C-netizens Revive the Long Acknowledged Rumored First Love Relationship of Yang Yang and Li Qin Over a Decade Ago in New Pics of Fresh Faced Couple

It’s fun to look at childhood/younger pictures especially of stars that have a certain look now and folks may not be aware of their much early debut vibes. This week Yang Yang and Li Qin are in the news together thanks to C-netizens circulating and reviving the long ago rumored relationship between the two. They worked together in the 2010 adaptation of Dream of the Red Chamber when he was 19 and she was 18 and reportedly it was love at first sight and the two became openly on set a couple and it was kinda an open secret with the press as well. But like first loves are wont to happen, growing up and a growing career got in the way and the two split. Reportedly it was due to Li Qin being a bigger star and Yang Yang not feeling sidelined but of course 13 years later it’s the opposite status with their careers.

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Hawick Lau Confirms Dating Relationship with C-actress Li Xiaofeng Who So Happens to be Playing His Ex-wife Yang Mi’s Onscreen Bestie in Her New Drama She and Her Perfect Husband

There is leeeeetle bit of reel mixed with real juiciness in this dating news but it’s really just a coincidence more than anything. C-ent tabloids captures HK-actor Hawick Lau with C-actress Wang Xiaofeng recently appearing out on a date, closing … Continue reading

Popular Film Actor Ma Dong Seok Reveals He Registered Marriage to Long Time Girlfriend Ye Jung Hwa Last Year in 2021 During the Pandemic

Awwww, what a belated happy news to share! While receiving an award this week, successful film actor Ma Dong Seok shared with the press that he’s a married man! Apparently last year he quietly registered his marriage with long time … Continue reading