Seoul Prosecutor Requests Detention of One Doctor in Yoo Ah In Drug Use Case for Own Illegal Use of Drugs

Talk about tightening the net and in a good way. K-ent is reporting that after Yoo Ah In‘s friends and medical professionals associated with life were called in for questioning recently, an arrest warrant has been issued for a Doctor A who has a Gangnam medical clinic and did prescribe some of the propofol Yoo Ah In used. During questioning and investigation about the medical need for the anesthetic, police came to believe Doctor A was himself illegally using drugs hence the arrest warrant is being requested. Doctor A is also reportedly a personal friend to Yoo Ah In beyond beyond a doctor who treated him for procedures.

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Kim Sae Ron Posts on SNS Pictures of Her Working Part Time at Coffee Shop to Show Her Current Situation But Coffee Chain Has No Record of a Part-time Employee with Her Name

I wish Kim Sae Ron had better adult figures around her or if she does that she would listen to advice because watching her is like a slow train derailment. She’s been arrested and charged with last year’s drunk driving … Continue reading

Dilraba Dilmurat Emerges in CF Shoot After Months Out of the Public Eye with Svelte Figure Seemingly Refuting the Recent Rumors of Pregnancy with Reported Boyfriend Huang Jing Yu

So there may be truth in one of these rumors but not the other, still it’s majorly entertaining. Last month in February 2023 there was a renewal of an earlier rumor that top drama actress Dilraba Dilmurat was pregnant, with … Continue reading

Top Stars Lee Byung Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Ho and more Named in Recent Korean Tax Evasion Investigation

So calling it the colloquial term tax evasion obviously inputs concerted wrongdoing, but calling it tax underpayment or additional owed taxes feels like just an ooopsie oversight. I don’t know if what happened here to embroil top Korean stars is … Continue reading