Alchemy of Souls Rises Above 6% Again in Episode 6 as Mu Duk Navigates the Fine Lines Between Three Male Leads

Sigh, it’s another LONG week before my next fix of Alchemy of Souls and the crack that the Hong Sisters are doling out in very controlled portions. Because the drama is so good it makes the wait harder and also each weekend’s new episodes to be savored. This weekend the ratings stayed the same to last weekend, with Sunday’s episode 6 rising above to 6.639% and showing that the drama has more legs when there is less competition but still enough draw to stay in the 5% range on Saturdays. Mu Duk remains the center of how this whole world is constructed – now she’s turning into the focus of not one, not two, but three male leads with the crown prince joining the clown car of dudes intrigued by her, and she totally is the missing elder daughter of the Jin family but question if that girl is Nak Su or prior soul swapping blind girl Mu Duk. I love that it’s only with Wook that she makes requests and even sorta promises, those will be the things keeping her heart grounded into this world. She’s so whip smart and capable and I’m glad she’s not dodging all the dangers by luck and needs to keep finding new paths to stay alive, just like Wook.


Alchemy of Souls Rises Above 6% Again in Episode 6 as Mu Duk Navigates the Fine Lines Between Three Male Leads — 21 Comments

  1. Really, really liking the narrative. I feel the young cast is delivering too which makes it fun to watch. Really didn’t expect to enjoy this so much, so am very glad I tuned in.

  2. I’m glad this is doing well both in tv rating and Netflix. This project might solidify Lee Jae Wook’s male lead status. He deserves it so much. He is talented and charismatic.

  3. I don’t think Naksu can be the missing daughter. The mother told she they lost her 10 years ago. She was younger when her family died.

    But it could be Mu-deok and it could explain why her body doesn’t become like stone after the shift of souls. She’s from a strong family of mages.

  4. I would be mad if they turned out like Mr.Queen, where ML falls for the new soul and the soul love him too, but at the end ML stays with original Queen without even learning the truth about soul-swapping. It will be fine if Naksu and Mudeok are actually one soul or combined into one.

    Anyway Uk is my favorite ML of 2022 k-dramas. He is absolutely amazing. Lee Jae Wook is doing incredible job in acting.

  5. I’m loving this drama. It’s fun and romantic, and even the dangerous or bad situations are handled kind of lightly. The performances are great too, I’m liking all the actors, especially the leads. Jung So Min is perfect here, and the boys are doing really well, I can’t decide who I like more for Mu Deok, haha!!

    • Im hooked in this drama #AlchemyOfSouls. It’s so good and boring. I really like #JungSomin’s performance here. She is the best choice for this role. She is so good in romantic comedy and the 3 male leads. Thus this drama is not boring to watch.

    • I agree with you, Elena. Which boy is best for her? But maybe I will pick Seo Yul, provided the mages can justify the killing as probably her father is long gone and it’s another soul inhabiting his body.

      But if there’s no justification, then only Jang Uk and Crown Prince’s families are not directly involved in the killings.

  6. Really loving this drama shame we have to wait so long for the next episodes yet another great Kdrama ❤️

  7. I think it’s Mu Duk. Naksu has the memory of his father being killed in the presence of the 4 families when she was a child. But what if they have already been swapped when they were children? It’s plausible that Jin Mo who hates his sister is the one responsible for the lost of her missing daughter. Then he swapped the soul of that girl (Mu Duk) to the daughter (Naksu) of the soul swifter mage who ran wild and got killed. And then on the second swapping, the soul of Naksu returned to her original body whereas the soul of Mu Duk remained at Naksu’s body. Therefore they coexist in Naksu’s body. Okey, don’t mind me, I’m having a wild imagination here. lol

    • Thats my guess also. I guess its muduk and i wish she is.Because its more interesting if its mu duk. Because im curios of what is the life of a blind girl before naksu swift their soul.Nad i wish she is the blind girl

    • It’s never the beginning the issue with the Hong Sisters but the end. They have issues to finish their story.

  8. I like the Crown Prince. He seems not a bad guy. I like his interactions more than Yul’s. Past crush is boring in my opinion. Seeing the review CP and JW will enter the Jin’s secret room together. I wish they can be friends in the future.

    • Yeah, I thought they were gonna go jerk with the Crown Prince but it seems next week it will be more comedic and not so adversarial. That’s been done to death.

  9. Same. Seems like 2022 has something good to offer every month in kdramaland, thank goodness. After 2521, Business Proposal, My Liberation Notes – I was looking for a new crack and glad that AOS delivered. 💗

  10. Thoroughly enjoying this drama. Refreshing story line, great chemistry between leads, crisp and entertaining dialogues, great acting, likeable characters, great visuals. Hoping for a happy and satisfying ending. Hard to wait for weekends.

  11. I’m liking this drama and i’m happy that JSM got the role finally . She is a good actress who has chemistry with all co stars , she has this “thing” that makes her partner shine . She doesn’t look old at all , so i don’t see the age gap . Lee jae Wook is doing great and so are the top veteran actors too .

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