Bride of the Water God Releases Moody Drama Poster Contrasting with Slapstick Episode 1 Preview

Talk about whiplash in moods as the first group drama poster for Bride of the Water God arrives followed by a completely different tonal one for the episode 1 preview teaser. It’s like the static posing of the cast promises a dark ethereal gothic drama but then the viewer watches the episode 1 preview full of straight up humor and hijinks. K-dramas often do this split personality bit in promos but I can’t decide which side I like better, that the drama is melodramatic and contemplative as the posters suggest, or full of hilarity when a water god from the heavens played by Nam Joo Hyuk descends to the humanly world to boss around his mortal bride played by Shin Se Kyung. Toss in water goddess Krystal and sky god Gong Myung, it’s a veritable buffet of crossed wires, with perhaps Im Joo Hyun‘s perfect chaebol type being the most relatable and also the most common in any K-drama. Continue reading