Kim Sun Ho Returns to Instagram 8 Months After October 2021 Scandal, Apologizes to Fans and Thanks Them for Their Support and Birthday Wishes

Okay, sounds like the comeback train is leaving the station, with what will likely be a measured and paced return. K-actor Kim Sun Ho posted on his high follower count Instagram account this weekend, a picture of the moon in the day sky. He also wrote an apology to his fans for his shortcomings, thanked them for celebrating his birthday (the fans collected money and donated to charity in his name), and promised to remember and repay their love and support. With filming completed for his upcoming movie Sad Tropic, it’s likely this gradual return to the public eye will each step of the way gauge how the broader public will receive him after his October 2021 controversy with his ex-girlfriend and their allegedly messy private conduct and relationship.


Kim Sun Ho Returns to Instagram 8 Months After October 2021 Scandal, Apologizes to Fans and Thanks Them for Their Support and Birthday Wishes — 15 Comments

  1. Forgiveness for what?? Doing something that was mutual?? Grow up and stop hatred, let people live and breathe . Show your toxicity somewhere else. Thank you!

    • Thank you! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills whenever I’m reading comments like “Well, he deserves to be forgiven”, “He deserves a second chance”. Everytime I see comments like those, I think, “Second chance for what? Are you his ex that he deserves your forgiveness or what?”. I mean, imagine being so entitled to a celebrity’s personal life that if they didn’t act 100% perfectly regarding a personal matter, you’d cancel them or you’d think what they did is something to be “forgiven”? Like, what?
      Haters and entitled b**ches, get it through your thick skulls for once, what happened was a PRIVATE MATTER between HIM AND HIS EX, and it’s none of our businesses, period, unless you’re one entitled Karen. All celebrities owe us is entertainment, their personal/private lives are theirs as long as they’re not breaking a law. And before anyone starts calling me one, I’m not being an “oppalogist” or any unoriginal insult you can think of. It’s my opinion even if the celebrity involve is a woman. As someone who stans a kpop idol who was ripped to shreds by the public just because she dared to date, I feel really strongly about this topic and I just hate when the public acts super entitled about celebrities’ personal lives, regardless of the gender

      • A whole essay? LOL. Girl, calm down. Ain’t nobody reading all that yarn.

        I remember you. You always claim not to be his fan and comment in EVERY post of his under different names and avatars but the aggressive, overdefensive language is still the same.

        Why so invested in him? Are you being paid? Bet you thought people were gonna storm here to attack him so you came ready to fight. How disappointed you must be that no one gives a crap. 🤣

  2. Good for him! And I hope that other celebrities who got cancelled undeservedly come back soon too! Cancel culture should just be applied to public figures who did actual crimes

    • Well!! the one who are succesful in life and the ones who are in the history books are the thick skinned. the people who are so thin skinned are the weaklings and the forgotten. He didn’t even do a crime! Why condemn the man. Are you perfect? Well good luck with your life with no major mistakes. We all have our skeleton in our closets. Dont be so entitled

    • You are no one to call someone thick skinned. If so, congratulations to you for being a negative soul. And yes, if he is trying to overcome all these hardships with a smile, i respect him more now than before.

  3. We all are thicked skin including you n koala. We need to be thicked skin to live in this society, some make it better place for themselves and others while some make life difficult for themselves and others. Fortunately there are a lot that belongs to 1st group.

  4. After everything, still no retraction/reflection from @ockoala? Personal blog or not, when your initial position is called into question, and later relatively refuted, journalistic integrity requires accountability for your statements. @ockola has operated this blog long enough to understand that principle. The willful resistance to acknowledging even the slightest misjudgment is concerning.

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