Park Min Young Returns to Healthier Radiant Form at CF Event After Finishing the Airing of Love in Contract

Now this is more like it! I was legit concerned for K-actress Park Min Young watching her in the most recent drama Love in Contract, she just looked much skinnier and it didn’t suit her well. The drama was mostly weird and occasionally terrible but overall rather harmless, it don’t hurt or help the career of anyone involved and will just dissipate into the ether of other forgettable dramas. But seeing Park Min Young out last week at the J. Estina event in Seoul made me smile like a mom does when she sees her kid came back from college after this semester looking healthy as opposed to last semester like skin and bones. It’s a tough entertainment world out there but I’ve always felt Park Min Young works hard and whatever project she does radiates enthusiasm and I appreciate that.

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Park Min Young’s Now Ex-boyfriend Gives Interview to Dispatch Saying They Broke Up so Her Career is Not Impacted and that He Lied to Her About His Wealth and Work

Oh this is an interesting development. Two weeks after Dispatch broke the news that K-actress Park Min Young was dating a rich businessman who Dispatch looked into his background and found him to be shady and sus, that said businessman … Continue reading

Two Awkward Looking Grooms with Park Min Young as the Bride Makes for Terrible Drama Posters for tvN Rom-com Love in Contract

I’m not sure what the instructions were for filming these character posters but it’s like every person involved were doing disparate things that was later stitched together badly. tvN Wed-Thurs drama Love in Contract with Park Min Young as a … Continue reading

Park Min Young Has Her Choice in Men in Upcoming tvN Drama Love in Contract

The contract dating/engagement/cohabition/marriage has been a major K-drama rom-com trope for a good two decades but this upcoming drama puts it directly as the center of a job. Park Min Young for Love in Contract (Korean title MonWedFriTuesThursSat) plays a … Continue reading

Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo, and Kim Jae Young Confirmed for Rom-com Drama MonWedFriTuesThursSat

A new rom-com has its main trio cast and includes one very hardworking female lead who keeps going back-to-back with her projects. Weeks after finishing up Forecasting Love and Weather, K-actress Park Min Young has accepted her next project the … Continue reading

Song Kang and Park Min Young Actually Look Good Together For the First Time in Netflix Pictorial Promoting jTBC Romance Forecasting Love and Weather

The bar was set so low for the pairing of younger actor Song Kang and noona actress Park Min Young that the positive premiere ratings for jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather must’ve been a relief for the network and … Continue reading

Romance Between Park Min Young and Song Kang in Forecasting Love and Weather Moves at the Speed of Sound as They Steam Up the Screen in Episode 2

Well this is unexpected! I’m still waiting to binge both episodes of jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather, since it’s Superbowl Sunday and all and priorities, m’kay. That’s why I don’t know what led up to what may be the … Continue reading

New Sat-Sun K-dramas Off to Promising Starts as tvN Series Twenty Five, Twenty One Gets 6.370% and Forecasting Love and Weather Brings in 4.514% on jTBC

It’s important to preface that the two new Sat-Sun K-dramas are NOT directly competing with each other for eyeballs. For tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, it airs at 9:10 pm, and over at jTBC the drama Forecasting Love and … Continue reading