Overzealous Citizen Pelts Yoo Ah In with Money After His Arrest Warrant Hearing

It’s quite fitting that a court hearing for a famous K-star ends up with a moment straight out of a makjang drama. K-actor Yoo Ah In attended court today for the resubmission of an arrest warrant from the South Korean prosecution office. After the three hour hearing, as he was escorted out by authorities, a person ran up to him and tossed cash at him yelling “Use it for your inmate fund!”, i.e. use the money to buy stuff in prison. It definitely livened up the proceedings and since there was no attack of any sort the guy wasn’t arrested, and no word on whether he picked up his own money afterward. Yoo Ah In looked stoic if not a bit bemused.

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Seoul Prosecutors Re-submit Arrest Warrant to Court for Yoo Ah In Claiming Additional Investigation Unearthed Coercing Accomplice Testimony and Assistance with Fleeing Jurisdiction

I feel like the big hammer has come down on K-actor Yoo Ah In after his drug arrest and investigation earlier this year but he hasn’t yet really felt the brunt of his criminal ways. At most he was summoned … Continue reading

Yoo Ah In Hires Korea’s Top Law Firm Kim & Chang to Represent Him in Criminal Investigation into Drug Use as Netflix Drama Goodbye Earth Decides to Edit Him Out of Series

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Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast

K-actor Yoo Ah In actually has a few upcoming projects both movie and drama and the first confirmed news this week was Netflix replacing him in the yet to film Hellbound 2. But for the completed projects, today a supporting … Continue reading