ is still a good actress though, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day, surgery or not. The “glow up” and “It’s just puberty!” comments just never sit right with me for the reason I’ve stated above. Again, just my opinion.

      • Omg @Jeonha I see where you’re coming from. Her face was square before and her nose was flat. That must be why she took a few years hiatus. And her fans lol. “Tell me you’re triggered without telling me you’re triggered”. Talking about jealousy and such. Things they would tell themselves to feel better. What a pity.

      • @Jeonha, you have made a very mature reply. I too find it toxic to live in a society that put Visual apperance ahead of other values.. I see so many young girls who thinks their life would change for better as long as they improve their looks. They then spend their hard earn money or their parents hard earn money to go under the knife.. Many of the young girls look so similar now…

      • I had a afew encounters with her fans that deny she went under the knife… Her face shape, nose, cheekbones structure have changed. And she took a long hiatus pior to such change. It is so obvious why that is so but her fans still get upset if anyone pointed that out. Just just say she is losing her baby fat…etc.
        It is sad KYJ feels she too needs to do so to be a popular actress. She is talented enough..

      • @Tom and It is funny how everyone accuses her when she is exposed to media everyday with her advertisements if no drama. Just jealous bunch really

      • @Jeonha The truth is, she really is a Natural Beauty! NO cosmetic surgery done.

    • @KES @HL @Jeonha
      KYJ is all natural. Don’t spread your lies here.
      And what? To deny it is so silly? You really like twisting the truth.
      I have nothing againts those who undergo Plastic Surgery for beauty enhancement but you guys are already spreading FAKE NEWS towards KYJ. Stop it.

    • I dont think she had one. She denied it already at various events. She just had lost the baby fats and got thinner that made her nose prominent.

  5. Thanks koala for this article. She is definitely glowing here in the photoshoots and getting more attractive day by day… Yoojung always understand her assignment reason why she get so many CF offers. She balances both her actress and modeling career. Not to mention FILA is big brand so haters stay pressed i know she is going to get more big name advertisements in the future especially after Red sky. Hope your heart is still okay by then LOOL

  6. @Jeonha @HL @KES KYJ did not undergo plastic surgery/ cosmetic surgery, or anything to enhance her beauty. Why are you insisting that when she literally an open public figure since she was a child.

    • Ignore them. Behind screen they are looking potatoes LOL our yooj is pretty since birth something that they and their faves can not relate

  7. Remember a story which read long ago

    Hungry fox who couldnt reach the grapes left saying the grapes r sour so he wont eat it

    Same goes to the ppl who always talks abt her undergoing surgery
    As u and ur idol cant reach her perfection u try to slander her talking nonsense without proof

    Hahahahaha cant stop laughing keep going i need entertainment during covid

  8. @ana
    Hahahahhaha keep going ur creativity is the best and the most hilarious amg ur peers up till date

    Anyone else

    • Why do you sound pissed? Lol. You’re not fooling anyone with your “hahaha”. And if you’re unbothered then you will just shut up. Your pretentiousness is funnier to us.

      • @ana
        Common why would i b pissed when there is not even an iota of truth in ur words but it seems u definately pissed

        Why should i shut up i m enjoying it and making it known to u

        I m always vocal when something is entertaining
        Really funny hahahaha
        Keep going

      • Then why don’t you spell your words correctly first lol. You’re definitely pissed. You’re just making me know how pissed you are haha. You keep going. This is really fun ???

  9. @ana
    i was enjoying it before so even praised ur creativity
    But now u sound like a recording
    Its boring me

    Take a break and come back with some new logic of urs regarding her surgery mayb then i will reply


    • It’s boring you but you replied with a “hahahahaha”. I told you you’re not fooling anyone here. Saying it’s entertaining as some sort of defense mechanism so you won’t look pissed but you still sound pissed. This is really funny ???

      • @ana
        Hahahaha was becoz u sounded pissed

        Ur comment was actually meant to irritate but ur logic regarding her hiatus was seriously hilarious

        Believe it or not pissing u is also quite entertaining so ignore my earlier comment abt taking a break and plz do continue ur recording


      • Wow for a moment I thought you’re bailing out but you’re still here with your very pissed tone and your shortcut words lol. You’re like my aunt who just learned how to text. I had enough for the day. Thanks for entertaining me. But I bet you will still reply saying “you sound pissed” lmao. Very unoriginal because I said it first. Try harder next time and maybe invent your own words. ???

  10. Why the heck everyone acting like plastic surgery is bad, when this society dictates perfection. which nothing was so PS is one good intervention for the illusion of unflawedness. If indeed KYJ did have one, which certainly NOT it’s fine it’s her own face,own money and it’s her own damn life. I know that jealousy is not intended for some comments and that you’re just expressing what you see and your opinion, but can you atleast let the fans enjoy this article about her without any sus comments. This applies to all actors/actresses being featured in this site.(ooh I remember it’s Koala so–)

  11. It always amazes me that KYJ haters find time and dedication to bash her at every KYJ related articles Koala posted and even at some non KYJ related ones. Meanwhile, girl stays unbothered, rich, pretty and continue to shine.

  12. @ana
    Thanku for improving my vocabulary and yes i m still replying

    U see i m really bored and if someone is so excited to help me relieve my boredom why would i deny this chance

    U r welcome if u found me entertaining but it was mutual


  13. People like you guys @HL @Jeonha @KES are LIARS. Why do you want people to believe that KYJ has done something in her face when she’s not? Well, there really is someone who exist like her who is so freaking gorgeous but a NATURAL BEAUTY. Don’t be hurt, life is really unfair. She got beauty, talent and popularity that’s why you’re here throwing lies. So where’s your maturity?

  14. I don’t think LANEIGE will get an endorser with no natural beauty. They will of course get someone who has beyond Goddess beauty like KYJ! The plastic surgery comment is just purely non sense.

    • Speaking of natural beauty as if they don’t have Lee Sung Kyung as their model. We all know she had gone under the knife. ?

  15. @Hannah KYJs case is different, she really is a natural beauty. She is the replacement of Song Hye Kyo as their main model. And KYJ grew up in the public eyes and never had plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. She was gorgeous since her child actor days. So yes, the plastic surgery commentary here is still non sense.

    • I too refuse to believe she had a plastic surgery because she literally grew up in front of the camera. But it’s not about her, it’s about your statement regarding LANEIGE not getting a not natural beauty as if having a plastic surgery is bad when this society is pushing their beauty standards. I hope it’s not your intention or what you’re meaning to say.

      • @Hannah With regards to Laneige getting endorser like Lee Sung Kyung, it’s actually my first time to hear that she undergo Plastic surgery maybe because I don’t search her. But I watch some of her dramas. I can’t believe she did?

  16. She did have something done to enhance her beauty. Her face was square and flatter nose. Surely not a result of glowing up. But again, believe what you want to believe. She was pretty before and now she is a lot prettier.

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