I don’t have a single ounce of header-making ability. But somewhere along the way, I made friends who have shared their talent at making exquisite headers with me, and AKP became a glorious place with gorgeous headers left and right brightening up every post.

AKP Header Contributors (in no particular order, and updated constantly – if you send me a header, I am forever indebted to your generosity):










Attached are the links to the first two posts I made on AKP headers. All future headers can be found on this page in the comments section (hopefully).Β  πŸ˜€




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    • Absolutely stunning! Thank you, and no, I NEVER mind your selection of any subject matter for a header. It’s my pleasure and honor to showcase your work here. πŸ™‚

    • HUGS, so beautiful! I’ve also suddenly discovered I like butterflies, too. What have the GG couple done to me! *is losing my mind*

  1. http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa423/mymigsie/moonkoalas.jpg

    Suddenly I just realize that, you do all dramas not just K-Dramas right? so AKP dont mind if we see a glimpse of Vanesse here in AKP right Ms. Koala?




    Olla amiga BETH!!! Fancy seeing you here!! heheheheeheheheh as if we dont talk almost everyday but I kinda missing you now, when are u back from ur vacation? hurry back I dont have anybody 2 bug lately…

    • Ahahaha, Jowha, do you want me to be public enemy #1 for the Perfects and the Hyunnies? Whatever! I don’t care, gonna debut this ASAP. Perfect for V-day! Komapta, chingu!

      • LOL. I think that Hyunnies & the Perfects might be more afraid of you. HAHAHA!

        Not that I’m a Hyunnie.

        What I should have done was a Woo Sung header. I’ll be back with Woo Sung.

    • wiggles, so i see you use a mac? not only do i love your work, but i love love love the fact that you use the worlds best graphics computer!

      i have yet to try pixelmator. i heard it was a simpler interface than CS5. i sssooo want to play with pixelmator!

  2. @jowha
    yes! I use a mac (: I use to do stuff on windows but once I’ve switched I never went back. Hahaha (:
    pixelmator is a easy interface (: but I do prefer photoshop for other projects/works. Pixelmator is lacking at some areas though, but I love it still.

  3. @wiggles – that’s what a lot of people say, when you use a pc and switch to a mac, there is no going back.

    still drooling over the soo hyun banner *faints*.

      • I love her! I actually like all her roles. She makes me feel for her characters whenever she plays them. Such a talented actress! πŸ™‚

        hope your work this weekend wasn’t bad! Enjoy the new week!

  4. so happy for you ockoala!

    so many talents here!!! your sites are now full of wonderful banners!

    welcome to the banner club everyone!!! truly talented group! ^_^

  5. i noticed i keep adding an extra o to the too. LOL. i can get those fix. or make an album and just share it with ya (: it’ll be easier.

    • I LOVE YOU! Did you start watching SH after I pimped it out? Heh, I really want to recap it, but I can’t find DL links, and I need it to take screen caps. *pouts*

      • I was looking for a good drama to watch and I found SH by accident, surprisingly I enjoyed watching it. It has a very interesting plot line. I’m such a sucker on Cinderella type story. Then, I recommended it to Beth and she told me you wrote something about it. I was like, awww that’s cool because SH deserves some love and spot on your blog. I was watching Love Buffet at the same time but I guess SH is much much better than LB. SH is more on a serious type T-drama with mix of comedic scenes. It’s good to watch while mending my aching heart over MP. Janine and Mike have great great chemistry but I’m kinda swaying on the 2nd brother..

  6. I Love Janine and Mike pairing so much.. So I made another set of headers and Im so liking Janine, weird I dont know why so? Hope to see them again…

    So excited of Janine and Vic pairing. could you keep us updated about Janine and Vic next project… Right now I can feel the chemistry between Janine and Vic.. cant hardly wait…


  7. Ms.K

    Can you delete my first post, I made a mistake instead of http, I used IMG..

