Jung Hae In and Jung So Min Confirmed for Rom-com K-drama Mom’s Friend’s Son

So with this confirmation the drama has vaulted to the top of my most excited for K-drama of 2024, yay! After earlier casting news, this week its confirmed that Jung Hae In and Jung So Min will be the leads of rom-com K-drama Mom’s Friend’s Son. This will be Jung Hae In’s first rom-com drama since his debut ten years ago in 2014 which is wild to think about since in 17 dramas none of been the most audience friendly genre of rom-com. The drama is also highly anticipated coming from the PD and screenwriter combo that did Hometown Cha Cha Cha. The two leads grew up as kids whose moms were best friends and their lives have diverged in professional success but that mom connection brings them back together again.

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Netflix Premieres D.P. 2 with Returning Leads Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan This Weekend to Strong Reviews

So Squid Game got ALL the K-drama thunder on Netflix in 2021 but thankfully all that may have directed attention to other Netflix available K-dramas including D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) which premiered right before Squid Game. D.P. got rave reviews and … Continue reading

Jung Hae In Strikes a Fashionable Look Attending the Opening of the Louis Vuitton/Yayoi Kusama 2023 Collab Unveiling at the Taipei Flagship Store

I’ve been seeing tons of Louis Vuitton CF pictures from various Asian countries of its brand models this week all wearing clothes and carrying accessories from the 2023 Louis Vuitton collaboration with artist Yayoi Kusama. TBH I hated their first … Continue reading

2022 Asia Star Awards Held at BIFF Manages to Take the Uninspiring Korean Awards Dressing to New Heights of Ugh

Soooooo many memes work with this running joke about how poorly (selected) the South Korean stars look at red carpet events ranging from awards to festivals. It’s like they go out of their way to be beyond boring or intentionally … Continue reading

2022 Busan International Film Festival Kicks Off Opening Night Festivities Feting Legendary HK Actor Tony Leung and Bringing K-stars Galore Ready to Screen New Films

This year is the 27th annual Busan International Film Festival and it’s back to the star-studded glory days of red carpet throngs and plenty of slow waves. Unfortunately the K-stars stuck to their tried and true boring fashion, a slew … Continue reading

Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama

A new K-awards show debuted this week, with the Blue Dragon Awards branching out from their movie exclusive perch to launch the 1st annual Blue Dragon Series Awards feting the best of television. This year the big winners were primarily … Continue reading

Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards

The annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this Friday night in Seoul and the 2022 edition totally dropped some surprises and some expected wins. In a first, the winner of the Popularity Awards Junho and Kim Tae Ri also won … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day

Usually fashion events in K-ent have a handful of stars attending, if I see six or more then it’s a solid event but this weekend’s Christian Dior soiree in Seoul had easily a dozen probably more big name and popular … Continue reading

Ha Ji Won, Kang Ha Neul, and Jung Hae In Confirmed for Big Budget K-drama Curtain Call Formerly Titled Tree Dies on Their Feet

Well this new drama title certainly captures the “hire an actor to play a fake grandson” central plot a whole lot more. The K-drama formerly titled Tree Dies on Their Feet is now called Curtain Call and has secured the … Continue reading