Song Hye Kyo Ladylike in Baby Blue at Chaumet Jewelry Event in Singapore

I’m starting to associate French jewelry house Chaumet with K-actress Song Hye Kyo, I’m sure she’s not the only star spokesperson but she goes to all their events and really pairs well with the more delicate and refined designs of the brand. This week she’s in Singapore for an event and she looks like an Asian princess, wearing a powder blue long sleeve more conservative dress but still modern with the short hemline. I love the whole look top the bottom and she’s glowing and so pretty.

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IU Tops the 2023 Japan Poll of Favorite K-actresses Followed by Park Min Young and Song Hye Kyo

Getting popular in another country usually takes one mega hit project and for K-actresses it’s being in a K-drama that happens to be super popular in that country for whatever reason, sometimes even more popular that domestically. But staying on … Continue reading

Blue Dragon Series Award Judge Reveal Voting Results with Song Hye Kyo Edging out The Glory for Daesang and Suzy and Park Ji Hoon Winning Their Awards by Near Unanimous Vote

I really appreciate the South Korean awards being willing to share the voting thought process and tabulations after the ceremony, it lends more legitimacy to the winners even if there is always bound to be behind-the-scenes elbowing at play. The … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo Takes Home the Daesang at the 2nd Annual Blue Dragon Series Awards with Suzy Winning Best Actress and Ha Jung Woo Getting Best Actor

Last year in 2022 was the first ever Blue Dragon Series Awards as the awards body until then was exclusively a movie awards ceremony. So this year in 2023 its only the 2nd annual Blue Dragon Series Awards and last … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo’s Closest Vote Getter for Baeksang Drama Best Actress was Surprisingly Suzy While Lee Sung Min Ekes Out a Win over Expected Contender Son Seok Gu

The behind the scenes voting information is out for this year’s 2023 Baeksang Awards and it’s cool to learn the thought process. Once Park Eun Bin won the Daesang vote internally, she was out of the running for Best Actress … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki, Park Eun Bin, and Song Hye Kyo are Highest Ranking Acting Stars on the 2023 Forbes South Korea Entertainer Power List

The Forbes Power 40 list for entertainers spans not just actors but also athletes. hosts, and musicians. The 2023 list has BTS once again on top to no surprise, while last year’s number 2 Blackpink swapped spots with number 3 … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Takes Home the 2023 Baeksang Awards Drama Category Daesang While Song Hye Kyo Wins Best Actress and Lee Sung Min Crowned Best Actor

This Friday’s Baeksang Awards in Seoul was probably a night of little to no surprises (just one big one) and a lot of satisfied winner picks. The Park Eun Bin and Song Hye Kyo race for Best Actress ended with … Continue reading