    I Love Janine and Mike pairing so much.. So I made another set of headers and Im so liking Janine, weird I dont know why so? Hope to see them again acting together in the future as main lead…

    So excited of Janine and Vic pairing. could you keep us updated about Janine and Vic next project… Right now I can feel the chemistry between Janine and Vic.. cant hardly wait…


  8. Wiggles, I swear your Noh Min Woo and Lee Min Jung header will be the death of me. I really want some more Min Woo and Min Jung time on Midas or else I’ll stop watching it. I never thought of the two together, but they are rather very cute together…. they would make some beautiful babies… LOL.

    And hello KOALA! I hope that you are somewhat enjoying the new dramas that have been airing. You haven’t been spazzing too much about K Dramas lately so I am treading lightly.

    Have you seen Midas? About 7 episodes in, all I can say is, give me some more Min Jung and Min Woo time PLEASE already! Isn’t it enough that he’s probably going to die? I’m actually secretly hoping that this whole testicular cancer thing is a lie because I don’t want Min Woo to die & I want Jung In to have a happy ending.

  9. Koala!!

    How are you???? it’s been forever, hasn’t it? so busy these days! Glad to see your blog is taking off so well! ^_^ I know you’ve been busy too…

    Isn’t it spring time already? should we celebrate?


    love her in the Classic, A moment to remember and many other projects… haven’t watched personal taste… this lady just never gets old.. I know most people don’t like Spotlight but I really like the show. Very little romance but ah so professional ^_^

    enjoy the weekend! shouldn’t the weather be gorgeous πŸ™‚

    • I love these, jowha, but your tagline for the JIW header made me blush like a mad fool. Thank you for the lovely compliment~

  10. Ms.K
    Another set of headers. I got so inspired making headers right after I read the character descriptions of KJH and YEH.. I cant wait to watch LIE TO ME/SWEET SCANDAL… I can feel the intense chemistry right now and do I need to expect a steamy and sizzling kissing scenes? knowing KJH and YEH…. Hayyyyy My Kdrama passion will surely come back….


    • The idea came from his beautiful face and straight to your fertile imagination~ Three cheers for YAI inspiring one to be creative!

      • I’ll def make more YAI banners. Dude, I will make banners of aaaaaaaall of my noona crushes. *nods* Or, y’know, also my regular crushes because I’m easy like that. ^^

    • Jowha~ Bearer of fruits of LTM love. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. But I have to wait and use these after the pictures are less spoilery, otherwise people might have heart attacks when they arrive at the front page. Heh.

      • I agree. But i actually like this one episode release. haha. (: you’re welcome. hope you’re having a great week.

  11. Ahnyoung Koala!
    Just dropping off some headers after drooling over the GQ Korea photoshoot & some other belated headers.

    Here is your numero uno husband.

    Here is a header of your umteenth husband (hahaha)

    Kang & Yi Kyung (I miss 49 Days sssooo much!)

    Seo Woo

  12. The drama god’s have been in a very good mood to bless us with such a HOT kiss. Have we all been that good this year? Hahahaha. The kiss is what every hot heart melting, jaw dropping, makes your knee’s weak kiss should be like.

    Generally you see only the man doing all the lip sucking, but in the Cola kiss they’re both workin it.

    Ask and ye shall receive…



      • YEAY and your welcome. =) happy + great if you like it! should make one for my hwan-hye too later. <3
        *initially planned to do mirae-joguk's header. one proud hall-er here. =)))

      • Squeeeeeeeeee. oops sorry. Usually i’m ambivalent about headers etc but i just love this header. it’s just perfect and beautiful! weeeeh. I’ve mentioned it before that Jin reminds me of captain jack somehow and here he looks so much like johnny depp that id a moment there asking myself if that isn’t captain jack. hahaha. waaaaaah so hot! Thanks thanks thanks

    • HOMG, they look insanely good together. O__O

      This might just be a pairing to remember. Go Spy Myung Wol! *is excited*

  13. How could I resist LTM banners?

    If it were up to me I would’ve done pure Sang Hee, but everyone would hate it, so I did the brothers πŸ˜› One is bromance-y, and other is a little more Cain and Abel.


