Queen of Tears Episode 10 Reaches 18% Ratings Becoming Second Highest Rated tvN Drama of All Time with 6 More Episodes Left

I have it give it to screenwriter Park Ji Eun, she’s getting better and better with each drama and that’s saying a lot since her earlier drama You From Another Star is a seminal once-in-a-decade type hit that created a wave through all of Asia and beyond. But here we are ten years and a few dramas later with Queen of Tears and she has never been better, she’s taken the less is more by keeping this one at 16-episodes like she did with her last hit Crash Landing on You, rather than 20-episodes, and now she’s on pace to surpass her own record setting ratings for CLOY. QoT episode 10 got 18.852% ratings putting it now second on the tvN all time ratings list ahead of Answer Me 1988 and just behind CLOY. It’s going to surpass CLOY and should be chasing the title of cable network highest rated drama which is with The World of the Married at 28%. This weekend’s episodes 9-10 were amazing and rich with character growth and plot development as expected, the Queens in Yongduri was as funny and poignant as expected and the slow burn talking a lot between Hyun Woo and Hae In was long overdue for them. I laughed, seethed, and cried all within an episode and am so thankful a drama this wonderful is in my life to live watch.

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Queen of Tears Episode 8 Achieves 16% Ratings and Enters Legendary Status with Incredible Storytelling, Characterization, and Acting

So the top actor Song Joong Ki cameo happened this weekend in episode 8 of Queen of Tears and it wasn’t even the best thing about this weekend’s episodes. This drama is FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS so hard there is … Continue reading

Queen of Tears Hit Status Heightens Excitement for Top Actor Song Joong Ki’s Cameo Reunion with PD From Vincenzo and Former Costars Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun

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Episode 4 of Queen of Tears Reaches 12.985% Ratings as the Reveal of a Lost Pregnancy Throws Even More Poignancy on the OTP

So watching the Queen of Tears is like reading a brilliantly paced novel where the story is good but the way it’s being told is even better. Episode 4 stormed the rating barricades delivering 12.985% which is astonishing in the speed … Continue reading

Queen of Tears Drops New Poster After Premiere Highlighting Park Sung Hoon as the Potential Interloper in the Dysfunctional Marriage of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won

So I’ve already re-watched the first two episodes of Queen of Tears which premiered this past weekend and my love for it has only increased after I have more time to savor the details. And there are so many, from … Continue reading