Nam Joo Hyuk Receives Appointment to the Military Police for Mandatory Service and Will Enlist in March 2023

This is definitely a great time for K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk to enlist, what with a scandal last year on bullying allegations so a step away is best for his career long term. His agency has confirmed that he has applied for and been accepted to the military police unit which is still active service but not one of the armed forces. He will enlist in March 2023 but will do promos in advance for his pre-filmed web drama Vigilante where he plays a police recruit who moonlights as a vigilante off duty. No word yet on what streaming platform or when the drama will air.

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Dispatch Releases Interview with 18 Classmates and 2 Teachers of Nam Joo Hyuk Disputing Claims of Bullying and Describing Him as a Sunny Disposition Student

A week after news broke that first one accuser and days later a second accuser pointed fingers at K-actor Nam Joo Hyuk for bullying them during his school days, tabloid newspaper Dispatch has released an article that includes interviews with … Continue reading

Yoo Ji Tae Joins Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Joon Hyuk in Vigilante and K-netizens Marvel Over the Visuals of the Three Leading Men Deep K-drama Casting

At this point, imma joining the chorus of K-netizens asking “does a leading lady even needed?” for upcoming K-drama Vigilante. Starring Nam Joo Hyuk as the titular character adapted from a webtoon, he’s now joined not just by fellow leading … Continue reading

Nam Joo Hyuk, Suzy, Jung Hae In, Jisoo and Many More K-stars Attend the Dior Event in Seoul for a Fashion Parade Day

Usually fashion events in K-ent have a handful of stars attending, if I see six or more then it’s a solid event but this weekend’s Christian Dior soiree in Seoul had easily a dozen probably more big name and popular … Continue reading