Xianxia C-drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker with Yang Mi and Gong Jun Break 2 Million Reservations on iQiyi

I’m not gonna lie and say that C-actor Gong Jun built upon his Word of Honor buzz for me with his most recent period drama Legend of Anle. It felt like he had a one track acting method and coupled with a very passive and restrained character led to a completely deflated performance. That’s why my initial optimism for Fox Spirit Matchmaker is more more muted, his pairing with Yang Mi in this very high IP buzz project is now just hoping it’s a fun story that doesn’t deliver another xianxia dud. The drama hit 2 million reservations in iQiyi this week and coupled with the drama not joining the summer 2023 premiere train makes it high on the list of yet to air dramas with the most god level casting and expectation.

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C-rumor has Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi Reuniting for the Third Time in the High Profile Drama Adaption of Third Novel in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series

There has been many rumors of who will be cast in the next Three Lives Three Worlds novel adaptation called 三生三世步生莲 following Ten Miles Peach Blossoms and The Pillow Book and a new one is making headlines in entertainment pages … Continue reading

She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Drops 12-episodes and Wraps Up Middling Run with Dumbass Arc and Ending

There is a saying that “marriage is not child’s play” and after two contract marriage dramas in a row I feel burnt out by this ridiculous but seemingly ripe for drama mining trope. There was K-drama Love in Contract and … Continue reading

Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Frothy Modern Romance Drama She and Her Perfect Husband Ring in Douban Ratings of 5.8 Which is Pretty Spot On

I remember when auteurs in the cuisine world starts gastronomy and one of the inventions was culinary foams. So cool to look at and seemingly made dish]ed fun(ner) to eat but after you get past the superficial surface it’s just … Continue reading

Tencent Announces Immediate Release of She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai on November 14th

Okay, Chinese broadcasting authorities, you drunk and need to calm the heck down. Because randomly pulling a drama a day before premiere and a month later only allowing it to preview out of the blue just gives audiences whiplash. I’ve … Continue reading

Xianxia C-drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker with Yang Mi and Gong Jun Wraps Filming and Releases Official BTS Filming Sneak Peek

Now that filming has wrapped for the high profile Fox Spirit Matchmaker (the Yue Hong chapter) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun, it’s time to over/under whether this drama will air in 2023 or somehow drag until 2024 to premiere. … Continue reading

C-netizens Discuss Possible Reasons Behind the Abrupt Postponement of Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s Drama She and Her Perfect Husband

Well the abrupt cancellation of the premiere of modern C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband mere two days prior to the scheduled release has C-netizens abuzz with why. The first reason is that it’s just days before the October 16th … Continue reading

Tencent Abruptly Delays She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Two Days Prior to October 13th Premiere

Da fuq, what are you smoking Tencent? A little over 48 hours after announcing the release of modern romance C-drama She and Her Perfect Husband on October 13th, Tencent announced that it was postponing the drama release now, with no … Continue reading

Modern C-romance She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi and Xu Kai Reportedly to Premiere This Week on October 12th

Okay, so it is likely October 12th but may be October 13th, but this week it will happen as C-ent is reporting that modern romance drama She and Her Perfect Husband (爱的二八定律) is dropping in the usual air drop suddenly … Continue reading

Dilraba Dilmurat and Wang Yibo Top the Chinese Star CF Endorsements for 2022 with Second Spots to Ouyang Nana and Xiao Zhan

C-ent is so awash with popular stars and it’s interesting to see who is one step above the other in terms of the number of endorsements. In 2022, the C-actress with the most is Dilraba Dilmurat with 28 brands across … Continue reading