Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Spotted Vacationing in Japan on their First Year Wedding Anniversary

Well these two continue to be married goals, from decent length of dating to honeymoon period baby to now celebrating their first anniversary with a quick fun jaunt to the current It Vacation Spot that is Japan. K-stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin were spotted in Japan recently with reports that they went their for their one year anniversary, totally awesome choice and imma do that too haha! What’s cuter is that the picture snapped by an eagle-eyed netizen just shows their back but it’s totally them and they are wearing contrasting color couple outfits! He’s white on top black on bottom and she’s black on top white on bottom. Sooooo cool and I hope they had a great time!

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First Look at Hwang Jung Min and Hyun Bin in K-movie The Point Men Based on the 2007 South Korean Hostages Held in Afghanistan

Well this movie isn’t going to offend anyone, unless one is a member of a small terrorist group in Afghanistan in 2007 that kidnapped over two dozen South Korean missionaries and held them hostage. The first movie posters are out … Continue reading

K-ent Reporting that Hyun Bin is Getting Disinvited to Japan Fan Meetings Due to Accepting the Role in K-movie Harbin Where He plays Real Life Patriot An Jung Geun Who Assassinated a Japanese Prime Minister

I can taste the salty tears and hear the little Karen-shrieks of outrage from the far right faction of Japan but in this case it’s shooting itself in the own foot. I also need to say that China and South … Continue reading

Pregnant Son Ye Jin Watches Hubby Hyun Bin’s Hit Movie Confidential Assignment 2 in Theaters as it Surpasses 6 Million Tickets Sold

It’s like these two just know how to showcase the right amount of public affection to share with their fans knowing they are public figures but also not too saccharine in gestures. This weekend K-actress Son Ye Jin posted a … Continue reading

K-netizens Most Discussed Dream Pairings of Actors and Actresses That Still Haven’t Worked Together Yet on a Drama or Movie

So the order of the GIFs and pictures are in the ranking of how frequently K-netizens discuss wanting these two to work together. I can’t disagree with most dream pairings especially when the perfectly curated GIF delivers all the feels … Continue reading