Jo Seung Woo Stars in the 2023 Korean Revival of The Phantom of the Opera But the Promos are Missing One Crucial Element

Musical The Phantom of the Opera was my entry into the world of stage where it’s been a lifelong love affair. The score and songs remain excellent to this day but once I got older I realized how sus the entire story was haha. Everyone loved the Phantom over lame Raoul but honestly the former was basically groomer/kidnapper. Anyhoo, the South Korean stage is doing a revival in 2023 starring actor Jo Seung Woo, who is as famous as stage as he is in dramas/film. The promos are out and I both swooned at his uber handsome Phantom but also LOL’d at how his Phantom is not massively disfigured. Like, he just looks like a bad boy dude living under the opera house rather than a grotesque figure of pain and pride. I guess the whole he’s so ugly he can’t see the light of day part will just be imagined heh.

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