Marry My Husband Ends with a Happy Ending and Rating High of 11.951% But a Bit of Wind Lost From Sails After the Crazier Plot Lines of Final Few Episodes

It’s finale week for tvN Mon-Tues drama Marry My Husband and hit series went into the final week weaker due to recent plot shenanigans but managed to end up a satisfying note. Two baddies got the transferred death fates and the third got jail time plus going crazy, so for a drama about a wronged woman getting revenge she certainly accomplished it all. Even better was that the antagonists just kept digging themselves into bigger and bigger holes by their own selfish and mentally deranged thinking. The two Mary Sue leads got their happy ending with a wedding and a pair of twin boys, it’s a little saccharine for me but in terms of endings at least not the open ended even more frustrating kind. Most of the cast is off to Vietnam next month for their reward trip and so what a great way to start of the new year in 2024.

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Park Min Young’s Agency Releases Statement Refuting Dispatch’s Article and She Posts on SNS that She is Sick of It All and Will Persevere for Her Fans

At least the formal response is swift and will hopefully put this to rest. If not then K-netizens need to decide if they simply want to keep digging into this. A day after Dispatch published an article claiming that investigation … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Expose that Park Min Young Received Money From Her Swindler Ex-boyfriend Despite Her Claiming She Received Zero Financial Anything From Him During Their Relationship

Ooof, this is a rough week for K-actress Park Min Young. She was riding high with her new drama Marry My Husband getting increasingly high ratings and the judge-y K-netizens seemingly letting go of her scandal last year with her … Continue reading

First Stills for Park Min Young in tvN Drama Marry My Husband Shows Her Method Acting Weight Loss to 74lbs to Play a Cancer Patient

Method acting is one of the regularly lauded performance commitments for actors and actresses and it’s understandable when one goes to a physical transformation for a role. But I don’t understand why Park Min Young went full cancer patient in … Continue reading

IU Tops the 2023 Japan Poll of Favorite K-actresses Followed by Park Min Young and Song Hye Kyo

Getting popular in another country usually takes one mega hit project and for K-actresses it’s being in a K-drama that happens to be super popular in that country for whatever reason, sometimes even more popular that domestically. But staying on … Continue reading

Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon Sign Up for Second Chance Revenge and Romance Drama Please Marry My Husband

So it’s nice to see a drama line up the cast and actually provide a meaningful synopsis to assess whether it sounds good or not. A new K-drama is coming adapted from an online novel titled Please Marry My Husband. … Continue reading