Bu Bu Jing Xin Child Actress Chai Wai Grows Up and Readies for First Young Adult Roles

It’s been over a decade since C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin ended up being as good if not better than the book in an adaptation. Since then the leads have gone on their own careers but the littlest member of the cast is making a splashy young adult debut recently. Child actress Chai Wai has emerged back in the C-ent scene as a young woman who has really grown up very well. Her face looks like her child features still and she was definitely adorable and memorable as Princess Chenghuan. By the end of the book she was the only one left we wanted to have a happy ending since it was rocks fall down for all the adults other than 10th Prince and his wife. Looks like China continues to spot child talent and prime them for adult careers.

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K-media Discusses How Descendants of the Sun is the Only Ratings Success Pre-produced K-drama in 2016

K-media is taking stock of 2016 and the results are not exactly promising for the future of pre-producing K-dramas. What was once a rarity such as the mega budget Legend felt like a norm in 2016 with a slew of … Continue reading