Netflix Releases Glorious First Poster and Teaser for Kim Eun Sook’s New Drama The Glory Starring Song Hye Kyo with a December 30th Release

I love EVERYTHING about this first promo for upcoming Netflix K-drama The Glory. It’s glorious, pun intended, in how the poster captivates and the teaser mesmerizes. The poster is a screenshot of the end scene of the teaser, which starts with an embroidery of a branch into a green high heel and branching out into entire entire tree with Song Hye Kyo sitting under it. Her hair is this exquisite bob that frames her face beautifully but she’s dark and narrates “There is no forgiveness, so there is no glory either.” This shit is amazeballs if The Glory as the title is a sarcastic and sardonic smirk that there is none of that here, the bullies that turned Song Hye Kyo into her multi-decade revenge plotting teacher are the first perps but she turns into one herself to exact her revenge. Sometimes you have to fight evil with evil and the one way to sell that kind of story is be no holds barred. I can’t wait when this drama drops on December 30th.

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Park Sung Hoon Signs onto Kim Eun Sook Drama The Glory Joining Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, and Lim Ji Yeon

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