K-actress Lee Yeon Hee Announces Pregnancy After 4 Years of Marriage

I feel like a few K-actresses have nicely balanced their acting careers with their personal life progress, and Lee Yeon Hee in many ways is similar to Han Ga In. Both are known as top visuals and got very first super fast early in their careers, gotten the same “can’t really act” designation, but continue to act steadily on their own terms. On their personal lives, each got married and then only years later decided to have a baby. Lee Yeon Hee this week announced her pregnancy with her first child, the baby is due in September, and she’s been married to her non-celeb husband for four years since 2020. Congrats to Lee Yeon Hee who is now 20 years in the industry and continuing to live her best life.


K-actress Lee Yeon Hee Announces Pregnancy After 4 Years of Marriage — 9 Comments

  1. I LOve the Guccio Bag!!! I am hoping to get one next year… Lee Yeon Hee is a beautiful actress…I am so happy she is now pregnant!! Congratulations.

  2. Has anyone seen the latest article for Byron Wooseok? They are comparing his popularity to that of Bae Yoonjong during Winter Sonata. Even Kim Soohyun has never had that level of popularity. The industry has gone crazy for him.

    • I can’t believe you are that rabid that you have to post that here, on this particular article and that without a single congratulations or wishing her a healthy pregnancy. I cannot.

    • Overblown fluff. He seems decent but this incessant PR is a big turn off. If he was that big, it would’ve been reflected in the ratings. Even Lee Minki’s drama on ENA with 0 promotions and buzz is doing better in the ratings than LR with 4 episodes to go.

  3. As you say, living her best life. I wish them all the best for a healthy pregnancy and a happy family together. If she does come back, I hope it will be in a role asgod as that she aced in Miss Korea

  4. I always confuse her with Jung Yu Mi.

    Congratulations to the mum to be! Wishing her a safe pregnancy and delivery and healthy baby👶

  5. So happy for her!

    Unlike Han Ga In, Lee Yeon Hee did learn how to act eventually. No way anyone could watch her in Miss Korea and think she cannot act. Although I think her turning point was the opening episodes of Gu Family Book. She was absolutely stellar in that.

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