K-actor Lee Jong Seok Signs with Ace Factory Joining New Agency in New Year

So one of the big fish free agents in K-ent has a new home and it’s a big land for Ace Factory. K-actor Lee Jong Seok signed with the agency this week joining Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Ah Joong, Lee Shi Young, Yoo Jae Myung and others at the same home. I thought he would venture out and set up his own one-man agency but he’s continuing with professional representation which is always a safe bet. It’ll be interesting to see what projects this new agency brings in for him and what his next acting challenges are in store.

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MBC 2022 Year End Drama Awards Hands Lee Jong Seok the Daesang and Big Mouth Takes Home the Top Awards

The first year end awards show took place the night of the 30th over at MBC which didn’t have a lot of dramas to work with in 2022 to fete but still managed to pull off the night. Winning Daesang … Continue reading

Gong Hyo Jin Wins the Barbie Award at the Valentino Fashion Event in Seoul While Lee Jong Seok Makes a Valiant Effort to Wear Hot Pink and Not Let it Wear Him

All the hot pink in the world converged at the Valentino event in Seoul this week, likely migrated across the ocean from the set of the highly anticipated upcoming live-action Barbie movie (Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling!!). There were that … Continue reading