Lee Jun Ki Continues His Close Friendship with IU After Moon Lovers and Attends Her 2022 Concert The Golden Hour

I feel like the real life friendship between IU and Lee Jun Ki happened because they are both so hard working and cool in real life and because it is sort of karma for how much the viewers shipped them in Moon Lovers and we all got shafted. It wasn’t just the sad ending, we knew what Bu Bu Jing Xin had in store, it was that the drama didn’t do right by their characters and relationship in the final arc and rushed it all without the requisite pathos. Thankfully these two continue on with their own incredible acting and singing careers and even better the level of support in public is pretty darn wholesome and sweet. Lee Jun Ki attended IU’s 2022 concert this weekend and shared some cute snaps with him being the supportive oppa fan and we all just swoon some more.

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