tvN Mon-Tues Drama You Are My Spring Hits Another New Ratings Low of 1.940% in Episode 11 as Viewer Confusion Bucks Up Against Artistic Merit

I remember reading so many novels growing up, I was basically an English major in literary consumption but chose another bachelor of arts discipline for more practical purposes. Novels are a funny thing, as an voracious reader I was able to discern what was good (i.e. well-written) but didn’t suit my tastes and what was trashy but oh so delicious to devour. That seems to be the issue with tvN Mon-Tues drama You Are My Spring, that viewers acknowledge it’s a well made drama with good acting, chemistry, and interesting story line but it just isn’t the majority taste that brings in ratings. This Monday’s episode 11 hit a new ratings low of 1.940% but it already dropped below 2% in episode 8. It’s on my watch list but I’ve tabled it since episode 4, for this weird feeling that I think I will love it if I’m watching with the right mood so I don’t want to waste this diamond in the rough on my usual watch cycle like it’s your ordinary K-drama.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama You Are My Spring Hits Another New Ratings Low of 1.940% in Episode 11 as Viewer Confusion Bucks Up Against Artistic Merit — 12 Comments

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  2. TVN and JTBC dramas are now mostly miss than hits despite big stars as leads. The problem is the writing, with plot holes too big to ignore.

    Also not all directors are good in balancing the comedy or romance with mystery suspense thriller.

    Sometimes even the acting is not up to par.

    I am only watching three dramas and one ended this week. I need dramas that would leave me glued to my seat without using the FF button.

    The last drama I watched without using the FF button was Beyond Evil.

  3. it’s similar to a piece of your mind.. a gem that you can’t watch carelessly. their stories are kinda heavy but healing at the same time.

    • Yeah, people can’t focus anymore on little details and slow story. It’s sad. A Piece of Your Mind was so beautiful, the theme was about mourning and wasn’t an easy one.

  4. This is too bad. It’s actually a pretty good drama. I hate to think only makjang and maybe some thrillers and sageuks can get good ratings. Sigh.

  5. ‘You Are My Spring’ had a really strong start, but just wound up all over the place IMO. The drama started off with it’s core characters and a few supporting characters that felt naturally a part of their storyline. Then out of nowhere, it switched from that, into this disjointed hybrid healing/mystery thriller ensemble drama. The show managed to throw in all these additional characters and give them subplots when the leads have a major storyline to flesh out. I can only take the male lead’s ex wife in small doses, but now she’s a fixture. I don’t know why the vet and the woman at the radio station have a storyline. The female lead’s brother has barely been established and you’d think his story would be more fleshed out given the backstory set up at the start of the series. The way the show just cuts from the leads to all these unimportant supporting characters just makes the show hard to follow at times. If this is the writer’s attempt to do a drama in the same vein as ‘When The Camellia Blooms’, it’s not working. Great cast, a lot of potential, but the writing needs to be cohesive.

    • I agree 100% with everything you wrote.

      Camellia was a favorite, the male lead was amazingly dorky yet warmhearted. The whole cast was just perfect and the story was well written. I am waiting for the PD’s next drama because of this.

  6. The main story is good but adding so much to other storylines without connecting to the main makes the writing just okay and sometimes I feel it is too sweet and healing and suddenly is too dark.

    …But Seo Hyunjin acting is so good that I keep watching…

  7. Hey Koala if you are a literary person, I do think that this drama would be a must-watch. The cinematography and writing enhance one another- while the whimsy and pain are truly heartfelt. Both Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook are tremendous actors and they bring out the best in each other in my opinion. True, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a really immersive watch once you get into it.

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