C-viewers of Sunshine by My Side with Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He Overwhelmingly Upset with the Added Screen Time for the Ice Hockey Young Supporting OTP

So modern workplace and romance C-drama Sunshine by My Side ended recently and I feel like it’s the same with so many of Xiao Zhan‘s recent dramas – praise and positivity for his performance with no impact on his popularity but a mixed bad of complaints with the overall drama. This one got okay ratings, I actually think The Longest Promise was buzzier and more popular as once that drama got over the shakier beginning it coasted on a stronger story and settled down acceptance of the female lead’s visuals. Sunshine got the majority of complaints in the second half over the too little screen time for the two leads Xiao Zhan and Bai Bai He together and their tepid chemistry, but was made worse by the lack of screen time so one wonders what came first. That complaint was coupled with the grousing that the two youngest leads couple (the ice hockey couple) got added screen time and more focus from the story than the leads. Other problems were too many side characters and too much time spent on each and really bad directing from the director. In short, none of the complaints are involving Xiao Zhan in any way and he really was the quintessential casting for the “big sunshine boy” character if the drama could have given him a more compelling romance.

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My Journey to You Likely to NOT Have a Second Season with Leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Mad at Director Guo Jingming After Script and Directing Makes the Second Leads More Popular

Ooooh, melon and behind the scenes cattiness, I love it! C-drama My Journey to You can be summed up as a mixed bag, it got viewership and buzz but was split down the middle in terms of likes and dislikes. … Continue reading

The Emperor’s Love Almost Got Close to Airing After Cutting Episode Down and Reducing Female Lead Yuan Bing Yan to 6-episodes Only Focusing on the Male Lead and Second Female Lead Story

Dang, I’ve heard this in a few places (see here for one) and it goes to show that there is always a lot of attempt to salvage projects to air and recoup some money even when shit hits the fan. … Continue reading

Latest Casting Rumor for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wang Quan Chapter Pairs up Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue

The casting round robin for the third and last chapter of the Fox Spirt Matchmaker drama adaptation series continues and I won’t be surprised if the confirmed leads won’t materialize until the second chapter currently filming wraps. The Wang Quan … Continue reading

My Journey to You Wraps with Final 7-episode Drop in One Day Delivering a Finale with Taut Satisfying Precision

Period C-drama My Journey to You ended unexpectedly this Friday as iQiyi went from a snail pace one episode a day to dropping the final 7-episodes in one sitting for the finale. Now that it’s over, I can safely say … Continue reading

C-drama My Journey to You with Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Heads Into Final Stretch Still Visually Sumptuous But Hilariously a Wufeng Dating Service for the Gong Family Men

So My Journey to You has been my most 180-degrees about turn in opinion for both leads Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He as well as for director Guo Jingming. That it mostly releases 1 episode a day has … Continue reading

New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air

Well, I think the young C-actors who did BL-adapted dramas need to thank their lucky stars for their big breaks before the entire industry came crashing down nearly two years ago with what was then a soft ban. No BL … Continue reading