Netizens Decree Kim Sung Cheol Luckiest Dude Around as Shakespeare Posts with His Three Violas Kim Yoo Jung, Chae Soo Bin, and Jung So Min

K-actor Kim Sung Cheol is the youngest of the three rotating male leads in the Korean stage performance of Shakespeare in Love so he’s been the most prolific in sharing goodies with fans. It’s a bonus to see him snapping Instas with all three of his rotating Violas with Kim Yoo Jung, Chae Soo Bin, and Jung So Min in the same costume so we can see how each lady is gorgeous but projecting different vibes. All Kim Sung Cheol is projecting is “I’m one lucky dude” vibes haha.

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The Talented Sextet of Leads for Stage Production of Shakespeare in Love Show Off Charm at Press Conference

So this is genuinely one of those incredible projects that most K-drama lovers will not be able to experience but I can still follow along as a fan of talented stars taking on cool challenges. The three actress and three … Continue reading

One Set of K-stage Production of Shakespeare in Love Leads Kim Sung Cheol and Kim Yoo Jung Featured in Allure Korea February 2023 Edition

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The Glorious Six Member Cast of Korean Stage Adaptation of Shakespeare in Love Shine in Elizabethan Fashion in New Posters

I’m nowhere near South Korea during the run of the upcoming stage adaptation of Shakespeare in Love to run during the late winter 2023 season into early spring but I LOVE the cast of familiar talented K-drama faces so it’s … Continue reading

Korean Stage Adaptation of Shakespeare in Love Releases Six Gorgeous Character Posters with Three Sets of Top Star Leads

So January 2023 and after if you’re visiting South Korea or live there I think it’s a can’t miss appointment with the stage performance of Shakespeare in Love. I’m a huge theater fan and this one has a really well-written … Continue reading

Decision to Leave Wins Major Prizes at the 2022 Blue Dragon Awards with Lots of Star Power in Attendance

The awards sweeping juggernaut that is K-movie Decision to Leave continues to domination, taking home Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for Park Hae Il and Best Actress for Tang Wei at this Friday’s 2022 Blue Dragon Awards in … Continue reading