Netizens Happy for K-actor Choi Sung Kook Getting Married at 52-years Old But Raise Eyebrows at His Much Younger Bride

I think this is just an ordinary news story to report on a K-celeb but I too did have a hhhhhmmmm moment before going ehhhhhh adults can do whatever they want. K-actor Choi Sung Kook revealed that he’s getting married this weekend to his girlfriend who is a non-celebrity. The notable element is that his girlfriend is 24-years younger than he is, so if he’s 52 then she’s 28 years old. Makes them both super capable of consent and making life choices so congrats to them, but I did lol at all the netizen commentary on their released engagement pictures saying it looks like a very proud dad about to marry his daughter off. I remember Choi Sung Kook fondly as the very old looking college tennis club sunbae (intentionally casting him for that joke) in Playful Kiss so wishing tennis sunbae happiness with his new wife in marriage.

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Popular Film Actor Ma Dong Seok Reveals He Registered Marriage to Long Time Girlfriend Ye Jung Hwa Last Year in 2021 During the Pandemic

Awwww, what a belated happy news to share! While receiving an award this week, successful film actor Ma Dong Seok shared with the press that he’s a married man! Apparently last year he quietly registered his marriage with long time … Continue reading

Actress Gong Hyo Jin and Singer Kevin Oh Announce Wedding in October 2022 Four Months After Going Public with Relationship

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TW-actress Chen Qiao En Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Posting and Deleting Three Year Anniversary Post Mentioning a Home for Three

Well if this was intention then good job getting media attention lol. TW-actress Chen Qiao En (Joe Chen) got married earlier this year to Malaysian businessman Alan Chen. She’s older by 9 years but the two dated for nearly three … Continue reading