Ro Woon and Choi Yi Hyun Spar their Skills as The Matchmaker in First Posters for the KBS Sageuk Drama

So idol turned actor Ro Woon is now going to be an actor full time and it’s only fitting that the news comes out when he’s pulling drama double duty. His currently airing drama Destined with You will be followed near seamlessly next month with the sageuk romance drama The Matchmaker (Wedding Battle) where he and female lead Choi Yi Hyun are both widow/widower and trying to help others like them find romance again in a society that shuns such people as bad luck to lose a spouse. The first posters are out and it’s serviceable but I do love stories that try to elevate people above their circumstances in the time period of life.

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Joseon Lee Se Young Finds Her Husband Bae In Hyuk Again in Modern Times in First Teaser for The Story of Widow Park’s Marriage Contract

So those who watched the weirdo makjang time-travel drama Lady Durian will get the same whiplash feel for the set up of this upcoming MBC drama The Story of Widow Park’s Marriage Contract. The drama stars Lee Se Young as … Continue reading

ENA’s New Drama The Kidnapping Day with Yoon Kye Sang and Child Actress Yu Na Doubles in Ratings by Episode 4 to 3.6% Heralding Another Hit

Small cable network ENA continues to deliver little dramas that could and the latest one is The Kidnapping Day, which premiered last week and in four episodes has managed to double its ratings. It started at 1.833% and the most … Continue reading