Disney+ Action Drama Vigilante with Nam Joo Hyuk Premieres Today November 8th

So the promos for Disney+ drama Vigilante is all on the shoulders of the cast other than male lead Nam Joo Hyuk, who has enlisted in the army earlier this year. Never fear though because it’s a packed cast with Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim So Jin, adapted from the same name webtoon and arriving as the next K-drama on the platform after the mega hit that was Moving. I love the atmospheric day and night posters which show policeman Nam Joo Hyuk enforcing the law and vigilante Nam Joo Hyuk taking the law into his own hands. The drama previews look great so hopefully Disney+ gets another hit and keeps on producing more projects.

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Dispatch Releases Interview with 18 Classmates and 2 Teachers of Nam Joo Hyuk Disputing Claims of Bullying and Describing Him as a Sunny Disposition Student

A week after news broke that first one accuser and days later a second accuser pointed fingers at K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk for bullying them during his school days, tabloid newspaper Dispatch has released an article that includes interviews with … Continue reading