    The last banner Jung Il Woo because he deserve plenty of bannerdom after his performances in 49 days and Return of Iljimae.


    • Thank you, I’ve been meaning to do the rotating headers but am just too busy. One of these weekends….

      Love these headers~

  14. Hi Koala.. I so love your current header which features the Jeju kissing of YEH and KJH in gif form.. i’m a BIG fan of YEH for 6 years now.. Keep up the good work.. you’re such a good blogger.. thanks for keeping us updated on LTM.

    Waiting for Baby Recap of LTM Episode 12.. Thank you in advance =)

    • They are devouring each other. O__O

      Thank you for ALL, and I mean ALL, the amazing LTM headers. They will have a permanent place here.

    • I wub you. Why get off the addiction? This is a rare occurence, we ought to just bask in it until it naturally wanes.

  15. Hola!
    It’s monday and you know what that means?!?! It’s Myung Wol the Spy day!
    I hope that this drama is good. Looking forward to reading your recap.

    Here are some headers that I have been hoarding. I’ve got some family here for the summer so I’ve been catching up on dramas whenever I have some free time.

    BTW – Did you watch the last couple of episodes of Can you hear my heart? I cried a river, but it was nothing compared to 49 Days. I may have contributed to the recent rise in the sea level.

    Thanks for Thundie’s blog & a certain Koala, I gave New Tales of a Gisaeng a chance and it was a bad idea (I had a marathon on Saturday and Sunday after shipping off the guests to Vegas for a couple of days); I’m liking it. There’s about 6 dramas that I’m watching right now.

    How do you do it? Watch all those dramas and recap it? You are no average Koala… you are a Super Koala.


    • Oh baby, these are so so much love. You honestly spoil me so. Am glad you are watching dramas you enjoy, even if it kills out eyes.

  16. Mrs Koala,

    Just saw one of your new headers with Han Ye Seul and Eric but there was a slight mistake on the text. It read “A Koas playground” with an horizontal “S”, missing the “al” unless it was made on purpose?

    • Haha, I saw that too, but took it as an artistic liberty on the part of the talented header designer.

      Ms. jowha? πŸ˜€ Intentional or mistake, I don’t care, cuz either way it’s uber-cute.

      Thanks, Denali~

      • You’re very welcome. And blessed with so many beautifully creative headers. And so are we. πŸ™‚

    • Uh, I think I love you~ XD Thank you.

      I didn’t want to bother you to re-size it, but you’ve read my mind. Putting the correct sized one up now.

  17. Enjoy these new headers.!
    il mare-http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/theebby01/KPcopy-7.jpg
    Dream High-http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325/theebby01/KPcopy-6.jpg

    • @dolphinbaylover

      Oh my goodness. Thank you for such a generous gift of so many headers! I feel truly blessed that my readers are so wonderful to share their talents making something for me.

      I Love Them All!

      Truly I am so grateful and thank you for these~

    • I LOVE the fonts you used on the two with SJS. If I may ask, what is the name of it cause I might have to try and track it down?

    • I don’t know what to do about the Header. It says its 940X200 pixels, so all the existing headers are perfectly usable. Except when I click, it shows a big black segment at the end. Ottoke? Must find a workaround.

  18. Hi, Unnie πŸ˜€ I was thinking that i got too old to go back into PS arena but maybe i should start anew with my desktop:D LOL actually i was always a little bit intimidated from fellow readers’ headers but i should have more self-confidence huh:D well this is the first trial after along break for me so hope you would like it:D i will try for better ones:D Thanks.


