Married K-stars Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In Welcome Their First Child a Baby Girl

So it’s a rabbit tail baby for Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, how cute and fitting for a wee baby girl. The married couple announced today the arrival of their first child, a healthy little girl baby. The couple married last April 2023 and announced in November they were expecting a baby together. The baby’s birthday is February 5th just a few days shy of the turning of the rabbit lunar new to the dragon year. This is like the best new year’s present ever haha so congrats to the new parents.

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C-netizens and K-netizens Get into War of Words Over Actress Zhang Jia Ning Wearing a Hanbok to Film a Tourism Video for Her Hometown in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture

So this is a big much do about nothing but does showcase how cultural tensions forever permeate the relationship between Chinese and Koreans. It’s almost lunar new year and stars along with ordinary folks are gearing up to or have … Continue reading

Police Anti-corruption Division Conducts Raid and Search of Dispatch and Fellow Drug Division for Leak in the Onset of the Lee Seon Kyun Investigation

I’ll seen this movie before and it certainly feels like major ass covering. The Anti-corruption division of a major Seoul police department has done a raid and search of the offices of tabloid Dispatch as well as the drug division … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Expose that Park Min Young Received Money From Her Swindler Ex-boyfriend Despite Her Claiming She Received Zero Financial Anything From Him During Their Relationship

Ooof, this is a rough week for K-actress Park Min Young. She was riding high with her new drama Marry My Husband getting increasingly high ratings and the judge-y K-netizens seemingly letting go of her scandal last year with her … Continue reading

Parasite Director Bong Joon Ho Leads Industry Veterans at Press Conference Demanding Formal Investigation into the Alleged Mishandling of Lee Seon Kyun’s Drug and Blackmail Case

So I don’t think these folks are virtue signaling or trying to look good but I do think the end result will still never feel satisfactory or get justice for the wronged. South Korea top director Bong Joon Ho of … Continue reading

Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He are Broken Up Rumor Back in Limelight as Entertainment Gossip Blogger Says the Reason is Producer Yu Zheng’s Interference to Keep Bai Lu Single

So the are they dating news from last year during the filming of Story of Kunning Palace is basically all but confirmed with leads Bai Lu and Zhang Ling He. And the end result was the drama was fantastic and … Continue reading