IU Tops the 2023 Japan Poll of Favorite K-actresses Followed by Park Min Young and Song Hye Kyo

Getting popular in another country usually takes one mega hit project and for K-actresses it’s being in a K-drama that happens to be super popular in that country for whatever reason, sometimes even more popular that domestically. But staying on top needs continuous string of good projects after that and for actress-singer IU she’s a double threat with her acting projects and music so in the 2023 poll of Japan audiences’ favorite K-actress she takes the top spot. Apparently the reason she vaulted from 3 last year to 1 this year is also because she went public with dating Lee Jong Seok who is himself super popular in Japan. Good to know for once dating helps with popularity lol. Second place is perennial top 3 in any J-list Park Min Young, with Song Hye Kyo rounding out in the 3rd spot. Then comes Park Eun Bin who has the legs to stay high over here with Kim Yoo Jung in the 5th position. After that it’s Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Won, Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Sung Kyung, and Yoona.

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K-celebs Including Kim Go Eun, Park Seo Joon, Han Hyo Joo, and Kim Yoo Jung Deck out in Chanel for Brand Event

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Netizens Decree Kim Sung Cheol Luckiest Dude Around as Shakespeare Posts with His Three Violas Kim Yoo Jung, Chae Soo Bin, and Jung So Min

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The Talented Sextet of Leads for Stage Production of Shakespeare in Love Show Off Charm at Press Conference

So this is genuinely one of those incredible projects that most K-drama lovers will not be able to experience but I can still follow along as a fan of talented stars taking on cool challenges. The three actress and three … Continue reading

One Set of K-stage Production of Shakespeare in Love Leads Kim Sung Cheol and Kim Yoo Jung Featured in Allure Korea February 2023 Edition

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The Glorious Six Member Cast of Korean Stage Adaptation of Shakespeare in Love Shine in Elizabethan Fashion in New Posters

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