    • Btw i set the size as 940×200 but it cropped the size when saving i think, sorry i noticed that a little late.. will be back^^

    • even though i still couldnt solve the size issue, you put on my header!!!! (i am still working on it you know, cuz nobody understands what’s wrong with my PS^^,My Windows and Mac are disagreeing on the size, lol)
      Thank you Unnie, it really made me happy when i see my header πŸ˜€

  19. I’m not sure where to write this, but today’s Ariel + ZaiZai header is GORGEOUS. **sigh** They are each my favourite actor + actress respectively. If only they had made a drama together.

  20. Hello Ms Koala.
    I have been followed this blog for long time but I’m just a silent reader. Today, a thought just come across my mind and I decide to do some headers as my big thank you for creating the wonderful blog . Im newbie to photoshop so the outcome may not be pretty as other headers you had.


    Geunie is my bias , hehe. Hope you like it

  21. hi koala unnie!! as soon as I see your header today, it feels like I want to scream seeing No Min Woo in it.. kekeke. κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€!

    • He already set my corneas on fire. Heh. Thank you, dear 1crazynyt.

      Your darling Shi Hoo is fine, and his last drama was magnificent to watch.

  22. ooooh. I love your headers. Park Han Byul, Yoo In Na and of course Yoon Eun Hye! Pretty!! They really look like dolls! May I ask, whenever you change headers, is there a story or reason behind it ( aside that you just want)… I mean, are you going with a certain trend or something? Hope you do share it with us everytime you change headers! ^^

    • I missed you, jowha! I’ve been swamped here with work and family stuff, but enjoying life. Hope you are well, sweetie! Thank you for these gorgeous headers. I love them all~

    • Miss you, wiggles~ Am banking VP for a marathon during the holidays! Thank you and best wishes to you for a happy holidays with your family and friends.

      • Thanks for using it as your header! I’m glad you like it. I wanted to give something back for the wonderful recaps you’re doing for Me Too, Flower πŸ™‚

  23. Hi Koala,

    I’m done with my finals for this semester, so I had some time to make some more headers. I am currently in LOVE with Padam Padam: His and Her Heartbeats, starring Jung Woo Sung & Han Ji Min & Kim Bum. I am so addicted to it, there’s just something about it that I love and something I haven’t felt in k-dramas in a long time.

    I’m not that great at fonts, but I hope you enjoy these πŸ™‚

    A header of Han Chae Young I made a long time ago:

    My Padam Padam headers:

    • Thank you, Dolly! Hope you did well on your finals~

      I love these headers, even though I’ve only watched one episode of PP so far. Can’t wait to catch up.

  24. Hello Ms Koala !
    Its been ages since my last post here. I hope you’re doing well and wanna say thanks for keeping up such a wonderful blog.
    And, They’re my new banner for 2012 , hope you like it. πŸ™‚
    Noh Min Woo
    Yoon Eun Hye
    Min Ho

    • Thank you, Dolly! These are gorgeous, and I’ve been pining for some new headers (because I’m a greedy little Koala), and these are so perfect to welcome the Spring~

    • Thank you sweetie. But…..I can’t. I can’t post up any header with Eddie Peng as HQB. It makes me want to gouge my eyes out. T___T I’m so so bitter about the DMY casting debacle still. But I really do appreciate this, always your generosity with headers makes me happy. I love DMY so much, but Eddie is just all wrong as HQB, he’s like a kid playing dress up. I spent months waiting for HG to be confirmed and then Tangren pulls a bait and switch on me. Sigh, still in denial…..

      I’ll post these when I feel less bitter and stabbity, maybe in a few more months….

  25. Hi Unnie ~
    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while, so I decided to drop a tiny header as a ‘thank you’ gift for all your hard work ! There’s only one and it’s not very Spring-y, sorry – but if you like it, I’ll maybe try and do some more. Anyway, here’s lovely Moon Geun-Young for you, just because I know you like her and because I want to see her asap back on the TV screen !


