Court Rules in Favor of Nam Joo Hyuk in His Defamation for School Bullying Allegations, Accuser Vows to Appeal

This is an older bullying scandal at least in terms of the lightning speed of K-ent news cycles. In June of 2022 K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk was alleged to have bullied a high school classmate who claimed he was targeted for fight club type shenanigans and Nam Joo Hyuk was part of it. The timing couldn’t have been worse for Nam Joo Hyuk who was coming off a career breakthrough leveling up drama performance in hit series Twenty Five, Twenty One. His agency denied the allegations and vowed to take legal action. Even without being proven or disproven it absolutely poured cold water on his momentum and after that he did the web series Vigilante before enlisting for military service. This week a court in Seoul has ruled in favor of Nam Joo Hyuk who sued the accuser and also a reporter of defamation, the court found that there was no credible evidence of the bullying allegations hence by going public the defendants defamed Nam Joo Hyuk. The accuser is vowing to appeal, claiming now that he never said he was bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk, he said he was bullied by friends of Nam Joo Hyuk and it was the reporter who named Nam Joo Hyuk to get views. The accuser claims to appeal because he does not agree with the court finding that the bullying did not happen. Nam Joo Hyuk is around 2/3rds of the way through serving his military enlistment.

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Dispatch Releases Interview with 18 Classmates and 2 Teachers of Nam Joo Hyuk Disputing Claims of Bullying and Describing Him as a Sunny Disposition Student

A week after news broke that first one accuser and days later a second accuser pointed fingers at K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk for bullying them during his school days, tabloid newspaper Dispatch has released an article that includes interviews with … Continue reading