Yoo Ah In Somber and Serious Attending Police Summoned Investigation Questioning for Drug Use Charges

The Chinese have been calling K-actor Yoo Ah In‘s drug use arrest scandal the case of someone holding a winning hand and making a terrible bet with it. That sounds about right because his career was cemented at the top of Chungmuro among his age group and he could even do K-dramas whenever he felt like it, but with this drug use scandal it’s not just a question of whether his career can survive but also whether he can avoid hard jail time due to the multiple illegal-to-use drugs found in his blood tests. This Monday morning Yoo Ah In arrived at the police station for his summoned investigation questioning and did not answer any of the reporter questions shouted at him, the description was that he looked wan and somber.

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Yoo Ah In Hires Korea’s Top Law Firm Kim & Chang to Represent Him in Criminal Investigation into Drug Use as Netflix Drama Goodbye Earth Decides to Edit Him Out of Series

I wish Yoo Ah In‘s drug use scandal and investigation only impacted him but alas there is such collateral damage with it. He had multiple movies and dramas already filmed scheduled to be released and as such the production companies … Continue reading

Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast

K-actor Yoo Ah In actually has a few upcoming projects both movie and drama and the first confirmed news this week was Netflix replacing him in the yet to film Hellbound 2. But for the completed projects, today a supporting … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Replaced with Kim Sung Cheol for Hellbound Season 2 on Netflix and His Agency Claims His Propofol Use was Due to Fear of Needles During Medical Procedures

So it looks like Netflix is the first production company to take action against Yoo Ah In after his drug abuse scandal came to light. The streaming giant has announced that actor Kim Sung Cheol, currently one of the three … Continue reading

K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free

I thought Sungkyunkwan Scandal was basically un-re-watchable after the Park Yoochun toilet scandal, and even more so with his drug arrest and myriad additional subsequent scandals after. But now K-netizens are saying its unfathomable levels of un-re-watchable with only one … Continue reading