  26. Hello again !
    Since you liked the one I recently made of MGY, I gave it a go with K2H images. I’m not entirely satisfied of this one, but I understand that you crave for some K2H treats (as we all do, as we all do… Ugh, why is this show SO GOOD ?) so I’m posting anyway ~


      • Aw, you’re welcome – this is nothing compared to the treats you offer us, though.
        Glad to see you like it, I’ll make more when I’ll have time ! πŸ™‚

  27. Hello and Hope you had a good Easter weekend, Koala.
    I have seen your playground flooded with K2H headers and hope you don’t mind if I bring the same thing πŸ˜€

    Banners for MGY, she’s so adorable in her new ad

  28. Dropping off some K2H goodness. The chemistry between these two is AMAZING! Off to rewatch this weeks double feature…

  29. Hello Ockoala,
    I just want to say that You Are Awesome! Thank you so much for creating this blog and feeding us a lot of great info! I love the TK2H as much as you do so I made a header for you. I’m newbie when it comes to header and you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use it. Please feel free to make suggestions/comments so I can make one that will be up to par on your taste. ^_^

    • Muah! I don’t think words are even necessary for you to know how much I adore you (and am thrilled over our mutual love for TK2H!)

  30. Love your header.. ms moon and the man from nowhere.
    How I wish they get to work together in a drama or a movie. A May-December romance maybe.. Yay!

  31. Since you don’t recap Bridal Mask/ Gaksital, I thought that you wouldn’t accept Gaksital headers but I just recently saw one on here so I thought that maybe I could give you one of mines. I had this one saved on my computer from before and so I added “A Koala’s Playground” to it and now I’m giving it to you hehe ^.^ BTW- I love ur recaps!!! <3 <3 I made a BIG header before but it turned out horrible because I was this new to making editing pictures but now I know how to photoshop (a little bit :P) so this one is a teeny bit better cauz it actually looks good πŸ˜€ Hope you like it!

    • I fixed it. I can adjust the size and was doing it. You are so fast, sweetie. πŸ™‚ It’s now 940×198 again.

  32. RMPM Ep 3

    The color palette they are using is very strange – everything is golden and dark.
    It makes for very cool and compelling moving pictures, but scary, almost threatening stills.
    Shun, instead of looking mysterious and pensive, looks murderous.
    I have been playing with the RGB levels to see if I can get around this.
    Maybe TMI, but there you are…

  33. Adding on to the RMPW fever!!!! ehehehe


    thanks for introducing me to Oguri Shun!! AHH He’s sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m going through the second phase* of fangirling. lol

    *6 stages of fangirling
    1. discovery
    β€œwho is that sex god and why haven’t i noticed him before”
    2. research
    β€œi have to find out everything about him omg what is his full name what is his birthday do you think he has a wife does he have children does he like jam does he like cats i wonder what photos there are of him is he even real omg”
    3. obsession
    β€œi love him so much omg what you like him too no you can’t have him he’s mine no i must collect everything relevant to him i need it all he’s mine MINE”
    4. plotting
    β€œhello google can i have a recipe for the strongest love potion in the world thank you or can you just give me a list of ways to successfully seduce a man that’d be greatβ€β€œ
    5. depression
    β€œi hate you you’ve ruined my entire life why are you so perfect why don’t you know me why does everything suck omg my life is over and it’s all your fault”
    6. acceptance
    β€œi have accepted that i will never know you but i will continuously love you and i am okay with that”

  34. RMPW Episode 5- http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg486/kimluvvee/RMPPW-1.jpg?t=1344291682
    I think this episode was a major turning point for both Hyuga and Yoko’s Brother (IDK his name.) Hyuga started to realize a little bit that he might like Makoto cauz he was always staring at her and trying to run away =P and I think Yoko’s Brother has finally hit the point where he wants to be in control- I’m not sure cauz I watched it raw and didn’t fully understand it but while the whole office was in chaos, the brother was smiling and it seemed like he did it in order to damage Hyuga ??

    • Awww I love this one!!! Jomo I commend you for making sooooo many spazzworthy RMPW headers. I’m sad we have only 2 eps left. :'(((